Class introduction

Personal branding? It's a word I hear a lot from all over the place.

However, even if you are looking for materials or trying to learn just to get started, some of you may be frustrated because there is no place that tells you step by step how to get started.

If you have planned personal branding through Instagram among various social media, I'll show you all the ways to plan and get started.

Course effect

  • You'll learn how to orientate and plan content
  • I'll figure out what my strengths are, find keywords, and make it into a story.
  • You can learn design formats suitable for uploading content and various camera settings
  • Let's take a look at the most important 'communication skills' in Instagram personal branding

Recommended target

  • Employees working on brands, social media marketing, or design
  • Those working in small businesses such as single-person businesses, freelancers, and self-employed workers
  • Businesses and individuals who need personal branding
  • Ordinary people who have dreamed of becoming influencers through social media

Pre-course notes

  • If there's an influencer you've noticed before, follow them in advance.
  • Please outline the personal brand's mood you'd like to follow.
  • Please download the pre-uploaded worksheet and bring it with you in a convenient way.

3 reasons why this class is special

Personal brand, planning and starting

I'll tell you the law first!

First of all, I'm going to properly grasp the concept of personal branding. Also, before branding, I will identify strengths through a thorough self-analysis. After that, I'll analyze the personal brand market and set a content direction unique to my brand.

Of influencers that only you don't know

How to set the camera and key color!

Did you know that there are rules hidden in a great Instagram feed?

You'll learn about feed configurations that can attract the attention of followers and gather people.

You'll also learn basic camera settings that you wouldn't know if you didn't tell them.

Step-by-Step, Systematically with Chapter-Specific Worksheets!

I created my own worksheets for my classmates who know the importance of personal branding but feel overwhelmed. If you record each chapter yourself and follow along, the frustrating parts of not knowing how to get started will be solved.

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What if I could brand my presence?


Personal branding that keeps things neat and tidy


How to become an irreplaceable brand


Instagram, a tool to effectively promote the “I” brand


Once the branding is complete, it's time to make me known through marketing!


It's a brand now!


Hana Baek

Hana Baek

Hallo One hundred and one brand designer.

We are doing personal branding on Instagram,

I communicate with people by creating content that contains my values and personality.

Now that the modifiers of a lifetime job or a lifelong job have become unfamiliar,

I thought it was necessary to have a personal project in order to look into an individual's inner world and find one's self.

That's why I wanted to make content that captures my personality regardless of my affiliation and make me known.

I want to help those who are hesitant to get started with personal branding through the know-how I've built up.


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