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Weave beads
1 Class Projects

It takes about About 1 hour and a half hour(s) to complete each project.

  • Paulownia camellia white charm

Skills Youโ€™ll Learn

Making flowers with bold beads

Make a basic frame in advance by creating a flower shape with bold beads.

Making plump leaves with a haute couture feel

Felt and beads are used to create voluminous leaves.

Finishing a hundred years

Learn how to use simple materials for a clean finish.

Full of haute couture feeling,

Let's make beads like camellia flowers together ๐ŸŒท

Hi, I'm Yvonne Morgan's older sister, Imogen. I'll make a camellia white charm that goes well with bold beads and haute couture bead leaves that are perfect for anywhere.

My other class [Haute couture embroidery using Luneville embroidery] This is a picture from the day of shooting. Features of Yvonne Morgan's embroidery classIt's not just about completing a single prop, but it also tells you how to apply it all the time you make a prop later.

The bold beads to express camellia flowers can be selected from 3 colors: red, white, and gray. It's red, white, and gray. Choose your favorite color and the color you want to give as a gift and make a unique beaded bag charm.

Even without any other auxiliary materials

Complete a sturdy bead accessory.

The kit for this class does not include any accessories other than a bag ring to connect the bag charm. Using only threads, needles, beads, and felt, you can create a sturdy and beautiful accessory.

In order to weave this way, there are hidden tips that are not disclosed in existing classes, so be sure to listen to this class and use them when making other props.

Focus your attention no matter where you put it

Make a hundred versatile baekcham now.

Try this class to make a beaded bag charm that will make your day more sparkling, even if you wear it on a brightly colored bag.





Hallo I'm Lee Myung Seong (Lee Morgan), the older sister of Yvonne Morgan. I've been working on candles and embroidery in Yeonnam-dong since 2013.

The book โ€œYvonne Morgan's Dots, Lines, and Cotton Embroidery - Botanical Letteringโ€ was published in January 2018. A second embroidery book on the subject of cats was also published in October 2018. In February 2020, I also published an essay-style self-improvement book called โ€œI'm going to work at the workshop today.โ€

While running a workshop, you will have a lot of different experiences, but among them, this is the case Being able to meet so many students online at Class 101 and do the things I want to do together is one of the most exciting and wonderful things:)

Everyone can become an artist if they realize their own tastes and practice constantly, even if they don't have to receive a special educationI am conducting classes and classes with this belief.

Like our slogan, โ€œTime to fully meet yourself, and fragrance,โ€ everyone who spends time with Yvonne Morgan I hope you begin your journey to meet your new self.





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