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Skills You’ll Learn

How to invest in bonds for “Charin Lee”

We will tell you more about “how to invest in bonds”

Advantages and disadvantages of government bonds, corporate bonds, etc., and investment strategies

We will discuss the types of bonds and investment strategies

Risks of investing in bonds

Bonds investments can also fail. We will also inform you about interest rates and the company's credit risk

Big Step/Zyat Step, High Interest Rate Era..

Why do rich people love bonds?

nowadays As interest rates rise, bond investing is popular among wealthy peopleIt's. In particular, due to the recent decline in the global stock market as well as real estate, we have not been able to find a suitable investment destination. Above all, it is pointed out that the US Federal Reserve System forced a series of high interest rate hikes due to the “inflation bomb” as the cause of the debt slump. When I saw it like this The domestic bond market is enjoying an unprecedented boom as even individual investors who are disappointed in the stock market are interested in bonds. However, if you are an investor who is starting to invest in bonds for the first time, the more you hear about government bonds, corporate bonds, permanent bonds, and new capital securities, the more you don't know, the more confused you are about where to invest.

A securities company's top creditor expert

A class containing 30 years of investment strategy know-how

While watching investors jump into the recent bond investment craze, you and I “Why should I invest in bonds?” “How should I invest in bonds”I thought it was essential to have a class where I could learn. Therefore, I created a lecture based on my experience and know-how of analyzing and investing in stocks and bonds for 30 years at a securities company so that even those who are new to bond investment can easily invest in bonds, so that they can invest without losing money and know how to invest in bonds to increase assets. No matter how much you look at it or listen to, we've made it easier to understand about bond investing than any other class. Now “Bonds” are not the exclusive property of institutional investors and asset owners. Let's dive into the world of bond investing with me~

▲ Class data screen image

▲ Class data screen image

Course effect

  • Learn what bonds are, what types of bonds are there, and why you should invest
  • Easily understand how to invest in bonds, when to invest, and the yield of each type
  • Here's how to use banks and securities companies when investing in bonds
  • You can determine the yield of bond investments, each credit rating, and risk factors in advance

Recommended target

  • All individual investors who are having trouble investing in stocks and coins
  • An exemplary employee who only believes in bank deposits
  • Investors who invest in bonds by solicitation but don't know anything about bonds
  • Individual investors who are interested in bonds but couldn't invest because they didn't know how



SK Choi Seokwon

SK Choi Seokwon

Hello, I'm Choi Seok-won, Head of Knowledge Service Division of SK Securities. We will help anyone easily invest in bonds that may seem difficult. Take your investment horizons to the next level by investing in bonds.

Over the past 30 years, I have worked as an analyst, fund manager, and head of a research center in the Korean economy and capital markets.

🎯 Career

  • Daewoo Securities - Head of Bond Strategy at Samsung Securities
  • Seoul Tushin - Shinhan BNP Asset Management Bond Fund Manager
  • Head of Asset Management, Meritsu Fire & Fire
  • Hanwha Securities - Head of SK Securities Research Center

🥇 Eligibility

  • Financial Investment Analyst
  • Asset management professionals
  • Member of a number of funds, deductible asset management committees, and risk management committees

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