2 chapters · 1 hours 8 minutes
Audio Japanese

Skills You’ll Learn

How to paint with your favorite style

Learn how to paint light and dark, the color as you want

How to finish without breaking your favorite style

Learn how to use Ligtroom and gradation maps

Tips for line drawing

Learn about fine line drawing in a short time

NFT artist Hinotukasa will teach how to draw a special piece of illustration with your originarity

“I'm drawing an illustration, but I don't know how to draw an original illustration”

“I want to express my view of the world even more”

This class is for those who want to draw original illustrations and those who are worried about where to start in order to express their own view of the world. You will learn deeply about [How to create a special picture that you have a fondness for].

In addition to techniques for drawing precise pictures, Hinotukasa, who works as an NFT artist, will also tell you how to find “material” that can be applied to the illustrations you draw outside of this course.

Why don't you draw an illustration that focuses on your own obsession?

Effects you can expect after taking the course

  • You'll be good at line drawing that you're not good at
  • You can aim for a sensibility that goes one step further from completion
  • It becomes more resistant to color

Recommended classes for people like this

  • Those who want to learn application from the basics of illustration
  • Those who want to complete a piece they have a fondness for
  • Those who don't know how to come up with ideas

When you take the course

  • The tools used are CLIP STUDIO Paint and LigRoom. Clip studio paint must be purchased separately.

*This video was created based on information as of 2023/2.

Presents for participants

As a bonus, classmates will receive a coloring book template from creator Hinotukasa!

What makes this class so special

You will know tips for drawing detailed illustrations and how to come up with ideas

You can learn the process of drawing a special piece that you have a fondness for.

I will tell you not only about the technical part, but also about the fun of drawing pictures other than illustration creation, such as recommended books and coming up with ideas that will increase motivation.

By the time you've finished all of the curriculum, you'll have completed a wonderful piece!






Draw a dark fantasy world

[A word from the creator]

Nice to meet you, I'm Hinotukasa. Have you ever been unable to successfully express the worldview or atmosphere you want to draw?

In this class, I'll teach you how to draw dark fantasy worlds, which I'm good at, and I'll explain how to create a single illustration with a high degree of perfection.

Other than the illustration aspect, I would also like to tell you how to find “material” that can be applied to the illustrations you draw outside of this course, such as searching for ideas and searching for colors from everyday life.







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