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Why we should write

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▶ ︎ Personality/Philosophy

In the social media era, we are writing more posts than in the past.

However, few people actually say, “I wrote today too.”

Why should we write in an age like this, and how should we write

Let's take a look with Jang Kang-myung, a writer who writes every day.

One-minute class preview

▶ ︎ Why should we write? _ Jang Kang-myung

From the reasons why you need to write in the social media era

Even how to start writing right now

I'll explain everything in a 60-minute video.

👉 The era of addiction to snacks

  • Difference between snack information and real information
  • Things you need to write to know

👉 Misconceptions about writing

  • Isn't writing skill something you can ride?
  • 3 conditions for good writing

👉 Let's try it like this

  • Let's start at the beginning, blog
  • Make your own dictionary of proverbs
  • Let's write honestly, what interferes with honesty

👉 Things you can enjoy when you write

  • The happiness of creating something meaningful
  • Become a person with your own subjectivity and personality
  • Individuals who contribute to community communication

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Why should we write


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