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Skills You’ll Learn

In the past, “until an ordinary office worker became a member of the Fire Tribe”

5 years, 4 million won, 320,000, I will solve my success method in numbers.

Currently, “How is your stock yield?”

Find out if the love-hate Tesla and Seo-hak Ant's One Pick will change.

Future '2023 US Stock Forecast and Investment Guide'

I'll tell you why just one year from now is your chance to get rich.

About the class

Korea's representative Seo-hak Ant!

Hello, 320,000 YouTubers Becoming rich in American stocks - American countriesIt is.

Try copying the 3 secrets of American housewives to success!
You too can make money!

🥇 I used to be an ordinary office worker with a scissor Financial freedomThe secret to enjoying

🥈 To 4 million won starting a business The secret to growing it with a corporate value of more than 4 billion won

🥉 US stocksThe secret to gaining 200,000 YouTube subscribers in just 6 months

By the way.
That's not when I was successful.
The world has changed
The financial strategy must also change!

From a major boom at the end of the year in 2019, to the COVID-19 crash in early 2020, to a boring cyclical bearish market after recovering again in mid-2020... In a stock market that goes back and forth between hot and cold baths, the yield changes as easily as the palm of your hand. Losses continue to deepen, but that doesn't mean we can leave the stock market. Because the money you lost was too much? No! This is because there is no answer based on income alone. It's not like being born out of gold and having a fortune to inherit, but that doesn't mean you have a special talent to make big money. As a result, it has become an age where financial resources such as side jobs and stocks are essential for ordinary office workers.

End of austerity rally beginning?

Recently, there has been a growing perception among stock investors that they are undervalued. Investments sentiment related to stocks is rapidly improving as opinions are increasing that the share of stock investment will expand regardless of interest rate levels in 2023. If so, which regions are promising to expand the share of stock investment? In the confrontation between Korean stocks and US stocks, Park Bing, I would like to try my hand at US stocks. I'll tell you carefully one by one why you should invest in US stocks instead of Korean stocks and why you should do it now!

Course effect

  • I can see why we should buy US stocks instead of Korean stocks.
  • You can learn practical information necessary for investing in US stocks, such as tax differences and tax savings know-how between Korean stocks and US stocks.
  • You'll know what to put in your portfolio and what to leave out.
  • You can recover lost account returns.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to start investing in stocks with a small amount even if they don't have money
  • Those who are busy and want to make a steady profit by investing only a small amount of time
  • Those who want to buy in installments and invest in medium to long term without losing their mind
  • Those who want to learn the insight and know-how to choose investment targets

3 reasons why this class is special

❶ The past of American housewives

Here's a condensed version of the entire process of an ordinary truck-cutting worker becoming a Fire Tribe.

❷ The current state of the United States

Will love-hate Tesla and Seo-hak Ant's One Pick change? The right treatment comes from a proper diagnosis.

❸ The future of American housewives

I'll tell you why I think the year from now to the next year is an opportunity to get rich, and I'll come up with a one-year strategy.

📌Become rich in American stocks - go directly to regular classes in the US👉

Pre-course notes

  • This class is based on the stock market in the second half of 2022.
  • This is for investment reference. All investment choices and responsibilities are at the investor's own risk.



Mi ju bu

Mi ju bu

Hello, 320,000 YouTubers, Getting Rich with US Stocks - I'm a housewife from the United States!

US stocks, let's start step by step with me!

I'm a businessman from a clay pot. My first social life after graduating from college was in the IT industry I started as a salaryman. After working as a programmer for 5 years, I suddenly became skeptical about my work life.

I quit the company and started a business with an initial capital of 4 million won, and now I have exited my stock through mergers and acquisitions with listed companies. I have experienced many things such as investment promotion, corporate analysis, and M&A while doing business for 16 years, and I would like to share my experience in Class 101.

I want to make use of the corporate analysis skills I have built up while doing business
When I started investing in US stocks, I also started a YouTube channel.

I realized it when I communicated with viewers through the YouTube channel. “The fact that more people than I thought are losing stocks and are betting rather than investing...”

Investing in stocks is not an area that only financial professionals can do

You can do it too. You can create an “eye that analyzes companies and determines whether stock prices will rise in the future.” Through my class, I would like to create a proper investment ability and investment philosophy without judging and betting on stocks.

Would you like to start with me?





MZB 테니스

MZB 테니스

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