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From building specs to writing a cover letter and preparing for an interview, all in one!


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Skills You’ll Learn

Building specs

I will tell you the definition of a “spec” for a letter of appeal and how to build a specification.

Find your own story

I look back on my past life and find a sense of writing that can be used in any letter of appeal.

Identify what the organization wants

We will work together to identify the “listeners” of the letter of appeal, such as entrance examinations, employment, and job turnover.

Write a letter of appeal that is faithful to the basics

Learn the precautions to follow when writing in earnest.

Preparing for an interview in preparation for unexpected questions

Based on the letter of appeal, you will learn how to respond to any question without being nervous.


This is Lee Hoon

Hello, I'm Lee Hoon, a lawyer.

We will experience writing numerous letters of appeal and interviews for college entrance examinations, foreign activities, scholarships, internships, employment, turnover, graduate school, etc.

Having experienced a variety of options in my 2 to 30's, It's not a one-size-in-cheek Can be used in various fields From building specs to writing various letters of appeal and preparing for interviews We'll help you get ready step by step!

With a letter of appeal and an interview

reverse the results

In a TV entertainment program about my life as a law firm intern in 2019, the scene where I had a man-to-one interview was shown in various communitiesTen thousand point answers from those who passed the interviewIt was posted with a title such as”.

In fact, at the time, my confidence had run out to the point where I was thinking about dropping out of law school. However, The letter of appeal and the interview were the only elements that could reverse my situationThanks to all my attention, I was able to hear the final acceptance news.

As the saying goes, “I'll pay off a thousand debts in one word,” Depending on how you express “I”, you can fill in gaps and leave a positive impression on others.

What is a “spec”?

I hear a lot of people say that in order to write a letter of appeal well, it is necessary to build up “specs.” Here, specs are not only quantified scores like language grades, but they can't be the same as anyone else 'My own story'It refers to.

Specs aren't built up with money. Anyone with intelligence and diligence You'll be able to have a rich story of your own.

Based on experience, What are the specifications for a letter of appealWow, How to obtain information to build specsI'll talk about it step by step from now on.

Writing that starts with 'me'

▶ Lee Si-hooni_ YouTube video

Reveal your own personality and characteristics, A sincere letter of appeal that is not the same as anyone elseIn order to write, you must first know yourself.

With me through class A time to look back on a life past 'just once'If you have, no matter what kind of letter of appeal you write in the future Writing that doesn't lose your own personalityYou can find it.

Don't worry about not having anything more to write! The words we have lived until now will soon writeIt's.

However, writing just for 'you'

A letter of appeal is not an article that shows that I am the most smug person, Articles showing that I am the most 'right' personIt's.

You don't have to falsely identify yourself with the supporting organization, The shortcut to passing is to choose an image that the institution likes from among various aspects of yourself and show itIt's.

I want to pass Search for information about the organizationAnd I'll tell you how to write a letter of appeal according to this.

Writing a letter of appeal in earnest

A well-written article = an article that keeps the basics first!

In Hangan, a letter of appeal is ridiculously called a “self-novel,” but what is shown through a letter of appeal Information about me, not cool writing skillsIt's.

In the meantime, I've corrected letters of appeal from many people, but there were quite a few cases where the witchcraft of the most basic sentence didn't match. This makes the article difficult to understand and reduces the appeal to applicants.

Like this in this class Points to be aware of when writing, such as responding to the magic of a sentenceIn addition to, compared to the word count limit Strategies for when there are few or many words you want to write, The direction of answering typical letter of appeal questions, etc. It covers the things you need to know in the process of writing in earnest.

Be sure to prepare for the interview

Naturally even for unexpected questions

Preparation for the interview actually began when I wrote my letter of appeal!

If you prepare for an interview by simply memorizing best answers to expected questions, not only will you not be able to respond properly to unexpected questions, you will never be able to be a memorable applicant.

Based on numerous interview experiences, Best interview preparation based on a letter of appeal and Respond appropriately to unexpected questionsand Interview naturally without being nervousHere are some tips for watching!

If you follow this class in order, Complete your unique letter of appeal, one of a kind in the worldI'm going to do it. I will work hard to help everyone achieve their desired goals!



Let's prepare a letter of appeal and an interview!

1. Rishifuni's “From building specs to writing a cover letter and preparing for an interview, all in one!”


2. Hallo I'm Rishifuni, the creator.


3. Here's how to use coaching rights



What kind of specs and how should I build them?

1. Definition of “specs” required for a letter of appeal


2. Customized specification building: from information discovery to execution



Find writing in your own story

1. Create your own story notes


2. Find text in your own story notes


3. Build your own database



Identify the needs of supporting organizations

1. Search for information from supporting organizations


2. Select the text that meets the needs of the supporting organization



Letter of appeal: Be authentic in content, perfect in format

1. Strategies for answering typical letter of appeal questions


2. Frequently asked questions when writing a letter of appeal FAQ


3. How to write an authentic letter of appeal


4. Tips for writing a formally perfect letter of appeal


5. Examples of actual letter of appeal correction



Interview Preparation: Be Confident, Naturally, and Be Clear

1. Complete interview preparation through a letter of appeal


2. Strategies for answering typical interview questions


3. How to prepare a one-minute self-introduction


4. Trustworthy and likable answer tips


5. Respond naturally to unexpected questions without being embarrassed



Be serious once!

1. How to control your mind 1 minute before the interview





Since I first wrote my cover letter when I was in my third year of middle school, I have had the experience of writing dozens of letters of appeal and taking interviews, and when deciding whether to pass only with a letter of appeal and an interview, I have finally passed every time.

When I was posted about something I wanted to experience during college, I didn't hesitate to write a letter of appeal and go for an interview. Also, through a well-written letter of appeal and an impressive interview, I was able to receive full support for various foreign activities such as studying, overseas service, exchange students, language training, and overseas internships.

I usually helped my friends write cover letters and prepare for interviews, and it always led to good results.

Based on the letter of appeal and interview tips learned based on 100% experience without the help of a school or consulting company, I will be a strong assistant so that my classmates can complete everything from building specs to writing a letter of appeal and preparing for the interview in one go, from building specs to writing a letter of appeal and preparing for the interview.:)





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