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About the class

Even if you master only one design tool

You can make money!

Do you still hire freelance designers for card news, posters, and PPT designs? I have prepared it for such people. From the boss of a one-man company in Korea to foreign supporters who love Korea! The second Miri Canvas class by Smile Ile-sam, the world's No. 1 Miri Canvas instructor, will be unveiled.

Thumbnails, card news, posters, and presentation materials, if you have a lot of trouble with “design,” please pay attention. With just one pre-canvas, you don't have to worry about design. Let's learn about money-making designs together from now on?

  • The basics of Miricanvas

  • Fast and efficient shortcuts

  • Thumbnail/card news/poster/presentation presentation material design

Complete a high quality design with your own hands within 1 hour. With Smile Tutor and Miri Canvas, you can complete works of the same quality as a professional designer. We share design approaches and technical skills that can save you time and energy using our know-how from 17 years of experience.

Course effect

  • Even beginners who don't know design at all can create thumbnails, card news, posters, and presentation materials in a short time.

  • You can receive practical design know-how from Smile Tutor to save time and energy.

  • You can create more unique content through helpful sites and usage methods.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to create sensuous card news and posters using pre-canvas

  • Those who want to use Preview Canvas to create eye-catching thumbnails and presentation materials

  • Those who want to quickly learn design tools and create online content without a designer

Pre-course notes

  • This class was created in 2023.

  • There is also a class for creating videos using pre-canvas, so please check them out as well. < [Gift voucher] Create a video with Miri Canvas with Smileilsam> (rink)

What makes this class special

Complete master in 1 hour with pre-canvas!

Complete quality content design created by experts

In this class, a practical curriculum was captured by organizing examples from the most commonly produced social media content. If you don't know how to create design assets to be uploaded to social media, please take this class only. Even design beginners can quickly and easily complete thumbnail, card news, poster, and PPT designs.

17 years of teaching experience, CEO of Miri Canvas,

Smile Issam's meticulous and detailed class!

The reason Smileil Sam has been loved for its computer courses for 17 years is because they give meticulous and detailed lectures from a learner's point of view.

I created the class based on tips gained from using Miri Canvas in various fields and the trial and error I experienced while meeting various students. Find key tips on Miri Canvas that you can't hear anywhere else in the Smile Tutor Class!






Dear classmates

I'm Park Jeong, a smiling tutor who warmly educates you in IT so that you can be the protagonist even in a rapidly changing world. I've been teaching computer classes to students at school for over 10 years, and now I'm doing IT education and consulting at a company called Baffy Design Consulting.

I came this far by doing IT education with the desire to help you live as the protagonist of your life in a rapidly changing world. Now is an age where anyone can do online business using digital if they feel like it.

The person who listened to my lecture said something like this.

“As a senior, it's great that I can easily follow along when I listen to Smile Tutor's lectures.”

“After learning about Miri Canvas, I became not just a mom, but a smart store owner.”

“After taking lessons from Smile Day Tutor, I grew from my study room to a franchise business.”

That's right. I really hope that everyone who has been in a relationship with me will do well. That's why I've put the know-how to save your precious time and energy into this Miri Canvas course.

If you're still working on your own, you'll feel more relaxed after taking this pre-canvas course.

I was able to grow steadily online because it didn't take long to create thumbnails, card news, and PPTs through design platforms such as Miricanvas.

I have lots of tips to share with those who are already using Precanvas. I made this course with 100% of my own ideas!

I hope you get lots of tips from Smile Issam's unique lectures, which you can't listen to anywhere else, and win even more.









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