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Learn from IT+ instructor Eun-joo Jang for just 101 won!

Wacom Tablet Class that upgrades your competitiveness in the contact-free world ๐Ÿ“

Take Wacom Tablet Class for Just 101 Won

Don't miss the chance to learn the essential working skills for the contact-free world today! Find out how to use digital whiteboards, PowerPoint, and ZOOM for just 101 won in Wacom tablet class.

Struggling to prepare for online courses? Or perhaps, are you overwhelmed by the increased number of online conference calls? Follow these simple steps to become a competent worker in the everchanging contact-free world.

New to Wacom Tablets?

Don't Worry or Hesitate!

We will guide you through everything from using a tablet to managing complicated wires!

โ€œ How do I use tablets?
Digital whiteboard? Video conference?
When will I figure everything out?

Eun-Joo Jang, an IT+ lecturer will explain how to work with digital tools step by step.

Wacom tablet class will help you become a "competent worker" in this contact-free world in no time.

How to be the #1 in Efficiency

With Wacom Tablet

To gain competitiveness in this contact-free world, the first step is to clear your desk. How should you arrange the wires? What are the numerous ports filling the back of your computer? You will learn everything step by step.

Digital whiteboard is the most useful tool for online courses and video conference calls. Learn how to use the Microsoft whiteboard program and 'iCanNote' on Wacom tablets.

You can use PowerPoint more effectively with Wacom tablets. Learn how to make the best use of PowerPoint features such as preparing the presentation material and creating videos with an automatically generated drawing menu.

Were you ever embarrassed in the middle of a conference call because the cables were not connected properly or the program failed to load?Learn the useful features of 'Zoom', the most widely used video conference call platform, for more effective meetings.

One More Tip

For You to Become a Competent Worker!

I'll show you how to install Wacom's LCD tablet โ€œWacom Oneโ€ and pen tablet โ€œIntuosโ€! Once you've installed your Wacom tablet, you're all prepared for the contact-free world!





Hello. This is Wacom.

With the purpose of โ€œbringing people and technology closer through an intuitive interface,โ€ Wacom has become the leading company in the global tablet market, providing pen tablets, LCD tablets, digital styluses, and electronic signature programs. Beyond the creative industry, we provide various contact-free solutions to make the daily lives of many users more convenient.

Post-covid, 'contact-free' is emerging as one of the biggest trends. Gain your competitiveness at today's contact-free workplace, school, or even in daily life with Wacom Tablet.

Wacom Korea

Wacom Korea

Wacom Korea

Wacom Korea

Wacom Korea

Wacom Korea

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