Skills You’ll Learn

Stock investment trading method of 20% or more

You will learn how to invest with a high probability of making a profit by investing 1 hour a day.

How to double your salary by investing in the US

Learn how to make stable profits from US stocks that even beginners can do.

Make another lifetime salary with dividends

You will learn how to make a strong second salary that you will be responsible for a lifetime.

Extra edition: Know-how to invest in funds without losing

You will learn how to make a steady profit by investing in funds.

Extra edition: Disclosure of the Cryptocurrency Coin Trading Act

You'll learn how to buy coins to maximize profits by buying at a low point.

Invest in stocks, ETFs, and cryptocurrencies

It was included in just one lesson!

수강생 주식 인증수강생 주식 인증

▶ Student stock certification

It is a completely different ability for the instructor to invest directly to achieve results, and for the other person to achieve results by sharing that know-how with someone.

That's why we created the investment class. Since I have given a lot of lectures and consultations on stock investment over the past 8 years, There are many people who invest in stocks recommended by people around them, or invest in stocks recommended through YouTube or social media. Also, there are many people who don't have an investment concept.

  • Would you like to do that for the rest of your life?
  • How long will you invest with the breath around you?
  • Will you continue to make lost investments without knowing the concept and principles of stocks?

No matter how good the stock market is, if I, as an investor, do not have investment principles and standards, I become speculative.

I have prepared this class so that I can respond well to the stock market, learn how to make a steady profit from my holdings, and make an investment by accurately determining when to buy and sell, which is always difficult.

Of those who have listened to my lectures

The results prove it.

수강생 후기

▶ Student reviews

Is the course only successful by the creator himself? VS or was it actually a successful course for investors?

It is a true expert who shows that all students can easily understand, apply immediately, and actually make satisfactory profits.

How can I make money

I'll let you know everything.

  1. How to invest in domestic stocks and US stocks
  2. How to make dividend income
  3. How to make a lifetime income with ETFs
  4. Fund
  5. Cryptocurrency

[1] Stock investment

Investors who are new to investing in stocks or who lose money every time, and investors who make a profit but do not have clear trading principles and standards can properly learn the following 5 things.

  1. Know the essence of stock investment and how to get out of stock illiteracy
  2. Essential terms you need to know when investing in stocks and how to make sure you have the basics
  3. How to analyze charts as a technical analyst (understanding support, resistance, trend, and trading volume)
  4. How to analyze companies through analysis of financial statements and cash flow statements
  5. How to invest without losing money, such as investment mindset and account management
  6. A powerful investment trading method that can generate stable profits

[2] Making Another Second Salary - Dividend Income

If real estate has rental income, the stock market has dividend income.

The dividend yield for this investment is 11.73% per annum. The dividend cycle is monthly, and if you invest 20 million won like a student, you will receive an annual dividend of 2.34 million won (before tax), which means you will receive a monthly dividend of 195,000 won.

Even the yield of the item and the fixed dividend! What is a dividend share investment that can catch two rabbits It has the advantage of being more stable than stocks and more profitable than funds, so it will allow students to become economically independent even faster.

[3] Fund investment - there is no choice but to make a steady profit!

수강생 수익 인증수강생 수익 인증수강생 수익 인증

▶ Student revenue certification

In the future, it is a quaternary industry centered on the US and China.

The fourth industry is a core industry that will drastically change human life through artificial intelligence (AI), autonomous vehicles, Internet of Things (IOT), augmented reality/virtual reality (AR/VR), cloud services, smart factories, and biotechnology.

The quaternary industry is expected to grow at a steady high rate of 20 to 50% per annum over a long period of 10 years or more, and is expected to be a major target of interest for investors. With the US and China currently leading the way, it is expected that growth will continue to stand out in the future.

“Opportunities can only be seized by those who are prepared.”

[4] ETF investment - you are responsible for a lifetime.

The appeal of dividend shares is emerging as an alternative in the era of low interest rates.

The greatest strength of dividend holders is the sustainability of dividends and the stability of profits. According to past data, US dividend stocks are characterized by rising more when the market rises and falling less when falling. In this regard, investing in US dividend stocks is a good investment strategy that surpasses proven markets in the long term.

[5] Cryptocurrency Trading Act

Cryptocurrency can also be a stable means of asset growth if learned and studied properly. If you approach trading with an “investment” approach rather than “speculation,” it will be another powerful weapon.

It is the cryptocurrency coin market that can make a large enough profit even with a “small amount”. If you use it as a decentralized investment concept among various investments, it can be a new opportunity.

Practical know-how to call money

We'll let you know!

Domestic stock preview

If you apply it yourself, you can clearly see why you should listen to this class.

For investors who invest in stocks that fall when I buy and go up when I sell them, and who are frustrated every day because they don't know when to buy and sell, I will give a clear answer that sets their own trading principles and standards.

Foreign stock preview

What would it feel like to learn how to make easier and more stable profits in the US, which is the center of the global financial market and unequivocally the number one financial market?

American stocks, which can be a ray of light in the pitch black, will experience a change in life like never before.

Now it's really

Master investing!

이 클래스를 다 듣고 나면?

▶ What if I finish taking this class?

✔️ Students who must take this class

  • People who are interested in investing in stocks but don't know where, what, or how to start
  • Those who invest in stocks but do not have principles or standards
  • Those who want to achieve economic independence by investing in stocks
  • Those who are investing through recommendations of nearby sports and various reading rooms
  • Those who want to earn money as a stable investment without getting in the way while attending work

✔️ I recommend it the most to these students!

  • Those who want to properly master stock investment
  • Those who are worried or worried about the continued loss of investment

✔️ I don't recommend it to students like this.

  • Those who don't value money

It's just the difference between knowing and not knowing.

크리에이터 소개

2016.08 Financier selection article

Everyone can make a successful investment. It's just that I haven't met the right experts.

Now I'm going to experience the class Prospective students are the next protagonists.

Financial Lectures

Through numerous lectures and coaching experiences from the Financial Supervisory Authority, foreign M companies, domestic financial companies, etc., we will share practical know-how that penetrates the core of investment that is bound to be successful.

Verified real reviews수강생의 편지

▶ Student's letter

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수강생 후기수강생 후기수강생 후기수강생 후기수강생 후기

▶ Student reviews

It's not difficult at all!

Even beginners can do it for just one day.

  1. Establishing a solid foundation for investing
  2. An investment mindset that can win steadily
  3. Select a sport you won't lose
  4. A reliable way to trade
  5. Weight-control for success

You will be able to gain all the investment know-how through this class.

“Nothing of value is simply obtained.”

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In the midst of many difficulties, hardships, grievances, and concerns as I lived my life
99% could have been solved if they had money.

In the lives of all people, the warmth and warmth of “stability” is an earnest dream and hope for life. A life where you can have a home, roll a car, get married without much trouble, and live a leisurely life.

It may seem like a very normal life in a way, but I think the reality is that it is not easy to live this kind of life.

Is the life I want and desire so greedy and a luxury?

Or is it necessary to have a high income to be able to live well?

Or else, should we give up getting rich in the first place?

We will work with students so that they can be freed from money, quickly achieve financial independence, and have a better future than today!






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