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Using 6 types of fusion snow and 16 types of flower piping
9 Class Projects

It takes about 3-4 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • 6 types of fusion snow

  • 16 kinds of flower piping

  • Rose dome shaped snow-white cake

  • Earl Grey snow cake in a wreath shape

  • Dome-shaped pumpkin snow cake

  • Double wreath fig snow cake

  • My own corn snowflakes cake

  • Choco Snow Cup Cakes

  • Tying and wrapping ribbons

Skills You’ll Learn

Various fusion snow equipment using basic snow equipment

I will make various snowflakes such as chocolate, earl gray, sweet pumpkin, figs, corn, etc.

Tools and materials for flower piping

We will tell you what tools and materials you need for flower piping.

Know-how to color easily and harmoniously

We will show you the coloring know-how to create a bright and diverse flower piping.

Learn 16 ways to pipe flowers

Learn how to use piping to decorate mochi cakes from basics to applications.

Seasoning cream and icing that are great for toning

Learn how to make a soft bean paste cream that is perfect for flower piping or icing.

Learn how to arrange

Learn about various cake shapes, such as dome shape, wreath shape, and cupcake shape.

Arrange freely on the snow

Arrange the red bean paste flowers freely to complete your own cake.

A bright and special hobby,

Enchanting Angeum Flower Mochi Cake

Hello! They run the “Angeum Flower Mochi Cake” workshop Nar cake It's.

I fell in love with Angeum Flower in a one-day class I took by chance while I was doing other work, and now I'm running a one-person workshop.

I'm happy to meet you in this online class:)

Step by step in 5 steps

From a hobby to opening a one-person workshop

Just like I did, anyone can do red bean paste flowers as a hobby. The tools aren't expensive, and they're not as difficult as you might think. However, it may be difficult to start on your own with books or YouTube. Narcake will help you! Learn in 5 steps, from basics to application.

Step 1.

Making 6 kinds of fusion snow equipment using basic snow tools

In a cake with red bean paste flower as the main character, the unobtrusive shape of the snow season and the subtle difference in flavor also greatly influences the overall completeness.

Unlike flour baking, the feeling learned through practice is more important than accurate weighing, so in class From basic snow white sheets to chocolate using jam and mousse, earl gray, sweet pumpkin, figs, corn, etc.I'm going to make one.

If you follow them step by step, you can easily create a delicious yet beautifully shaped snow sheet, Once you get used to it, you'll be able to apply it with your own sheet later.

Step 2.

Know-how to color easily and harmoniously

Toning and matching colors are the best way to express your personality.

You can learn everything from the very basic theory of color formation to a simpler and easier way to create the desired color.

I'll also show you how to color the colors you've worked so hard to make them stand out even more!

Step 3.

Making bean paste cream that is great for piping and icing

Angeum cream has a firmer feel than fresh cream or butter cream, so if you use commercially available sediment as is, it is not suitable for piping or icing. In class, you can learn about the best sediment cream recipe for piping and the blending ratio that changes depending on the icing.

Step 4.

Learn more than 16 different flower piping methods

Flower piping for the Angeum Flower Mochi Cake!

I'll learn various types of flower piping step by step from the very basics.

Roses, celestial red flowers, daisies, tulips, camellias, hydrangeas, carnations, love roses, mini roses, mini peonies, waxflowers, ranunculus, apple blossoms, scabiosa, pasta gerberas, and leaf fiving methods.

We will generously show you various flower piping methods to complete the brightness of narcakes.

Step 5.

Learn about the different cake shapes


Lease type

Double less type


It is a task that requires as much practice as flower piping “Arrangement” of putting flowers on a cakeThat's right.

We have prepared a curriculum so that you can practice various types of arrangements. If you practice formal arrangements, you'll be able to create a cake full of your own personality later on!

It's OK if you make a mistake!

To be able to practice many times

We have prepared plenty of ingredients!

The amount of rice flour required to make one cake is approximately 600 grams.

As much as you learn about various fusion techniques in the narcake class Prepare plenty of materials so you can learn without buying moreI did it for you. Also, we will send you 1 kg of leftover rice flour in small portions so that you can easily store it.

Freely on the snow

My own flower bean paste mochi cake

Try making it!

A class where you can learn and make some of Naarcake's most popular cake designsYes. I put the details of offline classes into the convenience of online classes.

A new beginning is exciting, but it's always difficult. Narcake will carefully help you make a cake with beautiful flowers on your own:)



nar cake

nar cake

Hello! It's a narcake.

I think Angeum Flower is a really fascinating work because you can create flowers with your own color and personality using similar materials and limited colors, just as everyone draws a picture with a different feel when they see the same thing.

Running a workshop and being able to present a happy and special time to someone with a beautiful and tasty cake is also a very happy and rewarding thing.

Anyone can do red bean paste flowers as a hobby. The tools aren't expensive, and they're not as difficult as you might think. However, it is difficult to start alone with books or YouTube. It's also a part that the one-day class students who actually visited Narcake talked about a lot.

It's exciting at first, but it's also difficult. Narcake will help you!





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