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6 Class Projects

It takes about 2 hours to 3 and a half hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Flowers and leaves (practice)

  • Flower ear accessories

  • Asymmetric ear accessories

  • butterfly brooch

  • original brooch

  • Delicate ear accessories

Skills You’ll Learn

The basics of organza embroidery

Beginners can rest assured, and we will start with the basics and practice of organza embroidery.

Embroidery techniques using wire

You will learn embroidery techniques to create a three-dimensional finish using wire.

How to tailor it into an accessory

You will learn how to tailor accessories such as ear accessories and brooches.

A beautiful accessory made from silk organza

Unlike ordinary cloth, organza is characterized by its sheer feel.

With a design that makes use of its sheer feel, you will be able to make accessories that make you feel a crush when you wear them...

We start with the basics of organza embroidery

As you get used to embroidering on organza cloth, practice simple stitches and combine them to create flower and leaf designs.

Use the embroidery frame you've practiced as an ornament and tailor it as an ornament. I'm sure you'll smile every time you look at it. Also, “wrapping” is an essential method for organza embroidery.

I'll tell you some tips for a beautiful finish.

Tips for making original molds

The peculiarity of this class of organza embroidery is that you make the molds yourself.

At first, you'll be asked to work on something that's easy to make. I will explain it in an easy-to-understand manner even for beginners.

You can enjoy creating works with different atmospheres, such as making 3 types of earrings and embroidering flowers or making asymmetrical ornaments.

Butterfly brooch made with mixed embroidery

I don't think there are many works that combine different types of embroidery. Although it's one lesson, you can experience embroidery using a different method.

Since the embroidery is mixed, there are many processes until it is finished, but let's proceed slowly one by one.

I think the simple shape and cute butterfly will make you feel the fun of adorning your chest along with the sense of accomplishment you've completed it. I'm even more attached to it if it's something I made myself.

Make your own brooch with stitching or a combination of your favorite colors

I'll tell you the tips for finishing the wire according to the design. Even if the shape and design are the same, the atmosphere changes drastically depending on the beads and thread colors you choose.

We have selected several colors of beads and embroidery thread, so I hope you enjoy making the only brooch in the world from among them or with your favorite color.

Making pretty and delicate ear accessories

You will be asked to work on a design that makes particular use of organza embroidery.

The wire gets thinner, so the level of difficulty is pretty high, but I think my hands are getting used to it by learning the techniques in the lessons so far.

The stitching itself is not difficult, so if you try to be careful and slowly proceed with each stitch, you will get a beautiful finish.

I think the finished accessory will adorn your ears in a cute way not only for everyday use, but also on a happy day.





Creator Interviews

Q. Please tell me the appeal of organza embroidery!

A. The soft sheer feel of organza, which creates a pretty image, is attractive.

Q. What kind of experience do you want the students to have through this class?

A. The joy when the work is completed and the one when you wear itI would be happy if you felt a crush.

Q. Please give a word to the students!

A. I don't think it's easy to do what you think at first, but slowly and carefully

Each time you continue to pierce one needle, your own work will be completed, so

I want you to enjoy it while feeling a moment that makes your heart beat.



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