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Experimenting in English
10 Class Projects

It takes about 40 to complete one class project.

  • shaving foam cloud

  • Raindrop suncatcher

  • lightbox

  • magic light bulb

  • 3D clue mystery

  • Glow in the dark dance

  • anemometer

  • A race on a rainy day

  • umbrella straw

  • kaleidoscopic

Skills You’ll Learn

English picture book play

Increase your level of immersion with VisBiz's unique English picture book that combines all activities.

The principle of weather

You can easily learn scientific principles through interesting experiments using all five senses.

Light properties and shadow effects

Learn about shadow effects and the properties of light through various experiments such as lightboxes.

Learn English expressions

I naturally learn various English expressions during play and review them with a workbook.

실제 수강생 후기

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For my child's future

A drop of nutritious honey!

Children's abilities are far more limitless than adults think. Everything you've heard, seen, and experienced Absorbs like a spongeAfter doing that Digest in your own wayHato often surprises adults by gurgling at some point.

But our kids Be as natural and fun as possible, We are the ones who help us hear, see, and experience many things The share of adultsIt's. Kids”A way to remember for a long time and digest as much as possible with your own“With.

science experiments, art play,

Mom's ticket even English all at once!

Welcome to Busy Bees 🐝

(🔺 Check out the class teaser video🔺)

VisiBiz is for curious elementary school friends”Learn science and art in English“It's a program. All of the creative fairy tales and homeschooling kits unique to BusyBiz, and class videos that children and parents can watch together 100% EnglishIt consists of.

Try activities with the kids first The most fun and effective activityIn addition to selecting the bay, I also carefully inspected and selected the supplies and parishes. So that all my friends who are interested in English can enjoy it enough Adjust the difficulty level of science experiments and art play in various waysI did. It is a curriculum where children in the lower grades of elementary school can learn on their own, and infants need help from their parents.

Moms who are experts in education

Carefully selected classes!

I was worried because I wanted to spend time with my child in a more fulfilling, fun, and profitable way Moms who are experts in English education, elementary art education, and science educationThey came together to make BiGBiz. In addition to nature exploration experiments, art games, and English exposure, which are essential for children, Kindergarten nurturing courses and elementary school curriculum designated by the Ministry of EducationI also made it with that in mind.

📍 Business Biz Creator History

  • Master of English Literature from Seoul National University, Ph.D. in English Literature from Oregon University, USA, Reporter from Korea Herald English Newspaper English Language Education Experts
  • A graduate of the Department of Chemistry Education at Seoul National University, and a current science teacher Science education expert
  • Graduated from Seoul National University of Education with a master's degree in elementary art education, current elementary school teacher Art education expert

Where art meets science,

VisiBiz's creative convergence education!

Science+Art+English = STEAM in English!

In the BusyBiz class, there are 5 hours worth of topics Science experimentset Art activitiesThis is a colorful configuration. An exciting experiment using all five sensesThrough, the child is concerned about the weather and light Learn scientific principles easilyI can do it. It's basic to create a great work where creativity springs from every activity! Handmade by BGBiz English picture bookThese various activities are combined to help them understand the topic and stimulate the child's interest.

A simple English lesson? NO!

A class where you can play and think in English!

Not a child who memorizes English, “A child who thinks and creates naturally even in English”So that I can grow up to!

English Study goalsWhen it becomes, it becomes difficult for children to speak English. It's easy to think, “I don't speak English.” English is not the goal of studying Means of playAt work, you will be able to properly use English as a language.

Through STEAM education in English, children can naturally learn everyday expressions as well as various English expressions used in science experiments and art games. Kids Scientific and creative thinking and communication even in EnglishIt's going to be a “starting point” where you can do it!

Children are curious

It deals with everyday topics.

BusyBiz provides a variety of materials for everyday life that are friendly to children, as well as strange and unfamiliar parishes, so that children Stimulate creativityI will. Even after the activity is over, I once again discover materials and scientific principles in everyday life Review English expressionsYou can do it.

1. “Why is the wind so fast?”

RAIN ☔️ dealing with scientific theories about weather

  • I'm going to experiment with rain clouds using shaving foam and pigments, and develop a sense of aesthetics by making umbrella straws.
  • You can experience the direction and strength of the wind through an exciting activity where the caterpillars race by blowing the wind with a straw, and you can measure the wind yourself by making a simple anemometer.
  • Through a raindrop suncatcher activity made by melting crayons, you can experience changes in the state of the material as the temperature changes.

2. “It's dark, but how does it look?”

Not only light and shadow, but also luminous light and 3D

Experience Light and Shadow 💡

  • You can create your own sand art work using a high-quality light box and learn about light transmission.
  • Also, you will learn about the properties of mirrors through kaleidoscope-making activities, solve 3D image puzzles using complementary color principles, and learn about luminous materials.
  • Using crystal soil, multi-colored beads, cellophane, etc., you will be able to explore the shadow effect and the nature of light while stimulating aesthetic sensitivity and expressing creativity.

American Project Education Division

An encounter with French-style creative education!

수업 커리큘럼

🇺🇸 “I still remember”

Memorable project training

VisiBiz conducts 4-5 activities on a single topic immersiveIt is based on American-style project training. In addition, the interesting creative story unique to BusyBiz weaves thematic activities, so children can naturally immerse themselves in activities. Through various activities that are likely to be done, children can learn about the topic Sense of connectionFeel the principles of science and English expressions I understand it deeply and I can remember it for a long time.

🇫🇷 “I made it this way!”

Creative education to create your own results

VisiBiz is more than the result of a show ceremony “French-style creative education” that emphasizes the process of eliciting children's empathy and communicationWe pursue. Even if they use the same ingredients and learn the same principles, in the end, what children learn The goal is to be able to apply and play in your own wayIt's.

Like a tree that has absorbed water, sunlight, and nutrients
So that our kids can grow up!
Busy Bees

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Busy Bees

Busy Bees

VisiBiz is a “Learn Science and Art in English” program for curious elementary school friends.

Moms who are experts in English education, elementary art education, and science education gathered to create Biz because they wanted to spend time with their children in a more fulfilling, fun, and beneficial way.

I tried activities with the kids first, and not only chose only the most fun and effective activities, but I also carefully checked and selected the materials I prepared and the teaching materials. I adjusted the difficulty levels of science experiments and art games to make it interesting enough for all my friends who are interested in English. These are activities that children in the lower grades of elementary school can do on their own, and infants need help from their parents.

I want to share activities that can be a nutritious drop of honey for the future of our children with more friends!




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