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About the class

Skin changes constantly depending on the weather, environment, individual lifestyle routines, hormones, etc. When that happens, there are quite a few people who say that it's difficult because they don't know what to do with cosmetics because they don't know what to do when left untreated and because they don't know what to do.

In this class, you can learn how to take care of your skin according to your own skin by routinizing how to take care of your own skin.

Since 450,000 YouTubers and skin researchers have an essential routine that also protects agility, classmates who have followed the class will be able to learn how to take care of themselves even if they have skin problems in the future.

Course effect

  • Can you know how to wash your face properly
  • I can find out how to use cosmetics that suit me
  • You can protect your skin by following your skin's favorite routine

Recommended target

  • Those who are curious about how to take care of their own skin
  • Those who want to prevent skin deterioration through customized skin care
  • Those who want to start skin care in earnest
  • Those who want to create their own skin care routine

2 reasons why this class is special

❶ What's more important than treatment? Steady care!

Why is consistent skin care more important?

First, skin treatment shows a temporary improvement effect, but steady skin care can bring lasting skin improvement. Second, skin treatments are expensive, so it is often difficult to receive treatments on a regular basis. On the other hand, consistent skin care can be maintained over and over because it's inexpensive and can be done on a daily basis. Third, skin procedures can often have side effects or complications. However, consistent skin care reduces the risk of side effects by maintaining skin health through natural methods.

Steady skin care is more effective in maintaining and improving ongoing skin health. Let's start steady skin care with skin researcher Min Dong-sung!

❷ 450,000 YouTubers + skin researchers = skin is sensitive

As for skin, Min Dong-sung is Korea's 450,000 skin YouTube creator. As for skin, the information that Min Dong Sung studies is not a tonal cosmetic product, but a way to really improve the skin. We research cosmetics for the weak and sensitive skin of modern people, and mentor them so that they can think for themselves and effectively care for their skin. This class is designed as a step-by-step curriculum so that even if cosmetics are used, people who don't know why to use cosmetics, people who don't know how to use them, people who have bad skin but don't know why they have bad skin, step by step, so that everyone can take care of their own skin and understand the role of cosmetics in protecting the skin.





Skin is sensitive - Skin researchers

The skin is sensitive, and we are doing research and working to help people who are concerned about skin. In order to help many people with skin problems, the skin created a sensitive skin consultation team Produced skin improvement reviews from more than 10,000 people and proved not only knowledge but also resultsIt's getting done.

Also, what is the sensitivity of the skin Social worker certificateWe empathize with people who have a lot of problems with this, provide counseling, and do our best to provide mental care for people with skin problems. Obtaining a national skin (beauty) technical certificateI obtained a certificate for specialized knowledge about skin with Customized cosmetics formulation manager certificateWe are constantly working to understand the ingredients and roles of cosmetics and provide skin-specific care.

In order to further enhance expertise, now Studying for a master's degree at Konkuk University's Hyangjang DepartmentIt's in





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