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1 for individual investors based on long experience in stock investment:! I'm also doing management

About investing for many people so that they can properly invest in stocks through many lectures and books over the years

It conveys wisdom.

This educational video was not simply created based on theoretical things

As a real investor, I have a stock investment strategy based on experience.

The videos you'll study

18 courses on technical analysis, 13 lessons on macroeconomic investment, and 13 lessons on medium- to long-term investment

Together, you will study a total of 44 lessons.

It will raise you to a higher level of investor

It will be a stock investment bible that will enable you to live a prosperous life.

First of all, when investing in stocks, it is very important whether you are investing or speculating.

There are four main types of trading in the stock market.

1. Super Danta: Day Trading

2. Short-term trading: swing trading, general market profit

3. Macroeconomic investments: short-term investments, investments that follow the economic cycle, hedge funds, etc.

4. Medium- to long-term investments: investments over 10 years, Warren Buffett investment, pension funds, etc.

Most people don't even know what they do.

If US stocks are good, invest; if secondary batteries are good, invest

If you have a mastermind, invest in covert information; if this or that doesn't work

Buying and selling to earn pocket money for a day...

There is no right answer to investing, but the study and trading methods for each trade are different

You need to know

First, I'll tell you about these trading-specific divisions.

Because only then can you decide what kind of stocks to invest in.

Also, the most important thing about how to invest well in stocks is insight.

Discerning is an important factor for everyone, whether you're a day trader or a medium- to long-term investor.

The stock market is a place that feeds on the future. Depending on who finds and acts first

The rate of return will vary greatly.

Medium- to long-term investors must have a portfolio investment strategy.

I'm going to study about this, and I'm also going to study why it's good to invest in American companies.

In addition, study difficult economics such as interest rates, bonds, commodities, and exchange rates for macroeconomic investment

I will study in an easy and fun way.

Perhaps by studying macroeconomics, you will be able to better understand what experts are saying.

Also, the economic, or financial cycle, defenses take place around 10 years. Throwing away gold and prioritizing dollars

In capitalism, it became cyclical.

People say how to predict the future, but having periodicity means it can also be predicted.

Of course, it doesn't come to the present as it was in the past, nor does it go into the future as it is now.

However, although the form is different, the flow is the same.

Therefore, the final lecture will be the highlight of all your studies.

Also, studying stock charts for stock beginners, and PER and EPS, which are famous investment indicators, etc.

I'll let you know easily, and it comes up when you invest in other paid capital increases, convertible bonds, etc.

I'll also show you how to approach these problems.

The technical analysis you learn here alone will give you considerable proficiency.

This class is a very useful course for both beginners and those with long experience in stock investment

I think it will happen.

However, I don't think these people are in line with this course.

A person who wants to get a job deposit

People who think it's easier to recommend sports

A person who can't be patient

People who still think of investing in stocks as gambling

People who say stocks are ruined

I hope this course will help you live a rich life

I'll see you in class.

Thank you.



Donghoon Ahn

Donghoon Ahn


Many people are participating in the stock market, and their participation will continue in the future.

This is because there is no financial instrument that is as easily accessible as investing in stocks as a means of attracting assets.

However, not everyone is succeeding by investing in stocks.

The reason for this is that I'm investing by receiving recommendations without studying about stock investment

This is simply because they say that stock investment is a yield game.

I tend to teach a lot, but what's unfortunate is that men and women of all ages don't invest in stocks

It means you're only looking at games or gambling.

Wouldn't they also take a picture of what kind of sport is the reason for taking the class?

If I make a lot of profit from that sport, they highly evaluate me as a great expert

In an investment culture, anyone who invests for a long period of time can never get rich.

Even if they make a big profit, they go around bragging about it... My opponent is in tears of blood...

This kind of stock market is, in a nutshell, speculative.

If you originally said that the stock market was speculative, that's not the case at all.

Investing is spending money on a business with the intention of losing money.

Speculation has the sole purpose of not losing money and only making a profit.

Seeing outrageous speculation and loss as investment cannot help but be dual.

I, who is saying this, was also a representative person of this kind of person in the past.

But what I've come to realize through my long experience is that I was doing it wrong.

An investment must be like an investment.

Even if you invest in stocks correctly, you can definitely get rich.

I want investors to feel a little bit through the courses.

Investments that are ahead of the world based on my long experience and investments through macroeconomic analysis

I'm planning to upload an educational video to Class 101 about good trading when doing market profit.

Becoming a stock investor is very difficult. I don't think it's a very easy job to look at.

However, it is all too easy for people to participate in the stock market.

It's really not easy to survive in the stock market even if I study, whether it's profit or loss

I think it's difficult. Because investing is a psychological game.

How can I give viewers a good way to invest in stocks through educational videos

I'll tell you what to do and why it's been a failure in the meantime.


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