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Skills You’ll Learn

① Balance exercises to correct your own body shape

This is a practical section on leg alignment, pelvic imbalance, shoulder line, and full body shape exercises.

② Detox process for my body, relaxation of inner muscles and fascia

It's time to get rid of toxins and waste products from the body, recover from fatigue, and regain vitality.

③ The right spine balancing diet

Organize lines for the neck, shoulders, back, waist, abdomen, pelvis, and hips.

④ Full body circulation aerobic exercise

Aerobic balance dancing using wave sticks: focus on hip ups, full body workout flow, body fat burning

⑤ Stabilization of spinal muscles, SNPE training

Do intense SNPE exercises with dynamic SNPE tabata training.

⑥ Anti-aging full-body SNPE exercise

From sagging belly fat to sagging hips to biceps! It's time for full-body anti-aging.

⑦ Relaxation of body and mind, SNPE healing

We have prepared a healing time where you can clean up your body and mind and relax.

I wonder if my body is fine as it is?

Even when I was in my 20s, I easily lost weight just by starving, and when I came home after work, my body was light... Now, no matter how much you exercise, you don't lose weight, and every time you leave work, you say that you're tired?

My body changes day by day, sagging belly fat, shoulder pain even when I'm still, lower back pain even if I overdo it, frequent numbness and swelling of the legs, and even a tiring migraine. My body... Is it okay as it is?

Foundry Foundry

How long will you only sleep with your hands?

자가근막 이완

▶ ︎ Autofascia relaxation

SNPE solves these problems so that you can take care of your own pain We have specially developed our own tools and exercise methods to fully enable self-pain care and self-myofascial relaxationI did it.

Self-healing self-exercise therapy, SNPE

자기 스스로 척추 본연의 곡선을 회복하는 운동

SNPE stands for Self Natural Posture Exercise. It is an exercise to restore the natural curve of the spine on one's own. SNPE is a SELF exercise method that corrects a crooked body by restoring the original posture through one's own efforts.

SNPE tool, companion to be with you until age 100

After much research We have developed tools to correct crooked postures and incorrect exercise habits. Let's find potential pain points on our own with the SNPE tool to gently relax stiff muscles and fascia. Restores the elasticity of body tissues and restores normal muscle lengthMake it even more Exercise effectivelyYou'll be able to do it.

Point 1. Balance exercises to correct body shape

체형을 바로잡는 밸런스 운동

Point 2. Detox exercises to remove toxins and waste products from the body

몸 속 독소와 노폐물을 배출하는 디톡스 운동

Point 3. Anti-aging exercises that focus on sagging fat

SNPE is a success through word of mouth

There is a reason for the largest number of courses ever taken.

수강생 만족도

▶ ︎ Student Satisfaction

Through SNPE classes We've changed the lives of over 5000 people.

  • shoulder pain, headache etc. Freedom from chronic painThose who have become
  • Of the body My condition is recoveringThose who regained their health by becoming
  • I can properly find exercise stimulation points Success in dietingThe one who did

If you feel like I'm in the same situation, now is the time to exercise with SNPE.

Exclusive release in Class 101 only!

Undisclosed workout routines

In this class, I prepared a routine that has never been revealed anywhere else. standpointThe amount of exercise will increase, and you will be able to correct your figure by sweating for 30 minutes a day.

Which challenge is right for me?

나에게 맞는 챌린지는 무엇일까요?

We prepared a total of 30 intensive routines, excluding warm-up exercises. We'll show you all the ways you can make full use of the class according to your preferences or situation. 30-day, 60-day, and 100-day challenges! We'll help you exercise properly from beginning to end.

100 day challenge

Keep me motivated by writing it in my diary!

Record the changing state of your body and mind every day while doing SNPE exercises. Exercise will be much more fun. If you put a circle sticker after every day of exercise and use it with a diary to write down the amount of exercise for that day It's going to be a successful body reset challenge.

하루 운동 기록1

하루 운동 기록2

Keep a daily exercise log in your daily diary with SNPE. After 30, 60, or 100 days You'll have developed a habit of exercising before you know it.





This class is a curriculum organized by <SNPE Correct Posture Spine Exercises>Author Dr. Jiyu Yoon based on his many years of experience in SNPE.

😀 SNPE CEO Lecturer Yoon Jiyoo (Yoon Jiyoo)


◻ CEO of SNP Co., Ltd.

◻ Director of Korea Correct Posture Research Institute Co., Ltd.

◻ CEO of SNPE Correct Posture Society

◻ Chief Professor of SNPE Correct Posture Exercise Instructor Course, Future Convergence Education Center, Dongguk University

◻ Adjunct Professor, Kookmin University Graduate School of Sports Industry

◻ Ph.D., Physical Education, Pacific Intercontinental College (PIC)

◻ Professor of SNPE, Department of Physical Education, Pacific Intercontinental College (PIC)

◻ Director of SNPE Correct Posture Spine Exercise Gangnam Center

◻ Co-author of the book “SNPE Correct Posture Spine Exercise”

◻ Many SNPE proper posture spine exercise lectures at companies, government offices, and schools such as LG Electronics, Samsung Life, IBM KOREA, and Nonghyup

◻ Many broadcast appearances including KBS Yeoyuman, SBS Good Morning, TV Joseon All Moolsang, and Channel A Boomshin

[Academic Activities]

◻ Effects of the SNPE (Self Natural Posture Exercise) Program on Chronic Musculoskeletal Pain in Cervical Spine and Shoulder and Joint Range of Motility (Journal of the Korean Society of Physical Education, Vol. 58, No. 6)

◻ Effects of SNPE programs on posture correction and neck pain relief for women with forward head posture (Journal of the Korean Wellness Society, Vol.15, No.2)

◻ Effects of Physical Differences in Proper Posture Exercise (SNPE) Participants on Depression: The Effects of Controlling Physical Self-Concept (Korean Journal of Sports Psychology, Vol. 31 (4))

◻ [SSCI] Effects of Pain Reduction by Self-Natural Posture Exercise on Affective Complexity in Women: The Moderating Effect of Self-Regulation (Frontiers in Psychology, Volume 11, 1317)

◻ Effects of Women's Participation in SNPE on Chronic Pain and Stress Reduction: Using a Latent Curve Model (Journal of the Korean Society of Physical Education, Vol. 58, No. 4)

◻ [SSCI] Self-Natural Posture Exercise and Pain Reduction (Social Behavior and Personality: An international journal, 47, e8273.)

◻ ECSS (European Sports Science Association) and ACSM (American Sports Medicine Association) SNPE research results presented

😀 Introducing the senior lecturer at SNPE Gangnam Center

◻ SNPE Chief Lecturer: Ji-hye Kyung, Dae-young Jeong, Seo-hee Han

◻ Enrollment in SNPE, Department of Physical Education, PIC University

◻ Enrolled in SNPE Track at Kookmin University Graduate School of Sports Industry

◻ Dongguk University Future Convergence Center SNPE Certification Course Training Guidance

◻ Many SNPE lectures at companies and government offices such as Samsung Life, LG Electronics, CJ, Dong-A Pharmaceuticals, IBM, Apple, Fire Department, etc.

















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