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Skills You’ll Learn

Plan the book I want to make

Planning various manuscripts such as novels, poems, essays, translations, practical books, picture books, etc.

A meticulous procedure for starting a publishing house

Create a publishing company logo, register as an official publisher, and get a business registration certificate

Design text and cover pages using InDesign

Create a cover and a page using the basic features of Adobe InDesign

Create mockups, card news, detail pages, and press releases

Make mockup files and press releases that need to be prepared in advance to receive the bookstore

Tumblebuck crowdfunding challenge

Funding to receive support for production costs! I'm studying how to plan a 99% edible Tumblebuck Project

Bookstore contract and receipt, Milly's library entry

Now I'm getting the book at the bookstore. Commissioned e-book production and entered Milly

Make my own cute little book

From Tumblebuck to Kyobo to Milly's library

Everyone has a desire to have one of my own books in their lives, even if they have lived without much connection with books, right? In the Paul & Nina Publishing Class, you will learn the process of publishing a small and friendly book of your own. Let's study together for just 3 months. You'll find my cute little book on the stand at Kyobo Library in Gwanghwamun!

I study these things in Paul & Nina's publishing class

  • Learn the procedures for starting a publishing company, starting with manuscript planning for starting an independent publishing/single-copy publishing
  • I will make a book without difficulty with a thorough InDesign class for beginners
  • Learn more about paper selection, printing, and book distribution
  • I will prepare and challenge Tumblebuck crowdfunding perfectly
  • I wear books not only from independent bookstores, but also from large bookstores such as Kyobo and Aladdin, and Milly's library.

It's great for people like this to listen

  • No.1 on my bucket list, someone who wants to fulfill the dream of making a book
  • Those who want to become independent publishing creators
  • A prospective publisher who is about to start a publishing house but is still struggling
  • Those who want to learn the InDesign program step by step from the beginning
  • An N jobber who wants to start another career anew

Preparation required for the course

인디자인 프로그램 작업화면

This class is not a writing class

I'm a novelist, but this class isn't a writing class. This is a class where you group your future posts and the ones you have already written into a friendly book. Of course, in the manuscript planning chapter, I'll give you tips on how to make my manuscript a good book.

The editing program uses InDesign

Since it is a class that publishes a book, an editorial design class is included. If you use Adobe's InDesign program, you must prepare the program. On the Adobe website (에서), you can choose the subscription plan that suits you. Discounts are available for university students and staff, so be sure to check them out. The class uses the latest version of InDesign 2022, but it's OK to follow the lesson even if it's a lower version.

I use Photoshop and Mangoboard/Miri Canvas

I also often use Adobe's Photoshop program. Compared to InDesign, the weight is small, and it's not required, but it's great if it's an environment where you can still use it. I also use MangoBoard, which is a paid platform, but it's ok to use the free-to-use Miri Canvas. All lessons in this class are subtitled.

From a novelist to a publishing house representative

The world of independent publishing/single person publishing

Hello, I'm Kim Seo-yeong, CEO of Paul & Nina, a cute little publishing house. I've been a novelist for a very long time. I wrote my own works, presented them, published books, and taught novels to students. I didn't think I'd have another life, but one day I learned about independent publishing, and I stopped being immersed in it. I had a feeling that maybe making a book might be more fun than writing a book. So Paul & Nina, the publisher who created Wudangtang, has already spent three full years. In the meantime, I've written fourteen books.

Paul & Nina grew up quite well. Even though I wasn't an editor, I learned about publishing by fluttering around from beginning to end. I made a lot of mistakes, but I had a lot of experiences. They also sold copyrights for drama productions, and won the Excellence Award at the Korea Electronic Publishing Awards as well as being selected for various excellent export content and excellent literary books. I used to be busy with writing lectures, but now I'm giving more publishing lectures. I hold publishing classes about 20 times a month, and now I know for sure what prospective writers and prospective publishers are curious about. In this class, I'm going to tell you all about how Sunchick Publishing Company grew this much over 3 years. I'm going to tell enough stories here that I couldn't finish in the offline class because of the scheduled time.

Just follow along from the first chapter to the end

Because one book will be made in fenugreek

Gone are the days when only amazing people made books, right? We now live in an age where we publish a book that affectionately and lovingly weaves ordinary and small everyday lives. How much comfort I receive from myself as I record my life and publish that record as a book. Now let's take out all of my posts that I've recorded in my diary, blog, and Instagram. Let's tie them all together to make a cute little book of our own.

The goal of this class is to finish a book
It was the first to be shown on Tumblebuck to arrange production costs,
Next, large bookstores such as Kyobo and Aladdin, and independent bookstores,
Finally, I'm entering Milly's library, a subscription service!

Can I do all of this alone? Paul & Nina did it too. I'll show you the most efficient and easiest way to do it. If you try with me every class and then practice on your own, you can at least do as much as I can. Use InDesign to design the paper and cover, create a detailed page for the book, create a press release, prepare a preview file, and even an interview with the author, and then challenge Tumblebuck together. Once the production costs are raised through crowdfunding, they will go into printing, and then they will all enter the bookstore and Milly's library.

Actually, it's more important after you've finished the book.

Because we're going to create a new career through publishing

It's something you can stop at a small hobby, but
The publication that I studied,
Wouldn't it be better if you took on a new career?

In the era of N Jobler, we had a new career where we knew how to write books. Most people who have felt the joy of publishing a book will publish the next book. Those books will come together to return sales and e-book revenue to you, and will also lead to independent publishing lectures, etc. There are a lot of people like that among my offline class students. I want you to be comforted by writing books, and I want you to expand your career with it. Like I got another job as a novelist.

Paul & Nina wholeheartedly supports the publication of your book. I will teach with care. I hope to meet my colleagues in the publishing world later.





Hallo I lived as a novelist for a long time, and now I'm a small and cute publisher Paul & NinaI'm Kim Seo-ryung, who runs.

I majored in creative writing and taught novel writing at university. <Little rabbit, come in and relax >, <where to go>, <titatita>, <The ending of a love>, <Sujeong's Greetings >, <We need Sunday>, <A, even love and published a collection of prose such as Gra>. I also lived as a translator, and I also translated < Anne with red hair > and < Anne of Avonley>, < Can you translate the second story >, < Whispers of the Night> into Korean. I received the Emerging Arts Support Fund, Daesan Creation Fund, the Literary Arts Promotion Fund, the Seoul Foundation for Culture and Culture, and the Arco Creation Fund, etc., and participated in the International Creation Program (IWP) at the University of Iowa in the United States as a representative of Korea.

I thought I'd be a novelist for the rest of my life, but I wanted to make my own books. So it's definitely been 3 years since I opened Paul & Nina Publishing House. Over the course of three years, he published fourteen books, including the Paul & Nina novel series. Each book that is published is selected as an excellent literary book, excellent export content, and even sells copyrights for dramas, etc., and has shown active results.

As Paul & Nina Publishing House has grown a lot, publishing classes are also busy. Nowadays, as interest in independent publishing/single person publishing is growing, I give lectures about 20 times a month. In order to meet more people with detailed and detailed lectures, I decided to hold a class in Class 101.

If you want to make a small, cute book of your own, but don't know where to start, let's get started together! It's all about planning, book design, bookstore wear, and Tumblebuck and Milly's library, which seemed difficult!





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