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Skills You’ll Learn

How to cut fabric

Learn how to draw an accurate see-joint and then cut it.

Sewing method according to the neckline

Learn various sewing methods depending on the shape of the neckline.

How to sew various sleeves

You will learn various sewing methods depending on the shape of the sleeve.

How to improve sewing quality

Although it is trivial, you will learn how to keep in mind when sewing to improve the quality of sewing.

How to transform a collar

Learn how to transform a flat collar with a round neck, V neck, and square neck.

How to transform a sleeve

Learn how to transform cuffs, ruffles, and puff sleeves.

Hallo It is a space that captures the tastes of the sisters, <Sister Shin's workshop>.

I had a vague dream about making and wearing clothes for a long time. I drew clothes to fill my notebook, and when I saw pretty clothes, I wanted to make them and own them.

Then, by chance As I began to learn about “patterns,” I began to enjoy making clothes that I wanted at my own discretion.

Like that “Little brother” who likes to wear pretty clotheset “Older sister” who likes to make pretty clothesMet, filled with the sister's tastes <Sister Shin's Workshop>This was born.

As is the case in all fields, it is difficult to create something out of nothing, but it is much easier to transform an existing one.

While teaching as a pattern instructor, many people were attracted to “making clothes” and wanted to learn patterns came here. However, it's not an easy field where patterns are fun to begin with.

Once you learn patterns, it becomes easier to approach making clothes of your own favorite designs, and it's just as rewarding.

It's not just that I made a pattern I already had once, but I can use it as much as I want.

I thought and thought about how I could tell you as many easy and diverse transformation methods as possible and as easily as possible.

Should I teach them about changes in fit, about each type of color, or should I teach them about changes in creative level?

As a result, the most dramatic changes are possible, and the pattern is relatively easy without much effort 'Flat collar and simple sleeve transformation'I thought so.

Since the lessons are conducted step by step, you can see the style changes at a glance along with repeated review.

Now that you've made 1 or 2 clothes, let's go to the next level together?

For beginners who simply know how to make clothes with existing patterns, it is possible to make some changes I would recommend it to anyone looking for an intermediate level course.

Also, to help those who know not only how to change patterns but also learn how to use basic sewing machines and know how to make Classes with detailed informationI prepared it.

I will generously tell you everything with 7 years of know-how from an incumbent pattern instructor.

I worked with a variety of students, including a beginner with no foundation in sewing, people who have been studying here and there for years, and people who come to learn to start a business related to sewing, and I have captured 7 years of know-how I felt while teaching so many different students.

I hope you don't just feel that making a new style of clothing is too difficult as you go through the process.

4 styles of daily dresses, let's make your own

After the class is stubborn, you can own four different styles of dresses.

Because kits such as actual patterns and fabrics have been prepared Even if the “pattern transformation” class is not your goal, if you have experienced sewing 1-2 pieces, you can try making a beautiful dress in this class.

Let's get started together?





Hallo “A space filled with sisters' tastes” Sister Shin's WorkshopIt's.

My older sister, who is an incumbent pattern instructor, makes clothes, and I, as my younger brother, are in charge of shooting, editing, and promotion. The sisters had a common interest in “clothing,” so they came together.

Starting with YouTube by making clothes I want to make, I am currently in the business of selling clothing patterns and clothing through smart stores. There is no set style if the sister's preferences are included. We create a variety of looks from modern to contemporary clothing, dresses, etc.:)

Among the students who were looking for classes for various reasons, there were many people who wanted to modify their existing patterns and make use of them, even if they were not at the level of creating a new one.

Honestly, the pattern isn't easy. The more you know, the harder it is. There are many people who give up halfway because they have so much to learn. However, it's not difficult to simply modify an existing pattern. Through this class, I have prepared a course where you can go from a beginner in sewing who can only sew to an intermediate level of sewing who can make simple pattern changes.

You can pursue as many styles as you want with just a small change in line to a certain extent. I wanted to participate in this class in the hope that it would be a little helpful. Hope to see you in class:)



신자매의 작업실

신자매의 작업실



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