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Using contemporary dance
1 Class Projects

It takes about 2 to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Your own creative dance choreography

Skills You’ll Learn

Let's make your body flexible through dance moves!

I'll show you how to make your body flexible by stretching through connected movements!

Let's build muscles that will help you dance!

Let's build a beautiful body by intensively training the muscles needed for dancing!

Let's learn the creative movements of Seon-jin, who dances!

I'll show you the various dances I've choreographed in an easy and fun way! Let's dance together!

Let's learn tips to make dance lines beautiful!

Same action, different feeling! Here are some tips to help you dance better!!

Let's create your own creative movement!

Please tell your creative story with a body that has changed through the lessons.

I want to show you the joy of dancing.

Hallo Dance major creator dancer 'Seonjin, who dances'It's. drug 17 years My own accumulated while dancing knowhowI started a class to show my audience.

When it comes to contemporary dance, isn't it often too difficult? I'm thinking! Compared to other dance genres, this technique is relatively easy to use, and can be enjoyed by both men and women of all ages. Also, modern times Traditional moveset Modern movementYou can learn at the same time, so while using your body in a variety of ways Smooth body lineet Balanced postureI can make it.

with me Fundamentals of modern danceStart with to make your body healthy beautiful dance lineLet's make one?

First of all, it keeps my body and mind healthy!

If you have a bad lifestyle or bad posture for a long time, your body will lose balance and toxins will accumulate in your body. As a result, the body naturally stiffens and becomes dull. In order to keep my body healthy, it is very important to balance my body through constant stretching and exercise. To do that, there's no better exercise than dancing! Use dance movements to make use of your How to build basic physical strength and make the body flexibleI'll let you know.

Apply dance to stretch!

First of all, flexibilityIt is very important to cultivate. As flexibility increases, muscle tension decreases, and the range of motion of joints widens. Improve athletic performanceIt can be of great help to Also, since the body becomes more flexible, the risk of various injuries is reduced. Therefore, before you start exercising in earnest, it's light stretchingIt is essential to make the body supple with.

  • Stretching phrase 1

스트레칭 프레이즈 1

This is my own “stretching phrase” that I created by connecting stretching movements that can be done on the floor. Differentiated from simple stretching, you can relax your body's tension and have a fresh experience of dancing at the same time. Even with easy and simple stretching movements, you can create great movements!

  • Stretching phrase 2

스트레칭 프레이즈 2

It is a phrase that uses large and small muscles to beautify the lines of the body. Stretching and core exercises can be performed at the same time, which can lead to dance movements.

Let's wake up the big and small muscles in our body!

While increasing flexibility strength training It's also important. Building muscle strength fills the body with energy and helps keep the body healthy. with me Through body movements that awaken the large and small muscles of the body Body correction, diets, and wellnessLet's pack it up to. You will feel that your body is healthy in an easy and fun way with free dance movements rather than repetitive movements.

Now, express your inner excitement to your heart's content!

It was hidden inside me Inner excitementLet's wake it up? I'll show you how to create your own dance by applying the basic skills of contemporary dance. Movements that were normal in everyday life Changes in speed, changes in weight, changes in textureExperience firsthand the process of being made into a dance due to First the arms, then the legs, then the whole body! As you gradually expand the range of use of your body, let's use your imagination to create various movements.

The fact that you can express and express something with your own body through this class is huge pleasuresI'll let you know that.

Even the point where the dance lines look beautiful!

In order for the dance line to look beautiful, you need to know how you are moving. I need to understand myself well, such as how the lines are pretty when I extend my arms, how my lines are beautiful when I lift my legs, and how I look beautiful when I treat my eyes. I'll help you find the movements that work best for you by looking at your own body. Like professional dancers A dancer with a living dance lineIt can be!

everyone! Find out how enjoyable it is to move your body with me
How about immersing yourself in its charm?



Danse Jin

Danse Jin

Hello, this is 'Seonjin who dances'. I'm a dance major and I love dance, so I'm working as a dance creator.

I wanted to share with many people the movements and exercise techniques that contained my own know-how that I had developed after 12 years of dancing.

At first, I think I began to naturally share who I am and what values I have with people who watch my videos on a platform called YouTube by incorporating them into the video.

I am so grateful that many people liked, supported, and interested in my videos, so I was able to continue to work hard to create content with more confidence.

If I had a dream, I'd say “popularizing dance.”

I would like to let more people know how fun and happy “dance” is, and that dance naturally permeates their lives.

I was so grateful and happy to hear from Class 101 when they first contacted me.

because To my dream of “popularizing dance,” which I had vaguely dreamed of I felt it was a great opportunity to take a step forward. I want to do my best to work with all of you in my current position.





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