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Class introduction

Sometimes the words of the people closest to me hurt me the most. There may be situations where you feel like you're constantly being used because you can't refuse a request, you always seem to be the villain, or you're confused about what's normal or abnormal because you're swayed by the other person's words. Every emotion you feel is valid. I don't need to explain or make excuses, or convince others of my feelings.

though “How should I express this feeling?” It's a different story. If my feelings are hurt, I don't get rid of my feelings if I resent them or give them back in the same way. A healthy way to relieve my emotions is the right way to have a conversation. In class, I practice separating myself from my speech A healthy way to have conversations that protect my heart and ask for what I wantI'm going to learn. We hope you will experience proper conversation skills in class and make a positive difference in your life.

Course effect

  • Just like learning a foreign language, you can learn the right conversation method step by step.
  • I can learn how to have a conversation that really conveys what I want.
  • You can learn how to have conversations that respect and respect your own opinions while being respectful and considerate of others.

Recommended target

  • Those who want to learn how to say no without getting offended
  • Those who want to learn how to have conversations to protect precious relationships
  • Those who want to learn how to have a conversation that protects and respects my self-esteem

What makes this class special

I can break the vicious cycle with my own hands.

In this class, you'll study conversation as if you were learning a foreign language. Put the subject as' I ', the verb as an active sentence, and the adjective in descriptive usage. You'll learn words that can turn our thought circuits in a positive direction. Each chapter includes learning assignments, practice questions, and practical practice tests. There's no right answer here. It would be better if you explore the conversation you want to have yourself and write a sentimental essay (testimonial essay). After that, let's memorize and practice so that you can apply it to a real conversation. Because that way, it can be used reflexively even in actual conversation situations.

Someone has to lead the change. I must first move away from the traditional conversation method and enter a different input, so the other party will also output the corresponding output. If I change first, my opponent will be able to move in a better direction together. I would like to find ways to live a more peaceful and happy life with all of you. Let's try it out together in class.

This class is based on the winner of the Brunch Book AI Class Project.

✏️ Winner of the Brunch Book AI Class Project by Hong Yi






“Benefit the world as clear and deep water.”

Like my name suggests, I want to be a person who broadens my horizons, deepens my thoughts, and clearly conveys my heart.

I met a different husband from head to toe, from thoughts to actions. I thought my husband couldn't speak because he was perfect. Two years ago, I tried every means and method to change my husband, and eventually changed the way I spoke and talked, and an unexpected change came to our relationship. Also, if there is someone like me who is having a difficult time right now, I would like to join you.







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