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Skills You’ll Learn

A planning method to create a service structure

Let's design a service on a screen-by-screen basis the same way an app service planner does in the business.

Examine your business strategy

It contains a method for organizing and verifying the goals, cost structure, and unique value of the service.

Complete a prototype with Adobe XD

I'll show you how to complete the prototype using only the Akgis required by the business.

※ This is a total of 2 hours of class

App planning, if you only have an idea

Everyone can take on the challenge.

Take a look at your smartphone's home screen. How many apps are there? The average number of app installs for Korean smartphone users is over 100. There will be more in the future.

There are such a variety of app services in the world, There are many services that are needed by me and those around me, but were not created. It's a market where anyone can challenge themselves if they have an idea.

To be able to make money with apps

How to plan sharply

“I think it would be really easy to have an app like this, but can I make one?” Don't stop imagining it. Planning method to turn ideas into servicesI'll let you know.

✅ Is it OK if the item isn't clear?

It's OK if you just have keywords. I will show you the approach of service planners so that the idea can develop into a service form. I will follow the framework and turn my ideas into structured services.

✅ I don't have a good idea, what should I do?

You just need to find an idea. Just having an area of interest is enough. I'll start by showing you how to find an idea that can become a business. We will introduce skills to identify trends and organize ideas well through domestic case studies and overseas case research.

[What can I learn?]

  • How to discover app service ideas
  • Design method for creating a service structure
  • How to establish a business strategy to increase marketability
  • How to prototype like a real app
  • End of planning and planning development

You don't need to be a developer to make it

I'll even complete a prototype.


If you want to create an app service, it probably makes sense to complete it like a real app. Even if you're not a developer Prototypes can be completed. This is a must if you plan to receive business support from the app service or participate in a contest.

Move at the same level as a real app using Adobe XD I'll try to make a prototype.

📍 Why prototypes are needed

  • I can clearly explain my services to others. You can also get feedback.
  • In the process of prototyping and analyzing, it is possible to create more advanced app services.
  • You can contribute to receiving high scores when supporting projects or submitting to contests.
  • It is a resource for smoother communication when communicating with designers and developers.

📍 I'm going to teach you this

  • Adobe XD is a tool that came out very easy to use for beginners. I'll start by showing you how the design category works.
  • It doesn't just change the screen, it deals with how it can appear to be dynamically driven.
  • To make screen planning more detailed, design is also necessary. Here's a methodology for benchmarking without knowing anything about design.

Hello, I'm Park Jung-geun, the organizer.

I'm currently the CPO of a fintech startup, in charge of service and business planning.

I studied economics until I was an undergraduate, and I I think planning and creating an app service is a false dreamI did it. However, now I am a planner that creates services that receive internal and external support and investment, and so far I have planned more than 10 app/web services.

In response to this, it has won more than 5 awards at the APP Planning and Development Competition,

In order to continue to improve my competencies and get verified in 20 years! I won an award at an APP competition hosted by the Finance Committee, NH Nong*Bank, KEB* Bank, etc.!

  • Don Coach: Asset Management PT Service for the Common People
  • Kick Insurance: InsureTech service for electric scooter sharing customers
  • Orei: Real Estate Oriented Retirement Design Service for Office Workers
  • Vegetarian-only: A recipe sharing platform for vegetarians
  • N-BBANG: A customer matching platform based on the sharing economy
  • Let's go together: Travel matching service with young people for older people
  • KOREA FIESTA: A curation platform specialized in seasonal local travel
  • IC: A specialized lens curation platform
  • Petyum: Snack recipes for pets, product curation services, etc.

채식 하나로: 채식주의자를 위한 레시피 공유 플랫폼

킥 보험: 전동 킥보드 공유 고객 대상 인슈어테크 서비스Share what you've experienced, studied, and recorded while bumping into A-ZI want to do it for you. It captures all of the practical experience gained from winning the CPO title in startup PM.

Don't just catch a floating cloud; approach it with a skeleton.

기획 1단계: 아이디어를 발견하는 사고법

Planning Step 1: Thinking to Discover Ideas

  • Asking them to think of an idea right now is overwhelming. Bringing out ideas How to analyze domestic cases and overseas casesI would like to introduce.
  • Persona approachIf you use, it's vaguely It's not a service you might need, but a service you need You can refine your ideas.

A design method that makes an idea look like a product

기획 2단계: 서비스의 구조를 만드는 설계법

Planning Step 2: Design method to structure the service

An app service planner in the business Just the way you do it Let's design a service on a screen-by-screen basis.

  • Organize service usage with use case diagramsDo it Structure of a service with a class diagramLet's make it. Once the requirements specification and IA design are completed, the complete structure of the service can be created.
  • This is the job of a service planner. Experience the process of creating a single service in earnest.

Can I make money from my services?

기획 3단계: 사업 전략 세우기

Planning Step 3: Establishing a Business Strategy

If you are thinking about commercializing it, you should check if the service can really make money.

  • What is lacking in the service It contains a method for organizing and verifying the goals, cost structure, and unique value of the service.
  • How to write a business plan that can receive investmentLet's learn together until We will develop your eyes to see the market.

Become a planner who can communicate with developers

Step 4: Service completed, business plan completed. So how do you build an app?

For those without development skills, this is the highest barrier to entry.

  • I'll show you how to complete the prototype using only the Akgis required by the business.
  • At least entrust an outsourced development request, A level where you can communicate not only with front-end developers, but also with back-end and your own servicesIt becomes.

📍 Become a conversational planner even if you can't develop

  • To be a developer-friendly planner How to write a requirement statement
  • How to design an information structure (IA) that is easy for developers to see
  • How to write storyboards to communicate with front-end developers
  • Create prototypes that look like real apps

It can be difficult to do it alone.

I'll help you.

Service planning is better than doing it alone Develop in detail in the process of exchanging and receiving feedback and sharing referencesYou can do it.

An idea that only I had

Try making it a service that others use.

 오프라인 수강생 실제 후기

▶ ︎ Actual reviews from offline students





I majored in a department far from service planning and made a lot of effort to become a planner. Generously sharing the know-how that allowed me to grow from a land of ignorance to a product manager and a CPOI'll do it.

[Park Jung-geun's professional history]

Detailed lecture history:

▶ Current fintech startup CPO

▶ MOT Master

▶ Completed IBM Design Thinking

▶ APP Startup Camp Jury

▶ S-OJT (Startup Forum) APP external experts

▶ Conducting planning lectures for large companies such as Company G

▶ App planning consulting for large companies such as Company B

▶ App planning consulting for many startups such as Company L

▶ Conducted many lectures on APP planning for public institutions such as Incheon Contents Lab, Changgong, etc.

▶ Conducted a number of lectures specializing in the career of an elementary, middle, high school, and university APP planner

▶ Planning and development of 12 WEB & APP services

▶ Awarded 8 competitions including Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, and NH Nonghyup Bank

+) Won 3 APP planning/development competitions hosted by large companies in 2020

+) Added 1 award at an APP planning/development competition hosted by a large company in the first half of 2021

▶ Partnership with 5 or more financial companies (H Financial Company, etc.)

▶ Attracting 10 or more investments (rechallenge packages, etc.)

I have volunteered for over 400 hours. You might say it sounds like fat in an app planning class. However, I just want to say that I am a person who enjoys small efforts being of great help to someone. I put all my experiences into my classes.



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