8 chapters · 6 hours 30 minutes
English · Japanese · Korean|Audio Japanese

5 Class Projects

It takes about 2 hours to 20 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • brooch

  • coasters

  • Manmaru drawstring

  • book cover

  • Gamaguchi coin purse

Skills You’ll Learn

Basic koginzashi

It is a curriculum where even beginners in koginzashi can feel safe and gradually improve their level from the basics.

Express a variety of patterns with koginzashi

Have fun learning the unique patterns of koginzashi.

How to tailor various works

We produce a variety of works such as brooches, drawstrings, and coasters.

Hello! I'm PugnSmile, the creator of Koginzashi

Do you know what koginzashi is?

Koginzashi is a traditional Japanese embroidery born from Aomori Prefecture. I will engrave beautiful patterns on the cloth with a simple color look.

In this class, we started with the basics of koginzashi and structured it with a curriculum that allows you to further improve your level. Utilizing my 7 years of experience in koginzashi, I made the course clear and easy to understand.

Why don't you start the warm and traditional appeal of koginzashi together?

Enjoy peace of mind in everyday life at your own pace

There are ways to participate in classrooms and workshops, but isn't it difficult because of limited time?

This class is online, so you can proceed slowly at your own pace. Let's practice properly while watching the difficult points over and over again.

As you proceed carefully one by one, you should be able to have a relaxing time to sort out your daily thoughts in a calm mood.

Give a cute point with practical accessories

It's a bit lonely when the cloth completed by koginzashi is left as a cloth. So, I'm going to make 5 types of small items that make use of koginzashi. We have prepared highly practical accessories such as brooches, hair elastics, coasters, pouches, and book covers.

Matching brooches for parents, children, and sisters should be meaningful and cute! It also makes a perfect gift to express gratitude to someone special.

Learn until you can make your own

I will teach you how to look at the design so that you can make something other than the patterns you learned in class. In any case, we will discuss pattern arrangements in class so that you can try your own original patterns.

We have properly included an introduction to the characteristics of cloth and suppliers so that you can fully enjoy koginzashi even after completing this class.

Let's do warm and cute koginzashi together!





It's been about 7 years since I met Koginzashi. I carry needles almost every day during the week.

I keep motivated by posting what I've made on Instagram.

Creator Interviews

Q. Why did you offer lesson classes with CLASS101?

Since it's an online lesson, I thought it would be nice if people who are busy with work, housework, childcare, etc. can proceed at their own pace.

Also, I myself am shy and not good at attending classrooms and workshops, so I would recommend it to those people.

Q. Please give a message to the students!

A. It takes a lot of time to finish the work, but I think that a work completed by carefully proceeding one by one will be a treasure.

Let's enjoy koginzashi together.



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