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Draw the faces of female figures seen from various angles in “MISS JISU” in an easy and attractive way



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Use a pencil, pen, or brush pen
8 Class Projects

It takes about 50 minutes to complete one class project.

  • front face

  • Side face

  • Half-sided face

  • rear face

  • Face seen from above

  • Face seen from below

  • throat

  • Hair expression

Skills You’ll Learn

How to use pencils and pens

Get to know pencils and pens, which are basic materials for manual line drawing

A solid way to learn how to draw faces

A clear interpretation of the facial structure, eye-catching details, and meticulous attention to various angles

Draw a face from different angles

I'll start by helping you understand facial shapes based on basic anatomy.

how to draw a cool hairstyle

Draw hair with a chewy texture!

Attractive, eye-catching character drawings

A pictorial picture that catches your eye. You can draw with your own pictures.

Portrait drawing with a brush pen

It is an attractive material capable of rough, intense lines and detailed descriptions at the same time.

Attractive woman drawing with simple lines

Hallo I'm “MISS JISU”, an artist and global artist belonging to the creative studio Super Anime. I published a drawing book <MISS JISU> in 2018, and participated in comic con events and exhibitions in various countries.

I usually draw women with simple lines using simple materials such as ink paintings, brush pens, and ballpoint pens.

Through this class, I'll introduce my own know-how to draw eye-catching female figures.

In fact, I often drew male characters when I was a student, but after studying anatomy, I fell in love with drawing female human bodies. Everyone has a favorite facial image, whether it's someone around them, an entertainer, or exists in 2D, right? It's fun to embody that award with my own hands and in my own style.

Anatomy, you'll definitely need it for human body painting.

Anatomy Anatomy literally means anatomy, but the field for artists is called “art anatomy.” Of course, you don't need to learn art anatomy to draw. In particular, faces are not only real objects, but also reinterpreted shapes all the time, so I can draw them right away without any anatomical knowledge.

But what about other parts of the body below the face? There is a limit to drawing a figure of the human body.

As a personal experience, I graduated from the manga and animation department, and by the time I graduated, I had already had a long career as an art instructor for entrance examinations, but it was around that time that I began to learn art anatomy properly. Starting with the skull, I studied the positions and names of the bones and major muscles from the skull to the tips of the toes, and learned the skills to properly express the movements of the human body.

Since then, the so-called “silly” part was eliminated, and my drawing of the human body developed by leaps and bounds. Art anatomy is necessary not only for realistic depictions, but also for cartoonish paintings with a lot of deformism applied. I'll be able to talk about its application in my lessons.

Everyone has a time when painting doesn't look like my heart.

Haven't we all been like this? There was a picture that evoked a desire to draw, so I drew along, but I didn't like the experience. Or, I've studied the human body by reading anatomy books, doing croquis, etc., but it's hard to even draw a face on a blank sheet of paper. When studying painting, I'm sure everyone has done this before.

Of course I did too. After spending time and effort, I was able to draw a straight face to a certain extent, and then I began to struggle with difficult angles that were unusually difficult to draw.

In this class, I'll first stop at drawing a face based on a very basic anatomy, and I'll help you smoothly draw shapes seen from various points of view. It also includes shipping techniques using my favorite pens and brush pens.

I'll tell you six things with confidence.

  • Basic usage of drawing tools such as pencils, pens, and brush pens
  • Knowledge of the basic anatomical skull
  • How to draw an eye-catching feature
  • View of a woman's face from various angles
  • How to draw hair
  • A natural connection between face and neck

These six topics are the knowledge I needed the most while illustrating, and they are also the parts I can confidently share. By learning this content together, you'll have a solid understanding of anatomy and draw attractive women.

If you complete the tasks given in each chapter one by one, you'll feel confident drawing a face. When I tried to talk about what I really needed, the curriculum gave the impression that it seemed a bit difficult. As you can see if you hear it, I prepared it with a mild flavor, so don't worry. 😋

Thank you for your interest in the class.



Hello, this is MISS JISU.


How to use the ingredients correctly


The beginning of face painting, skull


Attractive features


Faces with various angles 1- front, side, half side, back


Faces from various angles 2 - Faces viewed from above


Faces from various angles 3 - Faces viewed from below


Shiny hair


Neck: the natural connection between face and body


Congratulations on your stubbornness.




Hallo “MISS JISU” is an artist belonging to the creative studio Super Anime, which includes manga artist, concept artist, and illustrator, and is a global artist. I published a drawing book in 2018 and participated in COMIC CON events and exhibitions in various countries. I like to draw women with simple lines using simple materials such as ink paintings, brush pens, and ballpoint pens. I never get tired of drawing a human body and it's really fun! I'll show you my work know-how through the Class101 online class.



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