With oil paints and materials
2 Class Projects

It takes about 3 hours to complete one class project.

  • pink cloud oil painting

  • misty forest oil painting

Skills You’ll Learn

Use of emulsifying materials and coloring

You can learn how to use oil painting materials and how to create the desired color.

Cloud drawing

You can learn how to draw clouds.

Tree drawing

You can learn how to express forest and fog.

Meet oil paintings in a short yet textured manner!

Necessary in oil painting How to use oil paint, techniques, and colorI organized a short but structured lesson with! Among the many oil painting techniques Advanced Blending Techniques CourseWith, you can learn the main expressions of landscapes, and learn more about delicate descriptions and expressions of various textures.

A cute picture drawn on a round canvas

Instead of the commonly used rectangular canvas, I use a round canvas to create a unique and cute picture. What is a circular canvas A unique charm in itselfIt has one, and it fits well no matter where you hang it. It's a bright and cute picture that looks great as an interior decoration and makes a great gift for a friend!

pink clouds and misty forest,

I'm going to draw a dreamy picture.

I will draw an emotional oil painting of pink clouds in a violet sky. Clouds are one of the topics that even those who have drawn a lot find difficult. However, if you learn about the characteristics and structure of clouds, it's not that difficult. I'll show you how to create a soft, squishy texture!

I prepared it in beautiful colors so that when you hang it in the room, it feels like a special sky that looks like a small window. Learn cloud expressions and apply them to cloud pictures with different color combinations!

I prepared the forest as a design to create a relaxed atmosphere when walking inside the room. There are many people who find it difficult to describe trees, but even if they seem difficult and complicated, if you know the regularity of trees, you can draw them more easily than you might think.

I'll draw a column with a vertical line, draw a branch, fill it with pointed leaves, and draw a cute picture of a tree!

It's great whether it's your first time or if you've drawn before!

For those who wanted to learn oil painting but couldn't get started easily, we have prepared a short but full curriculum to ease the burden of getting started. It will be a class of two birds with one stone where you can learn about the appeal of oil paint and get cute and beautiful pictures.

For classmates who have listened to other oil painting classes It will be a class where you can try out a new canvas that you haven't used before and draw more detailed and realistic pictures.

Let's get started right away with me!

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Use and basics of oil painting materials


pink cloud oil painting


Misty Forest Oil Painting


Drawing Hwawon

Drawing Hwawon

Hello 🥰 I'm a Bae artist who runs a painting garden in the hobby art room at Shillim Station!

I want to paint with all of you with attractive materials called oil paintings ❣️


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