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No more deposits and savings!

If you're a beginner in investing to survive

An era has arrived where it is no longer possible to manage assets by simply investing in deposits! Many developed countries have already experienced low interest rates quickly and introduced a culture of investing in stocks, real estate, bonds, etc. Countries that have been growing rapidly until recently, such as Korea, were not very interested in investing because deposits/savings alone were profitable enough. In fact, Korea is called a financial illiterate country, and aging assets are not ready The poverty rate for the elderly is also very high. Leaving aside the simple reason to learn, I prepared the class thinking that in order to survive, I must learn.

Urgent volatility and halving?

I invest reliably and comfortably!

If you take this course and invest It will be much more comfortable where you can directly feel it. For example, due to the recent war in Ukraine, stocks fell sharply, and many stocks were “cut in half.” Meanwhile, the prices of assets such as gold and commodities have risen. (Gold reports have broken through) If you had incorporated gold or raw materials into your portfolio, the valuation balance of your stock account would not have changed significantly during the month of February, and it would have gone by without much pain.

In other words, If you want to invest stably and comfortably even if the yield is not dramatically high, I recommend investing based on this class, and this is the difference of this course.

Economic YouTuber “Good Fight”

Why did you start this investment?

We started investing to create a new revenue pipeline separate from income from labor. The amount of money that can be earned from labor income is limited to a certain extent. This is because it is honestly possible to calculate your future salary and when you retire. So, in order to earn additional money while being unfounded, you have to do business or invest based on money earned from labor income. However, in the case of business, a large amount of time must be spent, and the risk is very high. Therefore, I wanted an investment method that would put in a minimum amount of time and get the most rewards and stability.

An economic investment YouTuber and an incumbent in the financial sector

Learn the know-how proven by reviews!

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✔️We will introduce a wide variety of investment products, and even how to use each product in what situations!

✔️We will suggest various investment methods and help students find the most suitable investment method!

✔️Organize classes with a focus on ways to safely invest for a long time!

About investing So that people who don't know anything can start investing right now I have organized a class. It is an all-in-one class that includes everything from very basic information such as how to create a stock account and how to buy stocks, to essential knowledge necessary for investment, such as what kind of stocks to buy and how to build a portfolio.

I hope that through this class, you will build your own solid investment method that will not be carried away by others, and that you will continue to invest safely and steadily for a long time.





101AI classis designed so that AI can conduct classes on behalf of creators who have content. Learn the know-how of creators who unravel their own know-how while doing the work they love right now.

This lecture is from the artist “A Good Fight”How to roll money that the person next to you would like to knowIt was created based on '


It's called “Good Fight”, which deals with content related to foreign stocks from various perspectives through a YouTube channel!

Personally, I use a variety of investment strategies, from algorithmic trading to value investing.

I think 'corporate analysis', which is the basis for all stock investment strategies, is easy and fun enough for everyone to do, and I want to share this fun with you.



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