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Overview of countries in Indonesia

Learn the necessary overview of Indonesian stocks before investing in Indonesian stocks

How to find news and information from Indonesia

Here's how to find Indonesian news/information in Korea.

Indonesian Stock Market

We will provide you with key information such as the structure of the Indonesian stock market and the share of market capitalization

Indonesian IPO Market

We will tell you how the Indonesian IPO will take place

Indonesian digital market

Digital companies will soon be listed in Indonesia, so I would like to inform you about the relevant information

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Find it in 'Indonesia'!

▶ ︎ The Indonesian stock market is the #세계4위 most populous country, increasing by #자원대국 #중산층

▶ ︎ Indonesia Jakarta Composite Index

① China, Vietnam, Brazil

And now it's time to do “Indonesian stocks”!

📍 Indonesia 4th most populous country in the worldAs a person with abundant human capital

📍 The average age is 29.9 years old (vs. Korea 42.5 years old) Young countryAt the same time

📍 In 2014, when the military government withdrew and the first civilian government entered Large-scale economic development under the leadership of the stateIt is being promoted rapidly.

📍 Above all, due to the high growth of the country, the stock market is also growing rapidly. Over the past 25 years 12 times (1,200%) growthI did.

📍 Finally, Indonesia has low income levels, so the number of stock investors is less than 1% of the total population (vs. about 25% in Korea). In other words, it is a country with very high potential for future growth. Not a market that has already grown, but a market that will grow nowThat's it.

② It is the only G20 member country among Southeast Asian countries,

Introducing the charms of Indonesia!

Southeast Asia is a global production base after the US-China trade war, called “post-China,” and is growing rapidly based on a large population, a young average age, and low labor costs, and is showing a high economic growth rate of 5% per year on average.

③ Indonesia's growing potential!

인도네시아의 증가하는 성장 잠재력

In Indonesia, interest rates are steadily being lowered due to stable economic growth and expansion of foreign exchange reserves. Furthermore, the attractiveness of the stock market is increasing more and more as the low income class decreases and the middle class increases.

④ Compared to the average value of the stock market in emerging countries,

The Indonesian stock market is undervalued

저평가되어 있는 인도네시아 주식시장

Indonesia has low awareness of the capital market, and since the end of 2015, the government has promoted a policy to revitalize the capital market, so it is undervalued compared to major ASEAN countries.

⑤ As a “state-owned enterprise & large enterprise center”,

The composition of the Indonesian stock market

'국영기업&대기업 중심'으로, 구성된 인도네시아 주식시장

The top 50 stocks in the Indonesian stock market account for about 74% of the total market capitalization (trading volume is 54). Since the 2015 capital market revitalization campaign, the share of Koreans in the stock market has increased rapidly, making it a market with great potential for future growth.

A reliable class with an Indonesian securities man!

인도네시아 증권맨 출신

I have the best understanding of local trends through meetings with various organizations such as large companies, unicorn companies, and government agencies at a local securities firm in Indonesia. Recently, in April of this year, I have been directly interviewing various companies such as the Indonesian National Pension Fund and the State-owned Group to follow the latest economic trends and latest trends.

🏅 Acquired Indonesian Securities Broker Certificate (WPPE)

🏅 We have a diverse network of platforms in Indonesia

🏅 Signed a research advisory agreement for institutional investors in Indonesia

🏅 Investment tax for domestic and foreign institutional investors

🏅 Responsible for receiving dividends and currency exchange projects in Korea Electric Power Indonesia

🏅 Meetings and seminars for overseas guests

🏅 Investment advice for investment corporations, export distribution corporations, etc.

I am confident that this will improve the quality of the class. I plan to select only 20 prospects for the Indonesian investment study event to study with you.

Selected by an Indonesian securities firm

Analysis of industries and sectors with high growth potential

In terms of policy, Indonesia is actively investing in value-added industries, resource development, and infrastructure. In other words, the government actively promotes investments that increase added value The country's growth engines are abundanthas a charm!

It is an attractive market where sales centered on labor costs are directly reflected, 'Post China' I would like to share the investment appeal of Indonesia, a country with a large population in the world, which has the nickname.

📍 Summary of what you'll learn

✔ Summary of key changes in Indonesia

✔ Looking for investment opportunities with policies for the past 5 years and policies for the next 5 years

✔ The future of the Indonesian stock market and practical trading strategies

✔ Potential of Indonesia's OO industry

✔ Analyzing Indonesia's trifecta of electronics prospects

✔ Indonesia Investment Precautions and Tips

Everyone who has broken the stereotype of an uninhabitable country!

Prepare for the future faster than others

🌏 The picture above is Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia.

Those of you who have taken this class will be the first to break the stereotype that Indonesia is an unlivable country. In the future, I will be listening to Indonesian news and news, and I will also go on vacation to Indonesia.

If I have faith in the market by seeing, hearing, and feeling the market I have studied firsthand, my heart will not be shaken by my belief no matter how much the trees are shaken. Most of the reasons we lose a lot in stocks are because they are unsure of the shaky trees, so they sell when they go up and buy when they fall.

Indonesia, where the country's economic development has begun in earnest,
You're going to be together from the beginning.

Indonesia, similar to South Korea 30 years ago,
People who regret not being able to buy Samsung Electronics in the 90s,
Even now, I'm only regretting it.

First in Korea! Indonesia Stock Classes

The reason investment turned into speculation is because I saw trees instead of forests. Most of Korea's private investors speculate because they invest without understanding changes in the country's economy and industrial policies at all.

This class The only Indonesian stock investment class you can meet in KoreaInterest, it's also an opportunity for all of you. If you look at the forest and look at the trees, you can wait no matter how much the trees shake. If you don't see the forest and only see the trees, you won't be able to wait to see the trees shaking. I'll show you the forest We'll show you how to find promising trees.

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“Get rich with Indonesian stocks” begins!


Let's go get to know everything about the Indonesian nation


Let's explore the Indonesian stock market


Explore the digital market in Indonesia


Preparing to invest in Indonesian stocks


Real trading of Indonesian stock investments


Establish your own stock investment principles without losing money


Congratulations on your stubbornness!




ASEAN Pass TV is a YouTube channel that introduces Indonesian stocks and the economy, and has 15,000 subscribers. ASEAN Pass TV is a channel run by a local securities manager with various local experience in attracting investment and providing research advice while doing overseas sales at a local securities firm in Indonesia.

(Left: Mr. Edwin, Head Investment Director of National Pension Fund, Indonesia; ASEAN Pass TV on the right)

To begin this course, during the month of April 2021, I personally experienced current trends in Indonesia by interviewing people in charge of various institutions such as large Indonesian companies, unicorns, state-owned enterprises, and the National Pension Fund. I'll share everything I've heard and experienced through this course! :)

The reason I came to Korea after quitting my job as an Indonesian securities company is that the potential market of Indonesia is where only large companies are investing quickly, and it is difficult for individuals to even access information, so I wanted to let many people know about this market that I believe in.

I was also a person who didn't know anything about the Indonesian stock market. As I became interested in each one, I understood the market, verified it through meetings with local organizations, and became more confident. I'll share everything I've experienced with you through this class.

(ASEAN Pass being discussed by a local securities firm)




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