8 chapters · 12 hours 40 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

7 Class Projects

It takes about 3 to 4 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • blue landscape

  • Star book

  • Mimosa book

  • A letter with flowers

  • chocolate mint cupcake

  • Hot pot

  • pocket watch

Skills You’ll Learn

Basics of embroidery

This is a class that even beginners can take.

How to make a brooch

Learn how to turn embroidered works into brooches.

Tips for making small embroidery works cute

You will also learn how to apply it, such as how to arrange it and how to make it plump.

Why don't you work together to create works such as letters, pots, and books that are fluffy and have the scent of everyday life?

I think about the design and make it with the feeling that one grain of spice is added to the motifs around us.

I work hard every day to create works that will make people who see my work smile.

In this class, I would like to present everyone a wonderful time just for themselves through embroidery. We focus on embroidery dyed in a dreamy blue color and offer you an immersive time. Even first-time users can gradually improve their skills.

Also, it is packed with hints for creating unique works that have never been seen before, so I think experienced people will be excited too!

The appeal of embroidery with various materials and unique shapes

Make a unique brooch with an interesting shape.

I've included plenty of tips for leveling up from normal embroidery and cutting cloth for a cute finish!

Starting with No. 25 embroidery thread, we also use gold thread, silver thread, tiered dyed thread, wool thread, etc., so you can also learn the basics of various threads.

Also, you can learn all the tricks of adding points with sequins, chains, etc.! Let's apply the skills we've learned to embroidery using a variety of materials.

Make the most of your individuality and try something original!

How can I create a work full of originality?

Is there anything bothering you? From the beginning until now, I was also worried because I wanted to make something that had my own personality.

Right now, I get ideas from everyday life and make embroidery works. I will also talk about tips for creating original designs based on the experience I have gained, so please refer to them when making original works after attending the course!

Steady stitching and techniques to learn

I will take the time to explain it slowly and carefully. Therefore, I made it possible for beginners to embroider a solid foundation, and experienced people to have a more beautiful finish and improve their skills.

Using wire, how to make a plump brooch, etc. I'll tell you some interesting techniques that are a bit unusual.

Gather your finished works, arrange them with your favorite bags, shirts, etc., and decorate them, and that day will be even more special and happy!





embroidery artist

I think about the design and make it with the feeling that one grain of spice is added to the motifs around us. I work hard every day to create works that will make people who see my work smile.

When I picked up an embroidery magazine at one point, it all started, and I was drawn into the world of embroidery all at once.

At first, I made things designed by various artists, but gradually I want to make my own original ones! I felt like that, and it's up to now.

Creator Interviews

Q. Who would you recommend this class to?

A. I've tightly summarized what I've learned by myself so I can tell you as much as I can.

At first, I will start with a simple stitch, so of course I recommend it to beginners, but slightly unusual techniques etc.

is also included, so I think it will be an opportunity for experienced people to know the appeal of new embroidery.



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