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Creating Ink and Watercolor Illustrations


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Skills You’ll Learn

Seeing Objects in 3D

Learn how to see objects in three dimensional

Drawing with Inks

Practice and get used to draw with inks

Mastering Your Subject Matter

Master the subject and draw in detail

Shadows and Light with Watercolor

Learn all about lighting and shading with watercolor

CYMK Color Method

Learn the color theory and get used to CYMK color method

Composing a Illustration

Combine all the techniques and finalize the illustration

Class Summary

This course is about drawing with ink and watercolor - using pen, felt pen, brush pen, and dip brushes. Working directly with ink requires building up your confidence and training to visualize your drawings before placing a stroke down on paper. We will be exploring and familiarizing ink as a medium, and working on the very basics of drawing to build a foundation — line weight, drawing basic shapes and volumes, understanding perspective— and gradually work towards being able to visualize any object in three dimensions.

Class Takeaways

  • Skip the pencil sketch, and jump straight to ink.
  • Start portraying the breathing scenery and people in your life, or capturing your imagination on the paper with more confidence, completing a fully finished illustration.
  • Build your visual library and apply it to draw with ink from the start, using your visualization skills and imagination.
  • After practicing drawing a real-life object, start rotating those in your head without even touching them. (We will go from simple objects to complicated ones)
  • Able to plan out, compose, and finish a traditional illustration using ink and watercolor.

This Class Is For

  • Beginners to intermediate artists who would like to sharpen their fundamental drawing skills to master ink and watercolor.
  • Who desire to shift from realistic to imaginative drawing.

Class Requirements

  • Below tools will be used during the class. You can also order the All-in-one package to elevate the learning experience. (The tools are picked by the creator for you)

  • Kuretake Bimoji Brush Pen, Extra Fine, Fine, Medium, Broad, Medium/Bristles, Value Set of 5 / 1EA
  • Kuretake GANSAI TAMBI Watercolor 24 Colors Set, Handcrafted, Professional-Quality Pigment Inks for Artists and Crafters, AP-Certified, Blendable, Show up on Dark Papers, Made in Japan / 1EA
  • Canson XL Aquarelle Watercolor Painting Book, 9" x 12", 30 Sheets / 1EA
  • Cergio Media Pad 200g A4 20 sheet / 3EA
  • Pentel Arts Aquash Water Brush Assorted Tips, 4 Pack Carded (FRHBP4M) / 1EA
  • Pentel Arts Portable Pocket Brush Pen (Medium Point), 1Pen & 2Refills / 1EA

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Visualizing in 3D


Drawing in Ink


Expanding Your Visual Library


Shadows and Light with Watercolor


CMYK Color Method


Posing and Perspective


Composing an Illustration






Bryce Kho

Bryce Kho


My name is Bryce Kho and I am an Illustrator and Character Designer. A lot of my most recent work has been for video games, including titles such as Sea of Stars, The Messenger, and Aegis Defenders, but I’ve also shown a good deal of my personal work at galleries such as Nucleus, Qpop, and Gallery 1988 in Los Angeles. As someone who didn’t originally plan on being an artist professionally, I’ve accumulated a lot of my skills over time as a hobby and am excited to share this knowledge with others.

Q: How did you first start doing what you do?

After finishing my first video game, Aegis Defenders, and after more than four years of hard work, I was given something I hadn’t had since childhood— free time to simply draw for myself. I started posting more of my work on Instagram and was delighted to find myself slowly building up a strong enough following that I could continue to draw whatever I wanted and still maintain a decent income. Now, I work part time as a freelance illustrator but still have enough free time to pursue my own personal projects.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Starting from Nov. 1, 2021, feedback will not be provided on a comment/mission basis. This is to ensure that the Creator is able to manage the Class in a healthy and sustainable manner. In the aggregate, however, you will still be getting the kind of input that would take your art-making skills to the next level, as CLASS101 will also be working closely with the Creator to experiment with and offer alternative forms of feedback


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