What if you're speechless in the face of a child's storm of questions? <Parenting core conversation methods>


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Skills You’ll Learn

Parental vocabulary for children aged 4 to 7

Learn how to answer my child's questions without getting bogged down

Self-esteem vocabulary to improve children's confidence

I can't! Please do it! It boosts the confidence of children who are afraid of challenges and failures!

Books that grow knowledge and imagination Parenting vocabulary

Learn parenting vocabulary with books that broaden the breadth of reading with interests and the power of stories

An experiential vocabulary that enriches emotions and everyday life

Expand your child's world through various experiences such as nature, art galleries, and museums

How should I tell my child?

  • A time when real parenting is needed, not childcare! For parents raising infants aged 4 to 7 who are no longer babies and have unlimited potential,
  • For parents who want to speak more diverse words to their children but don't know how to do it,
  • For parents who want to create their own expressions that can instill infinite curiosity and imagination in their children,
  • For parents who want to provide appropriate answers and smart solutions to their child's age-specific and contextual questions and behaviors,
  • For parents who want to raise children with quality books,

I highly recommend this course!

  • A child psychology expert who has conducted child psychotherapy at the Multicultural Family Support Center, Sunflower Center, North Korean Youth Study Room, Children's Hospital School in a university hospital, etc., and has conducted parent education and teacher training more than 100 times a year at Samsung, Gyeonggi Province Education Training Center, Kids School, Library, School, and Kindergartens, etc., how do you use children's minds by playing with them? We will kindly teach you how to have a parent-child conversation that understands the child's mind and helps the child's healthy psychological growth.

  • A cultural and artistic content planner who runs the Picture Book Culture Center <Picture Book Forest>, plans and conducts exhibitions by famous domestic picture book artists, children's art education, and global leader education content, and conducts various collaborations with various domestic companies related to child care and education, how do they develop children's creativity through what kind of cultural and artistic experiences they usually have with children? Here are detailed examples of creative parenting secrets that give wings to a child's imagination.

Situations and questions you'll definitely encounter when you raise a child!

How are you coping?

“Question A must be answered with B. C is the wrong answer”

Stop the methodological approach! Learn how to really communicate!

Until now, many parenting books and parent lectures say, “You should talk to your child this way.” Or, 'You have to discipline like this. ' I have emphasized the methodological approach of the formula. though Every child in the world has a different temperament and environment. Memorizing answers like formulas is not enough to convey the true feelings of parents to children.

A child discovers many possibilities in a single question and answer. We will expand our world infinitely based on children's imagination, curiosity, and focus. So now we need creative answers that take into account our child's tendencies and temperament, interests, degree of development, and parenting environment, rather than formal answers that are memorized and answered every month.

Give an imaginary child an answer that gives wings to their imagination!

Please give a warm and sympathetic answer to a child in need of comfort!

Give me an answer that provides a smart solution for a child who needs wisdom!

The key to developing a child's vocabulary and literacy skills is “books!”

If you want to raise a child who loves books,

First, check your parents' vocabulary.

A child who listens well is a child who speaks well, is well learned, and writes well

It grows up!

David Pearson, former dean of the Berkeley Graduate School of Education

“Reading books by parents” is the best way to get interested in languages and books

I will explain. It helps to expand language experience and knowledge,

Children who have actively experienced “listening” are children who like “books” more than anyone else

It means growing up.

If so, is it OK to read any book to my child?

Just reading a book will naturally improve your child's vocabulary and literacy skills

Do you grow up to be a kid who loves books?

No! Read a good book,

You need to have a conversation that suits your child's eye level and situation!

So what kind of books are good books, and what kind of conversations should we have with them?

That's exactly what we'll cover clearly in this course.

Simultaneous publication of Kyobo Library, Aladdin, Yes24, major domestic bookstores 'Parenting and Parenting Section'

The bestseller <Mom's Vocabulary> has a variety of picture books

He appears as a kind teacher who helps parents and children talk.

In this course, of course, the key contents of <Mom's vocabulary>

For the development of cognitive thinking and creativity in the second half of early childhood, which is not covered in the book

Helpful books and parents' words are added,

Also, in a situation with a real child, what kind of pattern and gesture

We will vividly discuss what kind of atmosphere you can create.

In addition, it is essential for infants by age, development, and period

A curated list of picture books organized by topic

By providing it, anytime, anywhere, at your parenting site

We'll make it a parenting secret book you can take out!

A well-chosen book expands the child's world infinitely. For parents who found it difficult to choose a quality book

I'll give you some real help!

What I want my child to have a healthy and happy childhood

The common heart of all moms and dads!

Now on, essential core vocabulary & picture books for parents

Let's start happy parenting with?

A child's mind grows firmly and flexibly!

A child's horseAttachment vocabulary and picture books that understand sounds and convey parents' feelings

Mind observation vocabulary and picture books to understand children's real concerns

Self-esteem vocabulary and picture books that increase a child's confidence

A stress-relieving vocabulary and picture book that takes care of the mind comfortably

Emotional vocabulary and picture books that acknowledge and accept each other's feelings

Have fun and be healthy! Your child's life will be fun!

Self-regulating vocabulary and picture books to set your own goals and follow the rules

Health and fun, lifestyle habits that catch both rabbits, vocabulary skills, and picture books

Play vocabulary and picture books that give children the initiative to play

Natural vocabulary and picture books that awaken the senses along with life sensitivity

Fantasy vocabulary and picture books that give wings to a child's imagination

Be intimate and warm! The conversation between the child and the parent is ripe!

Relationship vocabulary and picture books to get to know each other step by step from the beginning

Social vocabulary and picture books that reduce prejudice and respect emotions

A book that broadens the range of reading with interests and the power of stories Parenting vocabulary and picture books

Sex education vocabulary and picture book that starts with respect for life and self-esteem

Zander's sensitivity vocabulary and picture book that tells the difference rather than discrimination

Be smart and special! The child's experience is enriched!

Museum vocabulary and picture books that foster individuality and creativity with artists

Science vocabulary and picture books that expand curiosity through observation, prediction, and experimentation

Historical vocabulary and picture books that connect the present and the past to expand knowledge

Career search vocabulary and picture books showing various jobs and the world of work

Preliminary elementary vocabulary and picture books that teach the meaning of learning and develop confidence

Now, don't feel overwhelmed by a storm of questions from your child!



Just like English, parenting requires learning conversation! Let's start a parenting conversation?

1. I'm Pyo Yu-jin, a children's book editor and child psychotherapist.


2. I would like to introduce my class, which is full of warm and rich words.



Be firm and flexible! A child's heart grows

1. “I need love!” What if I start a parenting conversation? Attachment vocabulary that understands the child's mind and communicates the feelings of parents


2. “I can't! Mom will do it for me!” What if you're afraid of challenge and failure? Mind-watching vocabulary to understand a child's real concerns


3. “I'm not going to kindergarten!” What if I refuse to live in an institution and find it difficult? Self-esteem vocabulary that boosts a child's confidence


4. “I feel sad and tearful all the time.” What if a danger signal is lit in a child's mind? Stress-relieving vocabulary to take care of your mind comfortably


5. “I hate my mom! I'm mad!” What if the child is angry with the parents and the parents are angry with the child? Emotional vocabulary to acknowledge and accept each other's feelings



Have fun and be healthy! The child's life becomes fun!

1. “I'll do whatever I want!” What if the rules and promises are difficult? Self-regulating vocabulary to set goals for yourself


2. “I don't want to clean this! I don't want to eat!” What if you get tired of the nagging that repeats every day? Health and fun Lifestyle vocabulary for catching both rabbits


3. “I'm bored. Play with me!” What if you say you can't stand alone and play with a swarm? Play vocabulary that returns the initiative of play to children


4. “I'm afraid of bugs. The soil is dirty!” What if it's getting farther and farther away from nature? Natural vocabulary that awakens the senses along with life sensitivity


5. “I want to fly in the sky!” What if you imagine and create stories every day? Fantasy vocabulary that gives wings to a child's imagination



Be intimate and warm! The conversation between children and parents ripens

1. “I don't know!” What if you want to start a wave of silent conversation with my child? Relationship vocabulary to get to know each other step by step from the beginning


2. “My friend doesn't argue with me!” What if a child's relationship with a friend turns red? Social vocabulary that reduces prejudice and respects emotions


3. “Let's talk about books!” What if I'm worried about a kid who has a better video than a book? Book parenting vocabulary that broadens the range of reading with the power of interests and stories


4. “How are babies born?” What if I don't know how far to tell you? Sex education vocabulary that starts with respect for life and self-esteem


5. “Men shouldn't like pink!” What if I started teaching men's and women's sections? Zander sensitivity vocabulary that tells differences, not discrimination



Be smart and special! Your child's experience will be enriched!

1. “I can't draw. That's wrong!” What if you wanted to solve art like math? Museum vocabulary that fosters individuality and creativity with artists


2. “How many kilograms is all the salt in the sea?” What if the scientific questions that left you speechless began? Scientific vocabulary that expands curiosity through observation and prediction experiments


3. “On Mount Kumsugang in this beautiful land.” What if I started memorizing the 100 great people who shone Korea? Historical vocabulary that connects the present and the past and expands knowledge


4. “My dream is to be an idol.” What if a child's dream changed from a princess to an idol? Career search vocabulary showing the diverse world of jobs and work


5. “I'm a special 8 year old!” What if I can't figure out how to prepare for elementary school? Preliminary elementary vocabulary that teaches the meaning of learning and fosters confidence



Congratulations on your stubbornness!

1. Parenting conversation that examines a child's mind, expands a child's experience, and satisfies a child's questions! Get started today!





I'm Pyo Yu-jin, the author of the bestseller <Mom's Vocabulary>. For a long time, I worked as an editor specializing in children's books at a publishing house, created over 100 children's books, worked as a child psychotherapist, and conducted psychotherapy for children and adolescents at the Multicultural Family Support Center, Sunflower Center, University Hospital Children's Hospital School, North Korean Youth Study Room, and Middle and High School. In addition, various companies including Samsung, schools, libraries, Gyeonggi-do Education Training Center, and Seoul Municipal Office of Education have conducted education and research for parents and teachers. Currently, they are running a “Picture Book Forest”, a cultural center specialized in picture books, and planning picture book exhibitions, performances, and children's cultural and artistic programs. By integrating expertise in various fields from child psychology to art education, children's books, and parent education, we will kindly and delicately teach you the key parenting secrets to nurture your child creatively and healthily.




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