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Skills You’ll Learn

Strength training and stretching for Korean dance

Break it down in detail and gain control of the body through stretching and strength training for each part

Basic Korean Dance Moves and Reactions

Learn the basic skills of Korean dance by dividing the upper body and lower body into the upper body and lower body, and try to connect based on them

Short creative choreography using ruthless debt props

Learn impactful actions while using poor debt

IU-Night Letter Korean Dance Creative Choreography

Learn creative Korean dance choreography based on the IU-Night Letter song performed in Some Body 2

Bringing the fantasy of Korean dance to life

An introduction to Korean dance that makes use of the elegant lines of my body

Hello, I'm the Korean dancer Yoon Hye-soo. Two years ago <SOMBODY 2> In line with the IU- Night Letter through a program called 'Korean Dance Creative Choreography' I presented it to a lot of people. Since then, many people 'Korean Dance' I was interested in this genre, so I met all of you again in this class.

Why should it be Korean dance?

Why is the dance line so good no matter how much you practice? Korean dance is one of the dances that can make the most beautiful use of Asian body lines. In particular, instead of just lifting one arm or one leg, one muscle is used to the end to perform one movement, and the muscles are held longer, and the body line naturally becomes beautiful. Through this class, I'm going to make use of the unique dance lines you originally had.

Do you think it's far from dance?

I'll find the hidden lines in your body

Many people often think that when it comes to “dance,” they should be born with a sense of rhythm or beat. However, Among dances, Korean dance is easy to follow because the movements are calm It's one of the dances where the exercise effect of slow but deep breathing exceeds expectations..

In fact, everyone, including the general public, enjoyed learning in offline classes. This class is based on my own class experience We have prepared it so that the general public can easily enjoy it online.

Even if you don't have basic skills

Step by step, starting with the principles of Korean dance

We've prepared everything from how to hold a nice full skirt, which is the basis of basic movements, to techniques, so that you can learn the principles step by step even if you don't have basic skills. I'll show you in detail what mistakes you make when learning Korean dance, and how to fix movements that are difficult to follow from the eyes of the general public.

Magic that makes even simple movements look gorgeous

Using Poor Debt to Save Visual Beauty

I prepared a creative choreography using poor debt, which I couldn't see in offline classes before. I'm going to learn a variety of impactful actions that can be used as props using a bad debt, which is a combination of debt and wealth. You'll learn everything from basic usage to creative choreography, such as how to catch a fan and how to fly well to the end of a thousand.

By using a bad debt, even simple movements and small movements can look gorgeous and complete. What is “Russell Debt Creative Choreography” As this is my new work in Class 101, I will be learning something new, so you can look forward to it!

The video, which received 2 million views,

Mnet Somebody 2 Night Letter works in class

I prepared a creative choreography that I could perform in the corner of my room. I'll explain and practice the 1:40 second choreography in detail from beginning to end to help you complete a night letter work with your own unique atmosphere! In particular, since it is a Korean dance performed by many people at home, I have modified the choreography to suit the house so that you can enjoy it even in a limited space, so don't worry, try it with me!

Relieve stress through dance too!

Korean dance, which requires slow length and deep breathing, requires a high degree of concentration because it is necessary to hold the center of the body and digest elegant movements. Also, there are many large movements that utilize the muscles of the entire body, so it is often visited by people who are unable to relieve stress on a regular basis because they feel refreshed. From swelling all over your body to chronic fatigue, get away from the stress of everyday life!

For beautiful lines

Basic stretching

Even if you don't have basic skills, you need to feel the muscles in your body and be able to use them properly in order to create beautiful lines. Before I start dancing, I'll work with me to determine the proper posture to see where my body is twisted. Focus on “My Breathing” even if it's the same stretching movement I'm going to learn how to stretch more deeply.

After that, I focused on balancing myself through core exercises, which are the most important part of dance, and each I will help you to complete the dance movements by dividing the muscles of the body in detail.





Hello, I'm Hye-soo Sam. Currently, I'm working as a Korean dancer and learning about various movements, and I'm teaching the public the beauty of Korean dance through offline classes based on this:) I fell in love with dance since I was in elementary school, graduated from Yeoge University, and have been dancing together for about 14 years now. After appearing on Mnet Somebody 2 two years ago, I am grateful to watch my Korean dance creative choreography video, which was shown in the first episode A lot of people loved my Korean dance dance line.

“Korean dance” is often associated with classical traditional dance, but I was able to show the public that there are various styles of Korean dance through broadcast appearances, and now I am so happy and excited to be able to share the joy of Korean dance with you:) Let's learn about the special charms of Korean dance step by step with me.

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