Skills You’ll Learn

Procreate features and how to use brushes

Let's take a look at the features commonly used in creations and how to use brushes.

Learn facial structure based on anatomy

Let's learn more about the proportions and structure of the face based on anatomy.

How to sketch from multiple angles

Let's take a look at how to sketch features that vary from different angles

How to color the highlights

How to color in a watercolor style and how to make the features look beautiful

Hair part coloring

Let's learn how to color hair that looks shiny and shiny

How to express warm characters

I'll tell you about the overall character's texture and coloring method to describe it in an atmospheric way

How to draw a variety of backgrounds suitable for characters

Let's learn how to draw a background with warm colors suitable for characters

Class introduction

Hello, this is ONCE DRAWING drawing watercolor portraits with warm colors:)

Many people who like my paintings misunderstood that I drew them on paper!

As such, I love drawing on my iPad in a way that feels like real manual work.

I organized the course with all my know-how on how to create this kind of manual feel when drawing with an iPad, the structure of the face, how to draw clothes, and how to draw beautiful hair.

Course effect

The goal of my class is for all of you to paint with confidence and happiness without fear of failure.

It's designed so that people who are new to portraiture can easily follow along, so I hope everyone can take on the challenge with confidence.

  • How to create heart-warming pictures using warm colors anytime, anywhere
  • How to create a background that matches a person with your own color

Recommended target

  • Those who cannot obtain various equipment or materials for manual painting and whose work environment is not suitable for drawing by hand
  • Those who have an iPad but only use it to watch movies and don't really use it
  • Those who want to draw emotional characters but haven't even started because they don't have the basics
  • Those who don't know how to use colors when drawing characters

Pre-course notes

  • This class will draw using the drawing program “procreate (procreate)”.
  • When drawing with an iPad, you can draw anytime, anywhere, so please listen in an environment that doesn't strain your neck as much as possible.

What makes this class special

How to draw portraits with warm and emotional colors!

iPad drawing by ONCE DRAWING

I also majored in art, and over the years I've been teaching students as an art instructor, I know the most common mistakes and the most difficult part of drawing people.

I created a class by gathering all the details so that I could easily understand those parts so as not to make mistakes. After attending the class, you can look at materials and draw portraits on your own, so you can give your most precious friends and family a picture drawn by yourself as a special gift.

You will be able to feel confident and fulfilled by creating your own impression from the basics of portraiture and portraiture, which was only difficult. Watercolor portraits with warm colors! Let's have fun and have fun drawing with me.

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I would like to introduce myself and my class


watercolor sketch of a person

Chapter 2.

Watercolor partial coloring

Chapter 3.

Costume sketching and coloring

Chapter 4.

Portrait watercolor full color

Chapter 5.

Background color and pattern to match the person




Hallo Watercolor portraits with warm colors


I majored in art, and while working as a lecturer

I've met so many people.

I love painting and have a passion

I feel so much better when I see people who are trying to learn, and people who are frustrated that they don't have any skill in painting, having fun drawing.

As a result, it's just a school style that draws well

My own thing, not teaching

I thought I'd like to let you know.

Personally, I am very warm and emotional

I like colors, but what color do you like the most?! :)

Share my tastes and yours

Have a fun and rewarding time

I would like to send it together.

Drawing characters is too difficult

Those who gave up, those who couldn't even try

Don't worry, come with me

Let's get started together:)


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