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๐Ÿค” I want to raise my ransom, but I don't know what to do?

๐Ÿค” Do you want to earn income by creating your own content, but you can't do it?

My ransom rises vertically How to make it happen

We'll tell you about 12 years of know-how!

Your differentiated knowledge and know-how 'Content monetisation' Do it and get financial and time freedom! Tools that are easy to use to create content that suits the purpose (Canva, Miri Canvas, PPT, Filmora, VLLO, VREW, etc.) I'll select only the key points and let you know in an easy way.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to leave the company but aren't sure what to do in the future

  • People who have started a business but want to find an attractive means of promotion

  • Those who want to earn more money by being a creator or lecturer

  • Those who want to increase their current salary and ransom

  • Those who want to live their own independent life with plenty of time

Course effect

  • You can learn branding know-how to package yourself and raise your ransom.

  • I can produce content that makes me stand out the most anytime, anywhere.

  • Find your own content topics and learn how to create them efficiently.

  • Skills for creating content such as videos and images are improved, and confidence in results is gained.

  • It's not just about creating a lot of content; you can learn how to create high-quality content.


What makes this class special

โถ Know-how to produce over 1,000 lectures and 2,000 pieces of content

I spent 12 years in the business consulting and consulting related to knowledge content creation. We have helped many students set up and operate personal channels, and helped them develop content that they are interested in or are good at.

Not only the theoretical part related to content creation, but also production methods that you can learn and use right now With 12 years of know-how, I'm going to tell you easily in just 12 hours. We look forward to meeting you in class with all the know-how to create content according to the purpose!

โท A must-have technology now that you must discover and develop your own weapon!

I've been a lecturer for 12 years and have received many common questions. โ€œHow have you been doing it so steadily?โ€ I mean the question. When I first decided to start my career as an instructor, I was a person with no strengths.

However, I was able to come here until now thanks to that โ€œcontentโ€ that I developed my own โ€œcontentโ€ and continued to upload it to the Internet. I think it was important not just to write down results like this, but to focus on the โ€œprocess.โ€

When many people are struggling due to COVID-19

I thought it was an opportunity.

The know-how and technology of creating knowledge content actually gave me wings, and I was able to spend more time teaching and creating content.

In this day and age where you have to discover, improve, and brand your own weapon, I think my ability is absolutely necessary for someone of you.

I'll tell you more about all of the content creation know-how, methods, skills, etc. that many people are curious about.





๐Ÿ† Over 1000 offline lectures and over 2000 knowledge content creations

๐Ÿ† Active as a lecturer specializing in PowerPoint, infographics, etc. from 2011 to present

๐Ÿ† Lee Ji Tutor and Jeong Lee Ji run YouTube channels (total of 200,000 subscribers)

๐Ÿ† Microsoft Office App/Service MVP (2017-2023)

๐Ÿ† Creator of the Seoul SBA Creative Force

๐Ÿ† Samsung Electronics laptop pen advertising model

Hello, I'm โ€œLee Ji Tutor,โ€ a PowerPoint YouTuber and lecturer who loves to create PowerPoint. I am currently working as a Microsoft Powerpoint MVP (17-23), and I am lecturing on online/offline PowerPoint, infographics, and single-person media at companies/local governments/universities.

From the past when I started as a blog until now, I have continued to share the know-how I learned while creating PowerPoint materials for 12 years to now to my subscribers. I'm always happy to work because I think that the knowledge I've discovered and researched is helpful to someone.

The class was created based on 12 years of know-how. I'll save your precious time with my know-how! Let's meet in class:)





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