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Clay Sirius

A lovely pet born from my own hands, meticulously meticulously



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With clay clay
1 Class Projects

It takes about 1 to 2 hours to complete one class project.

  • Making shichu dressed in hanbok

Skills You’ll Learn

How to handle clay

I'll show you how to get used to clay.

How to express a clothed pet

I'll show you how to make and dress clothes by expressing details according to the characteristics of the clothes.

I'll also show you how to express dangi hair

While actually applying hair braiding methods
You can make it pretty

Of the precious pets

A moment you don't want to miss!

Hallo This is Clay Sirius. Among the images of our precious and lovely pets, there are moments when they wear such cute and lovely clothes. This class is for those who want to capture cute moments that they don't want to miss for a long time.:)

Are there any clothes that you especially remember when your pet wears them? I'm sure there are clothes that better represent my pet's characteristics or are better suited to them.

In this mini class A figure wearing Hanbok, a traditional Korean dressI'm going to try to create. If you make pigtails like dangi hair, it's so cute and lovely!

Don't worry about getting started!

Color clay is a lightweight, soft material that retains the same properties even after drying. So even if you drop it It breaks less frequently, even if it breaks There are ways to modify It's an ingredient. I'll also teach you all my own skills and modification methods to create high-quality works with affordable materials.

scrupulously scrupulous

Pets born from my own hands

If you apply what you've learned in this class, you'll be able to make enough of other dog breeds! Meet the opportunity to make your own pet without difficulty.

Moments you don't want to miss
Try serving it with clay!



Learn how to handle color clay


Making a drill with a hanbok


We support your hobbies!


Clay Sirius

Clay Sirius

Hello? This is Clay Sirius.

Following the pet clay making class with a mini class

I'm preparing for a shichu making class dressed in hanbok ^^

For those of you who are too burdened with classes that are too long

Being able to focus on one thing like this at a relatively low price

I feel like this is a great opportunity for me and my friends.

I started the field of clay art as a hobby, and now, ten years later, I am working as a job.

Even though I can't make a lot of things due to the nature of my handicrafts, I think the most important thing is to communicate with people while making them one by one.

As I walked along the road, I also had the opportunity to be featured in various magazines and broadcast media.

Now I'm going to introduce my techniques in detail to all of you! Let's enjoy a fun hobby with an ingredient called clay that is light and easy to enjoy!




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