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Class introduction

Hello! I am a 'productive producer' as an employee in the Nth year and a side employee. My most powerful weapon, which I've been able to write 2 books and do various side jobs and teaching activities while working until now, was because I used Jetel Kasten, an “organic knowledge management system.” We opened this class to be the first in Korea to introduce tools that began to be known in Germany and the US.

  • A monkey's butt is an apple, the red one is an apple, the apple is delicious, the tasty one is the banana, the long one is the train, the train is fast, the fast one is the plane!

Do you remember the song you memorized once in a while when you were a kid? It was a form of creating a one-verse song by connecting the characteristics of monkeys, apples, and bananas. You can think of Zetelkasten as being similar to this principle. If you record feature B when you think of A, connect C, which has the characteristics of B. It's a tool that makes the connection of knowledge limitless.

Are you a professional recorder with a J at the end of the MBTI? If you've been diligently taking notes and recording until now, but these materials aren't actually being used, follow my suggestions. As knowledge from various fields is unknowingly connected, you will have the experience of using it extremely efficiently for your goals.

b Connected knowledge models collected and organized by productive producers (obsidian)

  • What is Zetel Kasten? -> Memo method to organically connect knowledge

  • What is an obsidian? -> A connected note program that implements Zettelkasten

Zetel Kasten is one of the knowledge management methodologies that began in Germany, and Professor Niklas Luhmann also published 70 books and 400 papers based on this principle. How do you achieve such overwhelming productivity? That's because I've made a dense collection of my knowledge, connected it, and used it directly according to my needs. If I accumulate 1,000 pieces of knowledge in a year, I can become a walking human encyclopedia in any field.

In the AI era, if you just search, it will find everything, so why is it necessary to use this kind of knowledge management system? This is because a simple collection of knowledge can no longer be a spec for us. We need the ability to manage the information we've learned and connect it efficiently to produce creative results. Build up that basic strength with this class:)

Recommended class

  1. A person who is a passion recorder with Power J but doesn't know a system where knowledge becomes money

  2. Prospective creators who are interested in starting a knowledge business

  3. Creators who need to produce and manage compelling knowledge every day

  4. Those who need an integrated management system to organize new information and manage it by linking it to existing knowledge

  5. A person who always has a lot of thoughts in his head but can't organize and is distracted

Course effect

  1. You can quickly learn the principles of the personal knowledge management system that began in Germany. -> Using Zettelkasten (Zettelkasten) and Obsidian (Obsidian) to improve personal knowledge management skills

  2. It is possible to generate income equal to the amount of tuition fees by listening to lectures and using knowledge organized by listening to lectures (switching from the life of a consumer to the life of a producer)

  3. Writing and content production can be done efficiently through the connection of accumulated memos

  4. You can improve productivity by efficiently learning how to write and organize Zettelkasten notes and applying them in your daily life -> You can challenge yourself to monetize knowledge!

  5. By utilizing the various functions introduced in the course, you can overwhelmingly improve your personal habits and work efficiency

👍 Jetel Kasten notebook example

  • Manage information from various sources such as thoughts, YouTube, and reading

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ One person learns the overwhelming secret of productivity after writing 70 books and 400 papers.

You can properly learn Zetelkasten, a knowledge management methodology that creates connections between individual knowledge in a manner similar to neurons in the brain. It provides overall knowledge on how to use Zettelkasten and Obsidian, as well as personal knowledge management and ways to improve productivity. By linking everyday ideas and thoughts, reading, and information obtained from experiencing various contents, it is possible to build a treasure trove of diverse knowledge that can be created as a result at a level that can be shared.

❷ The Knowledge Curator's ability level is increased by +100.

Each lesson is structured so that it can be applied immediately by explaining not only theoretical content but also actual examples. By taking this class, you can also organize your knowledge with the Jettelkasten and Obsidian programs. In the age of knowledge entrepreneurship, you can build your own knowledge curating skills.

❸ It provides lessons on solving common problems, and is suitable for learners of all levels, from beginning learners to intermediate learners.

We have prepared classes at a level of difficulty that even first-time users of Jettelkasten can easily understand and follow. You'll discover why you need to manage your personal knowledge and how useful the Obsidian program is. I'll also explain the problems and solutions I've encountered while building and managing the Jettelkasten system, and how I manage my personal notes. Through this, each person can equip themselves with personal knowledge management methods according to their own methods and styles as a powerful weapon of life.

Pre-course notes

  • It's a good idea to download and install Obsidian in advance:)





😊 Productive producer (person who produces productively)

Hello! “Productively, I want to live a life of taking notes and writing for the rest of my life, and aiming for a life where life becomes content”Productive producerIt's”.

Jetel Kasten is Professor Niklas Luhmann's most productive memo method in the 20th century. It's a memo method that uses connected notes to discover ideas and broaden and strengthen your knowledge. I will tell you in detail how to implement a productive Jettelkasten system using the Obsidian program.

Now you can also find lessons from productive producers online in Class 101!





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