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Find Your Own Drawing Style: An Introduction to Digital Drawing on the iPad


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Using iPad and ProCreate
8 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete one class project.

  • My breakfast

  • Your own coffee table

  • Scenery outside the window completed in 10 minutes

  • An empty playground

  • Portrait drawing completed in a variety of poses

  • Illustrations of people and animals together

  • Illustrations completed using the effects of the app

  • Illustrations created by adding animation

Skills You’ll Learn

The Basics of Procreate

Walk through the different functions of Procreate, and learn how to draw with it.

Drawing Objects

Learn how to sketch objects and add depth by expressing shadows.

Drawing Scenery

Learn how to sketch trees, and draw buildings using vanishing points.

Drawing People

Learn the simple way to draw hands, feet, facial features, and bodies/

Combining Everything

Practice by creating an illustration of a person with a loving pet on a lazy afternoon.

Adding Finishing Touches

Learn how to make your illustration stand out using textures, patterns, and color correction.

Hello, I’m Jay, an illustrator who focuses on character and character-oriented drawings.

What do you want to draw? I like to complete the picture by adding elements from my own imagination and scenery I fell in love with. I want to share with you this inspirational process.

Record the Things You Want to Draw as Photos

Objects, scenery, and people, Everything into an iPad drawing.

In this class, we are going to combine 3 elements into illustrations: objects, people, and scenery. By drawing materials that we encounter in everyday life, we will overcome your fears of painting and develop your drawing skills so that you can draw moments in everyday life or while you travel!

Step 1. Drawing Objects

Recreate your coffee table

We will start with easy steps, practicing with small objects to warm up.

I like to draw a memorable object each day; a diary, a cup of coffee at a cafe, a delicious snack, or a cute new accessory. Drawings can capture the feelings of your day stronger than text. Start by drawing the little elements around you.

Step 2. Drawing Scenery

Record moments that you don’t want to forget

Draw the moments you've captured in your photos into illustrations. Photos don't fully capture the scenery in the way you see them. They don’t capture the sheer awe of a sunrise on the beach, or the brilliance of the lights on an empty track at night. I’ll show you how to draw scenes with bolder colors and composition.

Use vanishing points and Procreate's drawing guides to make drawing scenery a little easier.

I'll also show you how to add shadows to enhance the depth of your drawings and how to color to increase the quality of the illustration.

Step 3. Drawing People

Drawing people add stories to illustration. But it can be difficult, and so I practiced endlessly. I have found that drawing with a few tips will make it easier to draw a character. I’ll teach you the tricks I’ve learned for drawing any person in any pose, flawlessly.

In the class, I'll teach you about simple lines and shade, and drawing people using only a few colors. We will start with special characteristics and lifestyles as a concept, then work from there. You’ll be able to practice various poses, and even beginners will be able to master drawing people.

By the end of class, you will walk away with many skills, such as how to express faces according to the angle, how to portray the wrinkle in clothes, and easily drawing your hands and feet. I want to show you how to simply draw what you see with pictures and take away the pressure of drawing according to specific rules.

I’ll even show you an easy way to add animation

In ProCreate, it is possible to convert files to gif and mp4, making it ideal for creating animations.

The above animation expresses the feeling of wind blowing blowing through hair with a total of 4 images. I'll show you how to easily create animations by changing only parts of your illustrations. The biggest appeal of digital drawing is that you can easily draw anywhere, anytime!

In addition, it is possible to erase and redraw lines, so there is no burden of making mistakes, and you can try out various techniques, so even beginners can easily find their own style!



Welcome to Jay’s Digital Drawing Class

1. I learn this in Jay's <iPad drawing>


2. Meet Jay: Illustrator, designer, and your instructor


3. The tools you need for class: an iPad, Apple Pencil and Procreate


4. A guide to Procreate ver5


5. [CLASS101] Procreate 5.2 Updates: What's New



The Basics of Procreate

1. How to use the basic tools and gestures


2. How to set up your canvas and manage your gallery


3. How to use and customize the common brushes


4. How to use masks and layers



Drawing the Objects Around Us

1. Warm-up: Drawing simple shapes


2. How to observe and sketch objects


3. How to add details and color


4. How to artfully arrange your objects



In Application: Drawing Your Coffee Table

1. Using what you’ve learned to add colors


2. Sketching an aromatic coffee table


3. Drawing patterns to make your illustrations richer


4. Finishing your illustration by adding shadows



Capturing the Scenes You See

1. The basics of landscapes: How to draw trees


2. How to draw city elements with vanishing points and drawing guides


3. How to create depth with colors and contrast


4. Finishing your illustration by adding details



In Application: Drawing a Night Scene at the Track

1. Sketching an ordinary scene with dramatic contrasts


2. Expressing a night atmosphere with silhouettes and a brush


3. Adding the effect of lights with layer style effects


4. Finishing your illustration with textures that give a sense of depth



Drawing People

1. How facial proportions change based on angles


2. How body proportions change based on angles


3. How to easily draw the hands and feet


4. Practice: drawing figures in various poses


5. How to create a simple animation with your characters



In Practice: Drawing a Person Walking in the Rain

1. Composing the scene and sketching the big elements


2. Adding the basic colors and shadows


3. Creating a dreamlike atmosphere using layer masks and effects


4. Expressing the feeling of rain using adjustment functions and brushes



Combining Objects, People, and Scenery into an Illustration

1. Visualizing and sketching the objects, people, and scenery onto your screen


2. Adding in a sketch of your pet, then coloring


3. Using light and shadow to bring out depth


4. Using your drawing to create a background


5. Creating warmth in your illustration with color correction



Congratulations on Finishing the Class!

1. In closing: Jay’s parting thoughts



By Jay

By Jay

Hi. I’m Jay, an illustrator and designer.

I work in various fields such as character design, illustration and web design. I create webtoons, emoticons, goods, etc. around my character 'Chocoshu', and additionally, have been working on drawing figures. I gathered some of my work and produced a short picture book. Here is a photo of the book.

I think I have been drawing pictures as a habit since I was very young. I have spent time practicing while always trying to draw better. Painting is still my best hobby. You can see my work in more detail when you come to my Instagram. If you want to express something in pictures, you can start here.

I will teach you how to draw. Let’s have fun drawing together!



Studio Jay

Studio Jay
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