9 chapters ยท 10 hours 19 minutes
English ยท Japanese ยท Korean|Audio Korean

Use pencils and shape-sharpeners
19 Class Projects

It takes about There are differences between designs, approximately 1 to 3 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • South Sea Pearl Bead Necklace

  • white namyang pearl set

  • diamond set

  • Diamond tennis

  • diamond 1ct bridal ring

  • diamond wedding set

  • Pearl wedding set with guard ring

  • Couplings (Main Diamond Part 1)

  • Coupling (no main)

  • 8ct pear cut ruby set

  • 8ct oval cut sapphire earrings

  • 2ct brilliant cut ring

  • 14mm pearl ring

  • fashion jewelry-1

  • fashion jewelry-2

  • fashion jewelry-3

  • Fashion jewelry-4 (no sample design for colored jewelry)

  • gift necklace-1

  • gift necklace-2

Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

hand drawing jewelry drawing

I will teach you how to draw cuts for each type of jewelry.

Getting started with hand drawing

Develop your sense of hand by drawing along the underline as it is.

Designing a hand drawing

Develop your sense of design with a different theme and method for each episode.

Hand drawing plus

Let's draw a hand-drawn picture with an illustrator file.

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Handmade jewelry hand drawing by an incumbent jewelry designer

Hello, I'm an 8th year jewelry designer. โ€œNini Jewelry Design Studioโ€ From jewelry design to production 1:1 customization methodIt is a jewelry workshop operated by.

Those who want one-of-a-kind jewelry in the world,
Those who dream of becoming a jewelry designer,
For those who want to develop a sense of drawing
It's a class.

Gorgeous, neat, or cute

Experience various styles of design so that you can find a design that suits you rather than just one style, and develop a sense of drawing and form by expressing ideas designed with various themes.

You can also create portfolios with design skills built up one by one through classes like this,

Because in the last lecture, I will show you the entire process until the actual product comes out

In the end 'My own jewelry collection'You can also keep it.


Drawing is the most basic design!

Hand drawing is the first step in the jewelry process and is the most basic and essential process!

In this hand drawing class, we will use a pencil and a ruler to express a jewelry drawing.

Hand draw with pencils and shapes

A neutral hand drawing looks monotonous?

Once finished, you'll feel the sparkle more subtly than any other painting.

Also, you will learn how to express jewelry only by cutting so that the jewelry can stand out as a whole. This is because the finished design looks shiny just by cutting it.

Basics, expertise, and fun.

Simply practicing a circle and a line won't improve your skills. And if you're not sure where to start, start by transforming the designer's drawing. First, let's start with the fun of completing each piece, and then try making your own jewelry so that you can design your own jewelry.

Hobby painter or a prospective D who is not confident in paintingZiner!

You don't need to be confident in the design and drawing. All you need is a desire to express the image you want. I'll prepare and help with the rest!

Practice drawing with prepared designs and even variations

Rather than making stats from 1 to 10 from scratch
Just 4 to 10!

I'll give you an easy way to get started. This is all you need to create the jewelry you want. Then, if you're greedy, it's not too late to go there and develop abilities 1 to 3 on your own.

It was a story about the experience of an 8th year designer working until now, who started from the beginning and knew and experienced it better than anyone else:)


Design and create special jewelry that you want to own for a lifetime and jewelry you want to pass on through hand drawing classes.



NINI Jewelery

NINI Jewelery


I'm Nini, a jewelry designer who has been working as a designer for 8 years in the wholesale industry, which is the starting point for gold products in Korea.

Based on the experience and knowledge of working as a designer belonging to the company

Currently, he works as a freelance jewelry designer and runs a workshop where even handmade products can be made.

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