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Discomfort that only happens when you get treatment

Do you feel tired from life due to discomfort that occurs in various parts of the body, such as the knee, waist, neck, shoulders, etc.? Even if you go to the hospital after eating a big mom, it's only temporarily resolved, and the discomfort continues? We have prepared it for all of you. Now, the one that bothered you Get away from the unruly discomforts and be healthy Let's live.

The secret to solving the straight neck syndrome

It is specially open to all of you.

A few years ago, I was also struggling with the straight neck syndrome.

The lower part of my neck always feel stiff when I sit at my desk, and it hurts like my throat will fall out after 2 hours, so I had to rest. However, as a result of constant research and exercise, now it's wonderful C curveI came to have it.

Learn properly from an incumbent physiotherapist.

In order to teach you a more accurate and reliable way to exercise, we became a Physio-Trainer (Physio-Trainer) with the qualifications of a physiotherapist and trainer at the same time.

Add the expertise of a physical therapist and the experience of a trainer More than anyone else to all of you I will tell you a definite classic rehabilitation exercise.

Proven effective with results

From members whose neck and neck pain worsened due to the large amount of time spent working in front of a computer

Members who were in desperate need of a proper overall posture due to shoulder imbalance

Members with severe scoliosis and a convex curve from the spine to the pelvis

Members who complained of lower back discomfort due to a crooked pelvis

I can't bend my back due to a herniated disc Back discomfort and leg numbness We helped all patients with severe rehabilitation exercises according to their symptoms.

I won't talk nonsense. An incumbent physiotherapist tells me the most efficient rehabilitation exercise methodLet's get away from your discomfort with.

without borrowing someone else's hand

Let's manage our own discomfort.

What you need to prepare for this class is simple. They are your two hands. Oh, of course, it also comes with gadgets that can solve the intensity of exercise and hard-to-reach places in a cool way. This class is special We will guide you to accurately understand the cause of your physical pain and learn more detailed and accurate exercise methods at home on your own.

A very small habit that changes your life

▶ ︎ Hamstring stretching

Most of our workout routines consist of simple actions that can be performed during normal work or in leisure time. Try to exercise for 10 to 30 minutes a day, no matter where you are. If you do the exercises you learned with us little by little in your daily life, you will be able to escape the discomfort and become free.

Furthermore, I'll show you how to maintain proper posture when walking, standing, sitting, and sleeping. Your small habits can prevent diseases that can easily occur in everyday life and create proper posture.



RRI (Real Rehab Institute)

RRI (Real Rehab Institute)

Hello, I'm an 'athletic physiotherapist'. We are active on YouTube as Jaban and Papanama.

Both of us were patients who had actually suffered from herniated discs and straight neck syndrome, and we are physiotherapists who fixed both of these conditions on our own. Based on that experience, we are sharing our know-how with those suffering from musculoskeletal discomfort. We will include a lot of content in the online class so that more people can be free from the inconvenience. Thank you!

(*This class is a proper posture exercise that you can do on your own. Please be careful if you have a medical condition requiring medical attention. If you experience persistent discomfort, be sure to get an accurate diagnosis from your doctor.)





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