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3 Class Projects

It takes about 30 minutes to 4 hours hour(s) to complete each project.

  • facial parts

  • cute girl

  • girl winking

Skills You’ll Learn

How to draw parts separately

Each part, such as eyes, nose, and mouth, is divided into parts, and you will learn everything from sketching to coloring.

How to draw contours and hairstyles

The contours and hairstyles surrounding the parts are also important points that make girls look attractive.

Posing with hands

When there is movement around the face using hands, the expression stands out and the attractiveness level increases.

Just “cute” isn't enough

fetchingThe definitive version of girl illustrations!

This class focuses on girls' “faces,” and aims to gain confidence by thoroughly learning from drawing parts, and to be able to draw the “cute girl” you think you are.

People who look attractive surely know how to charm themselves.

You should be particular about the line of sight, the angle of your face, how to loosen your mouth, and how to wear clothes that look good on you one by one.

“Find cute points from various facial expressions and gestures and express them with illustrations”

In this class, I will teach you all the practice methods that Kakimaku learned to draw girl illustrations, and how to draw “attractive girls”!

Draw cute parts that make up a face

First, we will practice how to draw each part. You will learn how to draw that changes depending on the angle and facial expression.

Gain confidence in drawing parts by paying attention to the details and practicing!

I will also learn how to draw basic contours and hairstyles, combine them to create a face, and make up (color) a plain girl (line drawing).

You will learn the flow from rough to complete girl illustrations in order, and eventually aim to be able to draw original girl illustrations that you imagine.

Confidence and charm all the way to your fingertips

When you learn to pose with your hands, it becomes a different level of cuteness

What poses do you do when you take pictures?

I think there are many people who pose using their hands, such as putting their hands close to their faces or for peace signs.

If you incorporate a pose using your hands around the face in the girl illustration, your face will stand out, and your attractiveness will increase even more. Let's also learn how to draw with awareness of the angle and length of the finger from the basic practice method of how to draw by hand.

In addition to aiming to improve drawing ability, I will also tell you about observation ability that leads to coming up with various ideas, ways to improve analytical ability, and points of clothes that can be easily drawn that I learned during my experience as a fashion designer.

To start drawing original girl illustrations, I first think about the composition while coming up with various ideas. “What is cute?” Let's find it together!

⭐️ You'll learn things like this!

☑ ︎ Key points on how to draw a girl's face

☑ ︎A series of flows from rough drawing → line drawing → coloring → completion

☑ ︎ How to draw facial parts

☑ ︎How to draw a pose

☑ ︎How to come up with ideas

☑ ︎ Ingenuity in how to choose colors

☑ ︎ Corrective processing methods to increase cuteness

⭐️ I recommend it to people like this!

☑ ︎ Those who are concerned about how to draw pictures of Kakimaku

☑ ︎ Those who want to draw pictures of cute girls

☑ ︎ Those who want to draw digital pictures at Clip Studio

☑ ︎ Those who want to be able to draw original illustrations

☑ ︎ Those who want to be able to draw illustrations of innocent, stylish, and cute girls

[Message from the creator]

Nice to meet you, my name is Kakimaku, an illustrator and designer.

I draw mainly girl illustrations.

For Kakimaku, drawing a picture is something that I really think is fun.

It's a wonderful thing where you can freely express your ideals and worldview!

I really love the moments when I feel I'm growing with them, including the time I spend drawing, the sense of accomplishment when I finish, and when things don't go well.

In any field, the first thing to do is to value your own “likes” and “fun.” And I think it would be nice if that feeling and work would spread to as many people as possible, and it would be something that would make them happy.

As the number of people looking at illustrations on SNS increases, there are voices saying that they want to know where they are inspired to draw pictures and how they draw, etc., and if my method would benefit someone even a little, I wanted to tell them from this point on, which is my motivation for starting the course.

I think it would be nice if both those who are new to illustration and those who like to draw pictures can expand their future hobbies and scope of activities through this class, and create opportunities to bring out their own sense of taste.

Come and enjoy drawing cute girl illustrations with kakimaku!






After graduating from fashion vocational school, 10 years of experience as a fashion designer (product planning and design/exhibition/show event/magazine publication/market research in Paris, France, etc.)

Currently, girls' illustration works are being disseminated mainly on SNS.

I love “drawing pictures” and “designing” where I can express myself freely.

I like crisp chocolates.





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