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Skills You’ll Learn

Create copy that can be used for various events

Using the main copy as a base to recycle it into a form suitable for various events

How to edit copy

Wash a new copy based on a real-world example

Class introduction

I think copy is not an area of “creativity,” but an area of “understanding.” Because when I work, “I have to write something like this.” This is because there are many situations where there is a basic foundation called. In this situation, the ability to “understand” is needed rather than the ability to be “creative.” It's about writing articles that can answer the needs of customers/clients.

Therefore, this class focuses on “developing practical copywriting skills required by the business.” If you're not a copywriter, but a practitioner or junior copywriter who writes copywriting for work, I would confidently recommend my class. In addition to the case-specific know-how I've built up over 13 years of copywriting, you'll be able to get practical tips on how to write copy more easily and efficiently.

Course effect

  • You can learn copywriting practices in the area of “understanding” rather than the realm of “creativity.”

  • You can learn how to understand customer needs and write better.

  • You can learn about the differences between other writing and “copywriting” and learn copywriting strategies that can be applied to various practical situations such as naming, slogans, social media marketing, and catalogs.

Recommended target

  • Those who didn't join the company as a copywriter, but most of their work is copywriting

  • People who have heard a lot about their ability to write but find it difficult to copy

  • Those who have listened to a lot of copywriting lectures but haven't learned anything that can be applied to practical work

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ From Cheil Planning Bonds

All the practical know-how of a copywriter in the 13th year

Hello! I'm Lim Yoon-jeong, a 13th-year copywriter who started working as a copywriter for Cheil Planning in 2011, went through SBS and is currently running a creative office called 'Jal Grand Company'.

From creating domestic and international campaigns centered on TVC such as Galaxy, KT, Orion, and LG Electronics, to copywriting for various online and offline campaigns, including copy development for brand and product launches, web & app copywriting, flagship and pop-up store planning and copywriting, etc. I have continued to give lectures on various online lecture platforms and companies such as Hyundai Department Store, Amorepacific, Woori Bank, and Shinhan Financial Group to share the know-how I have gained in the process, and since 2022 I have been teaching copywriting as an adjunct professor at Kookmin University. In this class, I have put together all the experience and know-how that I have gathered step by step.

❷ TVC, SNS, online banner···

Copywriting for purpose and location

Copywriters work across online and offline, filling in and modifying numerous text areas. Therefore, copywriting that suits the purpose and location must be possible. My classes are structured in a format where copies are modified according to various situations in order to clearly develop your practical skills. You will be able to complete the “Before Copy” wash process together, check “After Copy”, and take the class as if you were actually working together.

Also, I'll share various examples I've built up over my 13-year career, and I'll vividly tell you how to interpret the basic foundation of a client's desired copy, how to edit it, and how to increase and decrease the number of posts.

임윤정 크리에이터의 카피라이팅 작업_1

임윤정 크리에이터의 카피라이팅 작업_2▲ Copywriting work by creator Lim Yoon-jeong

❸ How to have the “real ability” required in practice

In fact, I think what is really necessary in practice is to understand “copy” as an area of “understanding” rather than an area of “creativity.” If you're frustrated because you can't write what customers want, and if you doubt your writing skills, blame yourself, and get to the point where you don't like “copy” over and over again, please take this class. In fact, at work, there's more work to be smoothly modified than creative work. How to read the customer's needs, understand them well, and then wash according to the guide! You can learn how to have “that ability” that is really necessary for practical work.

카피라이팅 실습 화면 이미지 (구조 세우기)

▲ Copywriting exercise screen image (structuring)

If you want to know more about copywriting...

▲ A book by a lecturer who goes beyond washing and talks about copywriting in general



Lim Copy

Lim Copy

Is copy an area of inspiration?

I think copy is an “area of effort.”

Because I believe that a copy is as good as the time invested will be completed,

I will do my best to ensure that the time you invest in my classes is not wasted.

I'll be looking forward to meeting you in class.:)

A copywriter who writes well (wants to)

Imkapy Dream





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