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With selling know-how learned firsthand

Ranked #1 in copywriting and #4 in e-book production!

글쓰기 분야 1위, 전자책 분야 4위

▶ No.1 in the writing field, 4th in the e-book field

My classes don't just take an hour a day. However, with my know-how, I created popular e-books, and even recorded this kind of achievement. In this way, I will unravel all the know-how about side jobs that office workers can do in real life.

Spending time at work all day

How much is your hourly wage?

Are you satisfied with the hourly rate you are receiving?

Here's a little bit of a secret about me receiving a satisfactory hourly wage. I'm an ordinary office worker, but I was paid 2 million won per hour for a realistic side job that an office worker can do.

With just one e-book,

It is generating millions of won in revenue.

My hourly wage is making millions of won from just one e-book! I'm not an influencer, and I haven't paid a lot of money for advertising. However, after analyzing various e-books, I came up with an optimal technology.

What an office worker can do

Because e-books are the best place to end a real side job!

Realistically, what kind of side jobs do you think an employee can continue to do? I started out thinking that e-books about myself were the best side job I could do while at work. And I proved with my profits that I wasn't wrong.

The essence of e-books is writing. However, like the best-selling author, creative materials and colorful, well-written writing skills I learned that Parley doesn't matter when it comes to writing.

The reason my e-books are still being sold today is the skill I learned rather than my writing skills. Even if you add just one technology to the same point as the title, the sales volume will increase rapidly. We'll tell you everything from the application of sellable writing to how to analyze in-demand content, and marketing methods to promote it.

E-books are better than making them fast

Selling a lot is important.

The reason we make e-books isn't to be a writer. I'm going to make money by creating a new pipeline, that is, a second salary. In this class, what people want In other words, steadily You'll learn how to make an e-book that sells well. Put more emphasis on selling than making!

in 10 minutes? In 3 hours?

Or it's not a one-day course.

Do you think the time it takes to create an e-book is important now? Let's spend a little more time With a single effort, we will create an e-book that sells continuously.. Of course, our content will stand out in the e-book market.

1. It is necessary to analyze and plan what kind of content will be sold.

2. You have to think about how to title and write the article.

3. Sales channels need to be expanded.

4. You can also try online marketing yourself.

By investing a little more time Planning, title, text, and detail page promotion methods, which are key strategies for creating e-books I'll tell you everything.

With an investment equal to the price of coffee that will be consumed during the week

Create an e-book that sells!

Can you believe you can get this incredible know-how for a fraction of the amount of coffee you're going to eat for a week?

Turn your interests into paid content right now with the know-how I've experienced firsthand!





The 101AI class is designed so that AI can conduct classes on behalf of creators who have content. Learn the know-how of creators who unravel their own know-how while doing the work they love right now.

This lecture is from the artist “Kim's”It is based on 'Secrets of Selling E-books'.



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