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6 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour to 2 hours to complete one class project.

  • Aroma sachet

  • cube shaped candle

  • botanical candle

  • cement candle

  • gel candle

  • candle holder

Skills You’ll Learn

Naturally Derived Waxes

Understand the characteristics of each wax, how to use the appropriate candle, burn time, etc.

decor candles

Lesson content specializing in interiors dealing with cement, driftwood, etc.

I'm iroha, the candle creator.

I grew up being exposed to the joy of arranging flowers and making handmade flowers from an early age with my florist mother, and at one point I started making candles when I was taught botanical candles and candle dry arrangements as part of table coordination.

When I was making it, the whole room was wrapped in an aromatic scent, and I was able to relax both mentally and physically, and I came across myself becoming obsessed with candle making once I noticed how to make candles. At first, I enjoyed it as a hobby, but I was happy to receive sales voices, and I began to feel the happiness of making it for someone, and it continues to the present.

Why don't you connect a happy loop where everyone who makes the candle, the giver, and the recipient smiles?

Don't worry if you're a first-time user!

I will give a lecture on the basics of candle making and tips and points for making candles so that even first-time users can work on it with peace of mind.

This is a curriculum where you can learn how to make a variety of candles so that you can enjoy them for home decor or as gifts for loved ones.

Have fun with naturally derived waxes

Organic candle making!

Since I myself take care to choose natural products that are as gentle on the body as possible, I have prepared only organic waxes, wicks, and pigments derived from nature in this class.

It is a candle kit that can be safely used by small children and people who own pets.

By understanding the characteristics of each wax, how to use the appropriate candle, burning time, etc., we will guide you to a candle artist who can gain more trust.

Let's make cute adult candles together!

We handled cement, driftwood, etc., and devised lesson content specialized in various interiors, such as those who like natural rooms, modern spaces, and botanical atmospheres!

In the advanced section, I'll teach you how to make DIY candle holders that are easy to make!





Make an aroma massage with lavender and cinnamon to create a relaxing space


How to make cube-shaped candles using naturally derived palm wax


Making botanical candles with lime or eucalyptus in a natural room interior


Let's make cement candles that match even modern rooms


Let's make a gel candle for a refreshing and clean room


Making a simple candle holder using driftwood for a warm room






Creator Interviews

Q. What kind of experiences do you want the students to have through this class?

I learned from the questionnaire that there are many people who are new to candle making.

The lesson content starts with making a simple aroma sachet that doesn't light a fire and allows you to step up little by little, so if there's anything you don't understand, I hope you can always talk to me!

Q.Please give a word to the students!

Please choose this class from a number of classes

Thank you so much! Candle-making is soothing to the eyes and relaxing with the scent, so I think both men and women can enjoy it. Let's create wonderful works that are unique and irreplaceable!


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