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Class introduction

A person who does Wonowon! Hello to all my classmates. It's a “muscle research institute.”

Modern people suffer from various types of joint pain due to prolonged sedentary lifestyle, incorrect posture habits, and reduced exercise volume as convenient means of transportation/communication.

You may have tried various methods such as surgical treatment, acupuncture, and medication to solve this problem, but the effect is temporary. Hospitals focus on solving 'consequences' rather than 'causes'.

They are only interested in the cause of why the knee joint is overused or why the biceps tendon is constantly inflamed, and since it focuses only on the results, inflammation, or pain treatment, it may be temporarily effective, but it is not very helpful when it comes to a fundamental solution.

I graduated from Korea National Sports University, the mecca of sports in Korea, and founded the “Muscular Research Institute” to understand the types and characteristics of muscles that humans have, and have been constantly tracking the causes of proper body movement and why people feel pain or discomfort.

What is the truth I discovered during the past 8 years of research “Pain or inflammation is just a consequence; the real cause lies elsewhere”That was it. However, tracking down the cause and improving it is complicated and difficult, so no one has set out to find it.

People with knee pain cannot squat forward, and people with shoulder pain should give up badminton or swimming in the future. It made me choose the easy path of “abandonment.”

However, if the cause can be analyzed and solved, uncomfortable tissue and joint problems can be easily solved, and furthermore, a successful return to daily life and sports activities can be achieved.

Recommended target

What is the <Self-Pain Management> class with “Muscle Institute” X “Class 101”

❶ Those whose neck and shoulders are always stiff and uncomfortable due to a long sedentary lifestyle such as office work, study, driving, etc.

❷ Those who enjoy sports activities such as swimming/hiking/football/weight training, but at the same time complain of knee, waist, shoulder pain, etc.

❸ People who have knee pain and are burdened by simple walking/running

❹ People who want to do strength training but can't start to get tired all over the place if they do it alone

❺ Those who feel a decrease in quality of life due to chronic back pain

The class I prepared this time can be of great help to those who have reached a state of abandonment due to various pains whose cause is unknown, such as those who complain of the above types of pain. It can also provide a variety of insights to trainers, yoga/pilates instructors, physiotherapists, etc., who work with human organizations.

When I was an undergraduate, there was no place that didn't hurt me from toe to head. I also had many thoughts about quitting exercise due to repeated pain and injuries. But looking back now, it was probably like a talent given to me from heaven to solve my eating and sanism. This is because there was no place where I didn't feel sick, so while I was able to study the body in more depth, I was able to fully understand the feelings and feelings of customers complaining of pain.

2 reasons why this class is special

① Personalized pain management training based on exercise expertise and proven data

“Muscle Research Institute” has been visited by many customers over the past 8 years and has faced various cases. Also, by converting analysis data on pain cases into data, we were able to get a little closer to the problems and nature of modern people.

They don't have the ability to handle irritating content or boast brilliant language like others. However, the goal of me and this class is to present the research results of the past 8 years to you, so that people whose daily lives are disturbed by pain can at least understand “why this is the case” about the structure and principles of my body.

Once you understand the causes and principles, the correct answer is to actively identify your problems and try to return to a happy daily life and sports activities again.

<Self-Pain Management> In the class, the “Muscle Research Institute” directly explained the movements and principles, and various visual materials were used to help classmates understand easily and quickly.

[Visual material sample]

② Highly satisfying pain management training reviews

Dear classmates, are you suffering from unexplained chronic pain?

If so, let's identify and resolve the root cause through this class so that we can get away from the pain. I'll greet you in class:)



Muscle lab

Muscle lab

Hallo < Muscular Research Institute > It's.


  • Department of Sports Health Management, Korea Sports University
  • Director of Muscle Research Institute
  • Head of Rangend Training Center 1 and 2
  • Hotel Shilla Samsung R&D Trainer
  • CrossFit BF head coach
  • CrossFit SN Manager
  • Charmant Fitness Center Trainer

I graduated from Korea Sports University and founded the Muscular Research Institute. For the past 8 years, I have been at the forefront of the field studying how people's bodies move and function, and why people get sick and hurt.

With the exception of unpredictable acute accidents, most of the pain that occurs in our body is caused by incorrect posture habits or damage caused by overuse of certain muscles.

Therefore, if you have discomfort or pain in a specific area, you must take action directly on the muscle that is causing it. However, today, so-called experts, hospitals, etc., are focusing only on treating inflammation and pain as a result rather than taking measures against the muscle that is the root cause.

Because of this wrong approach, consumers live with and endure chronic pain.

The number of customers I can kill offline in one day is about 6 to 8 people. However, there are probably tens or millions of people in Korea who complain of pain due to joint and muscle imbalances. Since I was thinking about how to overcome these physical limitations, I received a good offer from CLASS 101 and decided to create a self-pain management class>.

In this class, classmates will explain the causes of various large and small pains that occur in everyday life, and introduce the ultimate solution.

Furthermore, the knowledge gained in this class can directly help people around them, such as friends and family, who complain of chronic pain when they feel sick throughout their lives.

<Self-Pain Management Class> You will be able to resolve your own discomfort and lead a healthy lifestyle.



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