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Prof. Jaeboong Choi

How to develop future survival strategies “metaverse capabilities”


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Skills You’ll Learn

The “metaverse” era has already begun

Here's an easy and fun way to explain the “metaverse” era that only feels far away

How to use the metaverse

It's easy to understand because it's structured around actual data and examples.

Metaverse technology for future survival

The metaverse is the survival technology of the future. It breaks down the barriers of challenge.

After COVID-19,

The birth of a new human “metaverse” family!

After COVID-19, “digital influence” is getting stronger. Although it was a planned future, the pandemic was the “trigger,” and in fact, the technology for implementing a 3D virtual world had already been developed for a long time, but it has received intense social, cultural, and psychological resistance. though The “COVID-19” pandemic is rapidly digitizing not only industries and jobs, but also the thick walls of finance and medical care in an instantI achieved it. However, the fact that you can't go back to the past is A person is a method you can't easily forget once you experience a convenient lifeIt's. Just because there is no distinction between real and virtual in our digitized lives like this, it's a three-dimensional virtual world, 'The Metaverse Era'It is also called fire. In a way, we live in an unintentionally digitized world, but what about it? Are you adapting well to the “Metaverse Era”?


  • Are you a parent who still takes away their kids' phones because it interferes with studying?
  • Are you an unfamiliar student in a job interview asking you to introduce yourself to “ZEPETO”?
  • Do older generations still think that falling NFTs or coins are “scams”?

If you think the metaverse is still a story that doesn't matter to me After 10 years, your social competitiveness is 50% or lessIt might be. In the rapidly changing digital age, A survival strategy to live as a new human in the metaverse era, as well as a “chance” to get ahead of anyone else 10 years from nowI'll show you the insights you'll gain through this class.

An engineer who reads civilization

<Phono sapiens> Author

What is Professor Choi Jae-bung's competitiveness in '10 years' time?

Through the bestseller <Phono Sapiens>, he sharply pointed out the civilizational and historical changes in which the entire lives of mankind were changed by newcomers who appeared after smartphones Professor Choi Jae-bung is famous as an “engineer who reads civilization” and “an engineer who explores the future”This time, we will present the metaverse, new civilizations, and innovation plans. It is unequivocally the best in Korea to surpass the boundaries between disciplines such as humanities and engineering Professor Choi Jae-bung, the forerunner of the 4th Industrial RevolutionThis time, I'll tell you more about what the metaverse is, how to easily learn about it, and how to prepare for it. How is the metaverse world changing and how should we respond, I will vividly show how leading leading companies have created and grown newspaper names through examples, and I will also have time to reflect on how to prepare for my future in a digital environment. In addition to just corporate changes, it will be a time for individuals to think and learn specifically about how to accept and prepare for a major digital transformation at work or at home while empathizing together. Professor Choi Jae-bung on how to survive in the metaverse era, Please look forward to it

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Course effect

  • A clear understanding of the digital transformation and the transformation of the metaverse ecosystem can be easily understood
  • You can properly understand the NFT and cryptocurrency markets taking place in the metaverse economy and gain investment insights
  • You can learn what is most important in the metaverse era and what competencies should be developed
  • You can recognize what companies as well as individuals need most in the future

Recommended target

  • University students and job-ready students thinking about their future career
  • Parents who are concerned about digital education methods for their children
  • Office workers who need to respond to a major digital transformation
  • The older generation is difficult to adapt to the metaverse era

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🧿 Course guide

“Metaverse RookieA practical strategy to be reborn as!

  • immediacy 'Roblox' Let's make a game
  • Matabus app 'ZEPETO'Using
  • With a small amount NFT investment and NFT artist debutdoing

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The appearance of New Humanity, Metaverse Generation










Prof. Jaeboong Choi

Prof. Jaeboong Choi

Choi Jae-bung, a professor at Sungkyunkwan University, continues to be active in transcending boundaries between disciplines, such as the fusion of business model design and engineering, humanities, animal behavior, and the fusion of psychology and engineering, and is unequivocally the best authority on the 4th Industrial Revolution in Korea, and is exploring the future of life and business in the midst of civilizational and historical changes in humanity. He has given more than 2,200 lectures on “Enns” and has presented revolutionary changes and realities caused by a new human civilization, and innovative measures facing a new civilization.

📚 Books

  • 《Choi Jae-bung's Metaverse Story》(2022)
  • 《Seven Tech. 7 technologies that will change your future after 3 years》{Co-authored, 2022)
  • “Corona Sapiens”(Co-authored, 2020)
  • “Change 9” (2020)
  • “Phono Sapiens, a New Humanity Born of Smartphones” (2019)


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