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Sunday island

A painting book completed with cozy gouache watercolors and Sunday



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One painting book with 30 sheets of gouache every day
1 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 1 hour to complete one class project.

  • **One volume of gouache painting book**

Skills You’ll Learn

Create the desired color with gouache paint

You'll learn a very simple coloring method that allows you to create the color you want at any time.

Brush sketch method

Learn how to draw by painting directly with a light brush without detailed sketching.

Contrast expression

Learn how to use light and shadow to add depth to a painting.

Brush touch know-how

Learn how to create attractive pictures with just a brush touch without drawing.

How to create a color atmosphere

Learn about tones and create colors that match the mood of the picture you want.

Picture completion know-how

Before finishing a painting, you'll learn what to check and how to complete it.

Nice to meet you. This is Painting Creator Sunday.

I majored in Western painting and have been painting large canvases over 1 meter long. When I drew big pictures, I almost gave up on painting due to the limitations of a large studio and long working hours.

After that, this small painting book, which I drew without much meaning to soothe my regret, made me feel the joy of painting again. You don't have to draw big.

A small painting book that you can keep close by is enough:)

Sunday Class introduction video 🎬

“Everyday Drawing Habits” painting book

The class consists of a challenge where you complete one painting book with 30 sheets each day.

I had a slightly different structure because I was doing offline lectures, and I saw a lot of people drawing once or twice a week, and then missed a week or two of classes due to their busy daily lives and couldn't continue.

I've seen a lot of people have a desire to start over, but are hesitant because of the experience of giving up.

So instead of teaching once or twice a week, my classes are organized on a daily basis so that I can follow the same course as me every day.

Rather than having a separate practice time, you can check the dates with me every day and fill in the painting book together.

I'll guide you through the details so that you can complete a painting book challenge.

I would like to introduce Gashu, a friend who is generous with mistakes.

New to gouache? Don't worry

Gouache is a type of watercolor paint, so you'll soon get to know them.

What's more, how to use it compared to watercolor It's not difficult, so I apply paint in a cool way It's a material that makes painting even more fun.

'What's good about gouache? ' If you ask

Less sensitive than watercolorDo it More generous than acrylicI want to say that.

Like an oil painting, I don't have to wait for it to dry. It can be said that it has the advantages of watercolor and oil painting in balance.

Issues that are easy to modify and are not sensitiveThe characteristics of reduce the burden of mistakes, so I think it's the right material for everyday drawing with ease.

“Draw with the touch of a brush” gouache opaque watercolor

You can create an attractive picture with just a feel-good brush touch without detailed details.

The pictures we will draw together in this class will be drawn in a cool way using brush touch.

You can create an attractive picture with just a feel-good brush touch without detailed details.

Various brush touches can be expressed depending on the shape and size of the brush, and the direction and speed of the touch.

I'll show you how to distinguish between the shape of the drawing material and the brush touch that suits the material, and how to use it.

What do you draw every day?

If you had to go to a special place to draw, the joy of painting every day would be far too far away, right?

Fill your imagination with everything from the familiar dining table you face every day to the cat you encounter while walking in the park, to the destinations you want to visit in the future.

Apply paint directly without sketching

In my class, I'm going to draw a quick sketch with a brush and paint right away to finish.

If you start with a detailed sketch, you'll run out of strength before coloring.

In my class, I'm going to draw a quick sketch with a brush and paint right away to finish.

Due to the nature of gouache, which is an opaque watercolor material, you can draw while covering and fixing the part you drew first, so there is no need for a careful sketch.

In that respect, gouache is a great material to enjoy painting.

Use color confidently

In fact, what we're talking about is the sense of color Know the basic theory of color mixing principles and color mood You can improve it by drawing a lot.

There are also people who think they don't have a good sense of color and can't even start painting.

In fact, what we're talking about is the sense of color Know the basic theory of color mixing principles and color mood You can improve it by drawing a lot.

In my class, I explained essential color theory and designed it so that I can learn a sense of color by drawing many pictures based on it.

I also included tips for fresh expressions of gouache paint, which can sometimes be expressed in a turbid manner.

Let's develop color confidence by drawing 28 pictures in a variety of colors with me!

Painting book, 'The meaning of completing one volume'

It doesn't end with the completion of a painting book. At the end of the completion of that one book, you actually get into the habit of drawing constantly, which you have always hoped for.

What I felt when I was painting Fear is the excitement that now fills a new painting bookIt will change to.

All you need to do is stack one by one like that.

And if we do it together rather than alone! The fun becomes even greater.

Share it with Instagram tag #선데이페인팅북, and keep filling it up by cheering each other on.



Welcome to Sunday's Gouache painting book class!


First meeting with a painting book! Getting to know Gashu


Draw by painting directly with a brush


Light and shadow add depth to a picture


Expressing nicely with the touch of a brush

BONUS Chapter

Creating an atmosphere based on tone


Know-how to complete a picture (view of a table with a cat)


The last chapter of the painting book (The girl taking pictures under the pastel sky)


Congratulations on your stubbornness!


Sunday island

Sunday island

Since I was young, I had a quiet, introverted personality, and didn't have many friends, so drawing was the most fun game.

As I continued to paint like that, I have continued to paint until now that I have gone through American college and become an adult.

This time, while preparing for the online class, I wanted to create a class where I could have fun learning and build skills, so I met you in a challenge format where you can fill a 28-sheet sketchbook and an opaque watercolor class where you can draw while painting cool paints.

I hope and look forward to being able to deeply experience the joy and appeal of “painting” in painting through this class

You can communicate with each other by following Instagram tags 🤗

👉 #선데이페인팅북




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