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Skills You’ll Learn

Types of alternative sugar

I'm going to find out the types and characteristics of alternative parties.

vanilla bean

Let's find out what vanilla beans are and what kind of vanilla beans are good

Storage and aging

Let's find out how to store it and how long it can be eaten deliciously

Introducing 0kcal vanilla bean syrup!!!

I actually like sweet syrups,

Are you hesitating because of your health or because of belly fat?

If so, join me today 0 kcal vanilla bean syrupLet's make

Vanilla latte with vanilla beans on top of it is delicious

However, it's hard to find it easily in cafes

I ordered vanilla syrup and ate it, but it wasn't expensive

So I prepared it!!!

At the price of ordering one bottle, you can make and eat it for a lifetime

0 kcal is extra to that!

It contains a whole vanilla bean, so it's really fragrant... It's sweet...

The world is luxurious

Can be used as vanilla syrup as well as vanilla latte

Along with various foods, you will learn the following content together.

  • Types and characteristics of alternative sugar
  • How to choose vanilla beans
  • Aging period and storage method
  • Cooking using vanilla bean syrup

But is there really no difference from syrup made from sugar?

If you make it with substitute sugar, it has a mild aroma or bitterness, right?

Yes, don't worry!!!

It's made with the right proportions and recipe, so if you don't tell me

Everyone thinks it's a syrup made from sugar ^^

Simple, but very useful once you know it With 0 kcal vanilla bean syrup

Let's enrich your dining table!!!



Designer Dessert

Designer Dessert

A food creator who develops delicious, healthy, and stylish dishes

This is a designer dessert

I thought about it one day

Why are there only strawberry jam and grape jam types of spreads in Korea?

Why is there no pure fruit jam without sugar in Korea?

The beginning of Designer Dessert began with this question

Also, for the first time in Korea, 100% fruit jam that does not contain sugar or oligosaccharides at all

It developed and produced a large number of students

This time, with a fragrant sugar-free vanilla bean syrup

I want to have a delicious time with all of you

Thank you!!!



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