12 chapters · 14 hours 50 minutes
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Skills You’ll Learn

Find niche topics

We'll tell you how to select and find topics for niche markets.

Analyzing and obtaining competitors

Find competitors related to your topic and what you can get from them

WordPress settings

Learn how to set up and handle themes, plugins, etc.

SEO optimization

How to use Yoast to optimize for SEO and get Google search results

Find an affiliate program

How to easily find affiliate programs such as Amazon, CJ, and Clickbank

Translate text

The original text is in Korean, and I'll explain how to make translation easier.

Global affiliate marketing,

I don't work 4 hours a day.

 한 달에 1억에 가까운 수익

However, excluding taxes and expenses, per month Revenue close to 100 millionI'm getting it.

What is affiliate marketing?

I execute advertisers' product advertisements on the site I run (website, blog, WordPress, etc.) and get a fee accordingly.

Who is eligible for this class

It is not eligible for Korea.

Currently, the most common method of affiliate marketing in Korea is to select a product and show pride about it. And very few people make big profits, and they invest more than 7 hours a day to maintain that profit.

However, in Korea, there is no good platform for my kind of affiliate marketing to work well. That's why I'm telling you about the direction of affiliate marketing is a method I've never heard of or seen before. convincedI will.

Even if the entire population of Korea sees my posts

Just 1% of Google users

Nearly 90 times the total population of Korea uses Google, and we can get 400,000 visitors even if we assume that 0.01% of those people solve their problems.

Naver has an internal circulation structure, so no matter how you search, it will eventually be solved within Naver, and there is a limit to profitability. However, Google will change search results even with a single keyword. So we can reach more people There is no limit to profitability.

As much as affiliate marketing, you have to play in bigger water.

Affiliate marketing success formula,

It sells a “problem” rather than a product.

제휴마케팅의 성공 공식, 제품이 아닌 '문제

Let me take the topic of travel as an example. If you want to go on a trip, you'll plan from the outside to the inside, like the circle theory above.

  • troubling : I need travel information.
  • Solution : I make various reservations for my trip.
  • solutions : Finally, I'm going on a trip.

It's not just affiliate marketing where you say something good about the product and write about why you should use this product.

Every person in the world has a problem, and every day close to 4 billion people search Google to solve the problem and find a solution in itI'm looking for

Through lectures

You'll learn something like this.

📍 How to find the right niche

  • The niche market for affiliate marketing is endless. I'll provide you with over 2500 niche ideas.

📍 Understand the structure of the site and create pillars

  • We will set standards for how to operate the site.

📍 Find an affiliate program

  • We will inform you about affiliate sites to earn more money, such as Amazon, CJ, and Clickbank.

📍 A way to decide on a name for a domain without legal issues

  • Domain names and site names may infringe on trademark rights.
  • None of the instructors explain why this should be avoided or avoided.

📍 How to increase traffic to run your site

  • We'll show you how to use social networks that match your topic, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

📍 How to write reviews, advice, comparisons, etc.

  • Everyone writes. However, no one can write anything that convinces people.
  • I'll explain how to write a post so that you can increase conversions.

I'm going to tell you all about global affiliate marketing that nobody has taken a first look at. Anyway, the probability that my topic and yours are 100% the same is less than 0.01%.





Hallo Global affiliate marketer nomad.

Since 2014, I have been doing affiliate marketing programs and contract sales, mainly targeting the United States. I have a total of 5 affiliate sites, and I am living the life I want regardless of anything.

Nowadays, it seems that many people are increasing the proportion of affiliate marketing starting with Coupang, but there is no information about global affiliate marketing, and there are many cases where they use it to list unproven facts.

Therefore, as a person who is one step ahead of others, I felt a series of responsibilities, and I wanted to guide affiliate marketing on the right path so that they would not hear the word “fraud.”

The method I'm telling you is not a way to earn 10 million won or 1 million won next month. Affiliate marketing is a way to truly help someone and get rewarded for it.

If you want to make big money next month right away, I recommend that you don't listen to it.

Thank you

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