9 chapters · 11 hours 2 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Korean

With iPad and Pro Create
20 Class Projects

It takes about 20 to 30 minutes hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Tiny petals

  • Monstera

  • Mountain at dawn

  • Silhouette drawing

  • Portrait drawing

  • Winter

  • Emerald sea

  • Red flower

  • Lavender

  • Chrysanthemum

  • Wildflowers

  • Pilea peperomioides

  • Eucalyptus

  • Forest

  • Blue waves

  • Pink clouds

  • Wreath

  • Sunset

  • Cute plants

  • Garland

Skills You’ll Learn

How to Use Procreate

You'll learn the basic way to use Procreate.

How to Use Watercolor on iPad

You'll learn how to express various techniques in watercolor on Procreate.

How to Use Chommang’s Custom Brush

You'll learn how to use it by drawing an artwork in this class.

Making Use of Your Drawings

I'm going to use the pictures that I've drawn in various chapters.

Revealing Easy iPad Watercolor Skills

That Completely Changed My Drawings

Many people are willing to create an analog style of drawing with digital devices. I assume that it is because the analog drawing has its own charm.

The drawings above are the ones I worked on while I was illustrating a fairy tale book. Making the artwork look like it's hand-drawn was not as easy as I thought, it was a tricky style of drawing.

I mainly used Photoshop and Painter to draw, which are very difficult programs to use unless you are an expert. 😢

So I've been researching for a long time to figure out if there's an easier way to make my digital art look more hand-drawn. As a result, I've mastered simpler methods and pro tips that I'll reveal in this class.

The Secret to Expressing Watercolors

Free 10+ Brushes and Textures Made by Chommang

아이패드 프로크리에이트 수채화 브러쉬 19종, 수채화 종이질감 텍스쳐 3종

▶ 19 types of iPad Procreate Watercolor Brushes and 3 types of Watercolor paper texture

For More Realistic Touches

How can we make our drawings look like it's hand-drawn? Maybe adding realistic watercolor paper textures in your drawing? Well, not satisfying enough.

To make it seem more realistic, I am providing more than 10 types of watercolor brushes and paper textures to all my Classmates.

Don't forget. Well begun is half done!

On top of that!

I'll also show you the techniques using the example with the brushes and textures that I'm providing.

Every technique that artists use in real watercolor artworks such as wet-in-wet, wet-on-dry, drawing water spots, and spraying techniques.

You'll be surprised how easy and fun to learn this is! 😆

In this class, we'll draw...

1. Beautiful flowers and wreaths

You will make your own wreaths with drawings of the flowers and plants we made in previous chapters. You can put beautiful pictures and some nice phrases inside the leases.

If you are also good at calligraphy, it would make an amazing gift!

Moreover, you can also experience botanical art, replacing it with the blue color leases or even lease covered with fern plants!! This is the unique advantage of digital drawing which you can never experience in analog drawing :)

2. Aesthetic wallpaper

Flowers and plants are not enough! I am also going to try drawing various backgrounds. Only drawing flowers and plants with my customized brushes and tips, I believe would be a waste of time. 😝

I hope that you all learn more diverse types of drawing with my customized brushes, textures, and watercolor techniques.

Those sceneries you've drawn would even look better if you put them in a prettier frame! I'll show you how to draw various kinds of scenery and use them in various ways.

3. Cute character illustrations

Figure illustration can be a bit difficult part when it comes to drawing. However, let's slowly draw and color it together with the guidelines that I'm providing!

Also, I'll show you how to color using silhouettes which is an easy way to draw fabulous artwork!

Printing your artwork on actual paper will make it look even more real!

For sure, people may deeply feel the beauty of the drawing online as well. If you post a mockup file on Instagram or a blog and say it's real, everyone will fall for it.

However, your artwork will look so much better once it is actually printed out! I'll provide you the guidelines to make your printing process much easier depending on the size such as bookmarks, postcards, etc. Also, I'll share some tips on how to make stickers and merchandise too, so stay tuned!

After drawing all these pictures throughout my class, you probably have learned how to make a digital illustration with watercolor techniques.

Would you like to join my journey of drawing digital watercolor illustrations? 😊





Hello, I'm Chommang :)

I graduated from the department of animation at Hongik University, South Korea. After graduation, I worked as a storybook illustrator for a while.

I'm currently meeting classmates in CLASS101 with my first class, “Drawing the People You Love: An Online Croquis Class”.

This is the second class I prepared which is "Watercolor on iPad".

I assume many people have a craving for creating digital drawing that looks hand-drawn.

Thus, I've prepared a class that even beginners can easily follow along with the iPad Procreate app.

By the simple methods that I am sharing through various examples, I bet you'll be drawing realistic digital watercolor artworks in the future.🤗





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