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Anchor Jiwon Kim

From a one-minute self-introduction to KBS, a letter of appeal from Kim Jiwon to an interview!


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Skills You’ll Learn

Classify your own killer content

I will tell you how to classify killer content that will lead to acceptance among my content.

Resume and cover letter

Based on classified killer content, we will write a prominent cover letter from the HR manager together.

Interview training

Based on my cover letter, I learn how to take the initiative and coordinate answers to any questions that come up.

Job interview

Through contrast structuring training, you will train a logical speech framework that can be applied to any topic.

A special genealogy containing the secret to passing

김지원 아나운서 강의 수강 시, 수강생에게만 무료 증정!

▶ Free gifts only for students when attending the announcer Kim Jiwon's lecture!

1 ️ Plan your own killer content scenario

2 ️ Interview question response sheet written in my letter of appeal

3 ️ Passing frame, resume, and cover letter

4 ️ Structured training site for business speaking to win an interview


This is Kim Jiwon

▶ Creator introduction video

To become an announcer, I traveled around the country and watched nearly 80 interviews with local broadcasters. Although the number of times dropped, I prepared and took the corporate written exam at random with the intention that all of this was training. I'm not a lucky person

Based on this experience of failure, I passed the 1500:1 terrestrial public debt announcer. At the same time, I passed the foreign company Microsoft. Through this course, I learned that there is one thing in common when it comes to passing. For the first time in Class 101, we will reveal the know-how to win Unchil Kisam and pass.

Why am I in the documents

Will it keep falling?

수강생 취업 합격 후기_1

▶ Student job acceptance review_1

Since 2014, I have been consulting on letters of appeal and interviews based on the 'My Own Content Setting Framework' through consulting with students. Through this, we have completed a frame that can be applied to everyone.

Passing is determined by how the same content is structured

The first step in passing,

Killer content

❓I lived a smooth life, but there's no secret story behind my growth process.

❓ I'm just a student, but I need to write down my experience of succeeding in business.

❓ I don't have specs, what should I do?

There are a lot of places to write and many things to write, so for students who are insane, we will complete it together so that they can start without trial and error!

✔️ Outdoor activities that suit me

✔️ Find experience in related fields

✔️ How to specify hobbies, etc.

For those of you who are looking blankly at a blank page about what kind of novel to write in front of a cover letter Together, compose the framework that will become your own content, that is, killer content.

Letter of appeal and interview

Do not prepare separately

수강생 취업 합격 후기_2

▶ Student job acceptance review_2

Is the first document screening, the second handwriting, the third interview, and the fourth executive interview a mountain crossing the mountain? It's not. The secret to success is a context.

You should prepare your cover letter and interview in one context. Plan an interview scenario based on your cover letter. My power to take initiative in an interview comes from consistency.

You will learn the secret to passing through the know-how to answer any question without interruption and practical training methods. The scene is momentum.

An all-in-one that can be used by most domestic companies, from private companies to public enterprises

수강생 취업 합격 후기_3

▶ Student job acceptance review_3

The talent awards that companies want are not much different. In order to get to the point and properly show everyone they are curious about Complete it through a shortcut called Me.

② Talk about a businessman who passes an interview that the school doesn't tell you

수강생 취업 합격 후기_4

▶ Student job acceptance review_4

Speaking in a job interview is different from everyday speaking. You must speak logically with insightful content. This is only possible with training in business speaking. It was, it was like this, but it's not just plain words, Let me teach you to speak logic-based business.

③ Brings initiative

I experienced a lot of job failures and successes. So I'll just tell you how to pass, and I'll make you succeed without trial and error. I emphasize it once again. When it comes to passing, the most important thing is momentum. Don't tremble, just prepare with me!



Those who are unprepared to work alone are welcome

1. Introducing the “Complete Your Letter of Appeal/Interview Preparation with Your Own Killer Content” class


2. About the creators



Create your own killer content

1. What is “My Killer Content”?


2. Find hidden commonalities between practical experience gained by successful candidates and foreign activities ①


3. Find hidden commonalities between practical experience gained by successful candidates and foreign activities ②


4. How to overcome weaknesses by job type and situation ①


5. How to overcome weaknesses by job type and situation ②


6. Design a scenario for my content



Live! Resume Writing a cover letter

1. Organize, sort, and place my bullets


2. This is the key! How to write a successful cover letter + Create your own universal framework ①


3. This is the key! How to write a successful cover letter + Create your own universal framework ②


4. A well-written case vs. an unwritten case ① - an analysis of other applicants' stories


5. A well-written case vs. an unwritten case ② - an analysis of other applicants' stories



Once you learn it, you can apply it to any situation! Interview strategy for writing my cover letter

1. How to frame an interview strategy with a cover letter


2. My interview strategy framework I developed when I passed KBS


3. Now it's real, interview training with my killer content


4. Methodology for dealing with frequently asked questions during interviews


5. 1 minute self-introduction preparation template



How to train interview speeches

1. Explain a “structured” framework that logically changes answers


2. Job Group Interview Strategy Framework Case Study


3. Practical business speech training for interviews


4. Mock interview repetitive training



Fill in the last 2% to determine acceptance

1. (Captivating) image training


2. Use business phrase/speech (which makes you look like a prepared person)


3. Develop your own recap strategy (to make up for missing points)


4. Top 5 frequently asked letters of appeal and interview questions



Thank you for your hard work.

1. Mindset tips for reversing stereotypes



Anchor Jiwon Kim

Anchor Jiwon Kim

Former) As a public debt announcer for the 39th KBS period,

1500:1 I am a former terrestrial announcer, and I have coached many students with letters of appeal and resumes based on their experience in passing Microsoft, leading them to actually pass.




1201 North Market St. Suite 111, Wilmington, DE, 19801