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Skills You’ll Learn

How to be honest with my feelings

I'm going to practice getting to know my feelings and putting them out there.

Concretizing feelings

Learn how to materialize the feelings we've learned together and unravel them in writing

Complete a short article by removing sentences

Learn how to complete sentences that are concise and leave a lingering finish

We can all be comforted

I want all of us to feel that we can be comforted by someone.

Write an emotional diary entirely on your own

I'm going to practice neatly capturing my feelings on one page of my diary.

Writing a diary or a letter to myself

For those who write, journaling is a great start. Through a diary, I look back at my daily life, search for writing, and collect words to express my feelings. I'll learn how to sort out the tangled sentences and capture them as I felt. Let's practice writing down any article, starting with the closest article, a diary.

I'm Park Ji-young, a comforting artist

My diary, which I used to write during difficult times, became famous on social media and comforted people. A book in less than a year since I started writing like that “For those of you who have trouble breaking up”I published. They also held two exhibitions.

During the sixteen seasons have changed, I've never let go of my pen for a moment, and I've never stopped crying.

I grew up that much, and I became a more affectionate person.

And now I want to share this love.

How to face me in writing

The most common phrase I heard while writing was “Thank you for being comforting.” I wanted to let everyone know that they can write a friendly post. I want to share how to get to know myself and hug me through this class.

In order to comfort others, I need to know how to comfort myself. And in order to comfort me, I need to know how to express my pain.

We can all be comforting.

Build short and lingering posts

Learn how to convey emotions without distortion

01 Collecting expressions with mind maps

Use a mind map to organize what represents you and how to express your emotions. When I write, I'll show you all about how to write and the process. Placing sentences becomes easier as you go through the process of listing and grouping expressions.

02 Extracting sentences that fit into a short article

Learn what you need to know when writing a short article and write it according to the topic. How to remove a sentence by leaving the grain you want to convey I'll let you know. If you understand this process, you won't find any writing difficult.

I plan to give you feedback through comments one by one
Please come with excitement rather than worry!

03 Various ways to get a sense of writing

We take a moment to look at what I've written and explore where I got my inspiration. Together, we'll retrace memories and learn specific ways to find inspiration through music, writing, and books. How I immerse myself in the work and how to apply it to my life makes the whole process my own.

More than grammar and rules

Written with sincerity and affection

The keyword for my class would be “kindness.” Rather than a fixed rule, it plays a role in extracting and organizing writers so that they can freely write down their minds. What is more important than the formula is the process and understanding.

I made my own diary kit, which many people were curious about. You will have the experience of writing directly in your diary and reading the articles of other students.

I also provide 1:1 feedback through comments, so you'll feel closer to me.

In the past, it was difficult for me to be honest about my feelings, write about them, and I was afraid that if I wrote, who wouldn't see me.

Because I know better than anyone else the days when writing wasn't easy because it was difficult I can explain well how to retrieve 'My Posts'.

Know me, know my feelings, look around me,

I'm going to share how to write the emotions I learned there in a short but lingering way.

We present classes to warm people

I recommend this course to anyone with a warm heart who is curious about writing.

If you don't know me very well, if you have a lot of thoughts but are afraid to pull it out, or if you want to write a short but lingering post, you can write warm enough if you practice with me.

Let's fully capture your own warmth in your writing.





In the winter of twenty, when I learned that a crying diary comforted people and made many people live, I vowed to live a life of writing. I study life and people every day. I am inspired by everything I experience and study how to express the feelings I felt there in my own writing. And now I want to find out your feelings. I'd like to share with you how to pull it out and express it in writing. Exhibition <Crisis lover> participation, publication of the 2018 book <For those of you who have trouble breaking up>, participation in the 2019 exhibition < I write a diary today>, participation in the 2020 project < including a letter>, 2021





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