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Clip Studio, to tablet
4 Class Projects

It takes about 1 hour hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Let's create a story and storyline

  • Let's draw a cut and draw a line

  • Let's color the work

  • Finished with text editing and finishing!

Skills You’ll Learn

Advanced vector layer usage

Let's learn how to use vector layers and objects in depth.

Make your own brushes and materials

Let's learn how to customize brushes and how to make materials and use them in manuscripts.

Practical functions to help you work efficiently

Learn about tools, hidden functions, and work tips that actually reduce work time.

How to distribute storylines and cuts

Here are some useful tips to know when allocating storylines and cuts.

Using 3D materials to create a webtoon background

Let's use 3D materials in Clip Studio and SketchUp and apply them to manuscripts.

Work like a professional manuscript

Let's improve the completeness of the manuscript by learning how to select fonts and set text.

The class with Isaac was a culture shock...

I think the speed of drawing has increased more than 3 times in terms of experience.
It feels like riding KTX while riding Mugunghwa Lake.
Meet the best program clip studio and the best teacher, Isaac!

I'd like to select the job I did best this year because I applied for this class.

Various know-how and... A big release of tips that only practitioners can give..!
Also, I was surprised that the curriculum was so structured. Applications are recommended.

I would highly recommend it to friends around me who have trouble getting around me!

Other people were curious about how their hands are that fast, but now I can work fast too!
You can buy 3 cards in the time you used to draw 1 card!!!

An artist who knows everything... It's like I'm a clip studio...

After taking this class, I realized the value of Clichu!

How much do you understand, Clip Studio?

Hallo I'm Isaac working as a cartoonist.

Do you draw cartoons? Or do you want to draw? And if so, what program are you using?

Clip Studio is a digital painting program specialized in drawing comics.

I started using this program not long after Clip Studio was first released in Japan.

The reason I ended up using an unfamiliar digital program called Clip Studio even though I was working with an analog manuscript at the time was This is because I really hated doing miscellaneous editing work. I didn't like drawing cut borders on manuscripts by hand, so I drew one cut border a day and fell down.

Then one day, through an artist I know The existence of a program called 'Clip Studio' that draws cut borders with just a few clicksAs soon as I learned about it, I bought it and started using it. Also, I was able to finish drawing a cut border, which I didn't like, much faster and more easily.

After that, while starting to make manga in earnest, How can I get rid of my troublesome tasks more comfortably and quickly? With that in mind, I found and learned how to use more of Clip Studio's useful features.

Like me, there's probably a workflow you don't like because it's really tedious, cumbersome, and time-consuming while working.

Let me explain this class in a nutshell A class that teaches you how to improve your understanding of the program and make your work faster, simpler, and betterThis is it!

Before my debut, I used Clip Studio to publish more than 10 independently published comics until now, 3 official serials I went ahead.

too With online classes for 3 years Students over 100 minutesI had a clip studio class with them, and many students, including a webtoon writer in the business, were satisfied with the class.

For students of previous classes 'Human Clip Studio'I even got the title.

For over 8 years Clip studio Thoughts I had while using If you're working on comics digitally, I can say that using Clip Studio makes the most senseIt's.

Clip Studio has a lot of useful features hidden all over the place that you can't grasp when you just look at the program.

In this class The nature and structure of a program called Clip StudioStarting with, you will use it the most when you work Basic featuresFirmly strengthening, hiding Advanced, application features and practical tipsI'm going to learn until.

From beginners to business-level webtoon writersI am confident that this is a class where you can learn content that is helpful up to.

Of course, the way to use the program is not very different, so not only comics People who draw illustrationsIf you also take classes, it will help you a lot in your work! :)

(However, I didn't have enough time to handle even the most basic functions, so I chose the beginner level class rather than the beginner level.

The lesson may be a bit difficult for those who are completely new to digital painting programs, but if you can handle the basic functions of other digital painting programs, there is no problem taking the course.)

How do you create compelling stories and characters?

Why do we fall in love with the characters? How do you create an attractive character that readers fall in love with?

In this class, I don't just deal with the features of Clip Studio, but I drew a manga and learned about it while studying about manga. How to compose the story, characters, and storyline of a workYou can also learn about

  • How to compose a storyline that is easy to read
  • How to create an attractive character
  • How to convey the appeal of my work to readers and prevent the story from going to the mountains, etc.

This part is for intermediate level and above people who are already making their own stories “A more complete story”I think it will help you make. However, I think it will be information that can reduce trial and error even for those who are just starting to create their own stories.

If you learn the function, practice it! Let's draw a manuscript using what we've learned.

One way to improve academic performance is to “put what you've learned into action right away.” I have it. It's hard to say I've learned it just by listening to the explanation and learning how to do it.

That's why we're in class Story-line-color a one-page manuscriptProceed until, and rearrange it in a scrolling webtoon format Dishes and finishesI'll even try to do it together.

If I don't know how to draw a manga at all, I don't know how to compose a storyline to use in my practice! If you do, don't worry. grassroots Conti Imerez template providedWe'll do it for you, so you can download it and complete the manuscript with your own character.

Also, While going through the whole process one by one Helpful features and tips for every step of the wayI will also let you know.

  • How to organize line art quickly and neatly
  • How to fill complex undertones in an instant
  • How to raise the insufficient density of manuscripts with less effort
  • How to use a background to convey the mood and emotion of a scene
  • How to quickly edit dozens of pages of text, etc.

Beginners will be able to complete webtoons by themselves at the end of the class, and intermediate students and above will be able to create better manuscripts much faster and more efficiently.

I'd rather draw published comics and black and white comics than webtoons!

Black and white comicsThose who know the appeal of! You had similar tastes to me!

I drew more than 10 volumes of independent creative manga, and I was selected for the Japanese comic magazine Af*Snow's Four Seasons Awards contest. Currently, I am preparing a long-term goal of serializing comics published in Japan with the editor in charge of the magazine.

In the meantime, I Various tips and features I learned while drawing black-and-white comicsYou can also listen to it in class.

A Guide for Writers in Time for Deadlines

A manga is different from an illustration where you watch a single game on a single sheet.

If you want to finish a large amount of time in a limited time and keep the same quality in good health for a long time Balancing the quality of the work with sustainable work timeThis is essential.

Also, if you improve your understanding of the programs you use It can save a lot of time in the long run. Clip Studio has many features that can help you run this kind of long-distance marathon.

Learn how to finish the same task faster in a short period of time, and easily get rid of cumbersome simple tasks Don't you want to try both work time and quality?

I'll see you in class!





Hallo This is Isaac!

I am a professional webtoon artist with 3 official platform serialization experiences. (Juliet and Juliet, Desperate Boy, Cast a Magic Spell)

Other than that, I'm also a cartoonist who is serializing the <Living with Asset Income Project> on the poster, publishing comics in various places, and trying this and that to increase the number of windows to earn a sustainable income for creative work.

As part of this activity, we are also conducting clip studio classes.

Until now, I have conducted clip studio classes with over 100 students, and many students, including professional webtoon writers, have been satisfied with the class.

Clip Studio is a fun and useful program with lots of different features. However, although there are many people who use Clip Studio, there are so many people who don't know the really useful features of this program, so it's always a pity.

From advanced usage of Clip Studio to various practical tips from professional webtoon writers! I want to give a class that really helps people who want to draw manga.



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